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How to install and delete ubuntu9.04 and Windows XP on a hard disk to completely delete win7 and remove the startup items of Windows 7 Installer (very simple)

dual system, we should directly enter the remaining system, and I will leave XP and ubuntu ~ This method to remove the win7 boot item also appliesRemove the startup Item of the window7 Installer. Once I installed Windows 7 for my students and installed it when I needed to restart the system, I clicked restart. Every time the

Windows 7 IIS installation windows modules Installer Service cannot be started

To install IIS in Windows 7, go to "Control Panel- Program "," Turn on or off the windows function ", after a patient wait, it turns out to be blank, and there is no Internet option. Continue Google search and find that the "Windows modules Installer Service" needs to b

What if Windows 7 prompts Windows Installer not to start?

Method one, using 360 computer assistants 1. The use of 360 computer butler is very simple, we click on the "360 security defender" as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we find 360 security guards, indeed "Human Services" click to enter 3. Then search the Windows Installer as shown in the figure will search for your results. 4. We click on the repair scheme to enter, and then click Fix immedi

How to cancel windows blocking when Windows 7 is running the installer

1, we just right click on the desktop "Start Menu" and then open the window click "Control Panel" to enter after we find "user and home security, and then click User Account"; 2, then we find the interface of the "Change user Account Control settings" option; 3, move the slider to never notify, and then apply exit. All right, you're not going to see Win7 after this setup. Running Setup appears to block windows

Windows 7 hard drive Installation Tool nt6 HDD installer V3.0 (including graphic tutorial)

Introduction to nt6 HDD Installer Nt6 HDD installer is a good Windows 7 hard drive Installation tool, for the original system (2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/win7/PE) there is no 32-bit/64-bit limit for the Windows 7 system to be install

If Windows 7 is installed in win PE mode, the installer cannot locate the existing system partition or create a new system partition.

"The installer cannot locate the existing system partition or create a new system partition."Prompt. There are many ways to solve this problem on the Internet. We recommend some effective methods to you! Step 1: Put the ISO file of the win7 image on your computer's hard disk. Step 2: restart the machine and start it through a USB flash drive to enter the PE system. Some friends may not know what the win PE system is. What is the purpose of this win p

What should I do if the Windows 7 system installer prompts that the file cannot be written?

What should I do if the Windows 7 system installer prompts that the file cannot be written?Some users may encounter file writing failures when installing a software in Windows 7. Some XP users may encounter writing failures when installing a game. What is the problem? In the

Windows 7 Hidden Features: Lock Unknown Installer

Under Windows Vista, some programs do not install properly, or do not function properly after installation because of compatibility issues. This is not common in Windows 7 systems, but it can sometimes occur. Unlike Windows Vista systems, however, it is sometimes not because of compatibility that programs cannot run, b

Reproduced Windows 7 original image/Installer in Win PE cannot create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition

Format c disk for NTFS format Unzip the ISO installation file to find the boot, BOOTMGR and sources three files to the C packing directory, or copy boot, BOOTMGR, create a new folder in the C drive sources, Copy the from the sources directory in the ISO installation file to the C drive in the newly created sources directory Run cmd in the Win PE system and enter:C:\boot\bootsect.exe/nt60 C:See the hint successful the word indicates success Restart your computer Reproduced

Fixed the 2869 error when the installer installed Windows 7/Vista.

When vs2005 generates the installation program, you want to add some actions, such as a window popped up after the installation is complete, or run the program after the installation is complete, you need to use customaction. For more information, seeAutomatically start the program after vs2005 installation is completeHow can I customize an MSI in the Visual Studio Setup/deployment project? Http://

How Windows 7 Controls computer usage Time Installer operation

): whether the user is allowed to play games, to restrict game access by rating and content type, to block by name or to allow specific games three parts, for Windows 7 brought games generally do not need to set, mainly or limited EC Grading Games (regular game listings are subject to review and licensing, usually from game pages or CD-ROM packaging instructions to find the grade), the classification settin

Windows Installer related information reposted on the Internet

following are the main causes: When the createfolder table and createfolders operation are used simultaneously, the removefolders operation in the sequence table is lost.This folder is not created by Windows Installer, so it will not delete them unless you tell Windows installer to delete these folders.There are still

VMware reinstallation Error

installer detects certain other VMware products on the computer. these products might be incorrectly detected, even if the products have already been removed. this can occur if registry keys thatShocould be removed during the uninstallation of a product are left behind. registry keys can be left behind if the host computer hangs or resets while you are uninstalling the previous product. when the installer

Encyclopedia knowledge What is Windows P E

in a Windows operating system environment, it will automatically run autorun to install a "Windows Installer Manager" Toolkit for your system. With it, you can easily create a Windows installation image with your computer manufacturer's OEM logo. While this is the main job of the

Deploy three major ASP. NET technologies (I) (2)

following operations: (1) read and write registration keys. (2) create a directory in the Windows File System of the target server. (3) provides a mechanism for registering components. (4) provides a mechanism to collect information from users during installation. Allow allows you to set startup conditions, such as checking the username, computer name, current operating system, installed software, and whether. Net CLR has been installed. Idea allows

Windows System Fault repair skills

is reinstalled, the dual-system boot menu is lost. Try to paste the backup file to the C-drive root directory. After the restart, there is no Dual Boot menu that is "tried and tested. Later, we found that it could be fixed as follows: A. Set the boot from the optical drive in the BIOS before the restoration. Start the computer with the Windows XP installation disk. After loading the necessary driver, the installation interface of

Advanced System theme

Compaq alpha-based system must use CD-Rom.Systems that cannot boot from CD-ROM drives must use floppy disks.A system that can be booted from a CD-ROM drive, that is, a CD-ROM or a floppy disk can be used.2. If a floppy disk is used, restart the computer and replace the floppy disk as required.3. When the character interface of the installer appears, a prompt is displayed. Press R to select the "repair or restore" option.4. After the prompt appears, p

Installation of. NET Framework components fails after a computer restarts unexpectedly

, and then click OK.• At the command prompt, locate the directory that contains the Windows Installer CleanUp utility, and then run the following command:MSIZap TP {7131646d-cd3c-40f4-97b9-cd9e4e6262ef} restart the computer.5. Disable all anti-virus programs and all firewall programs that are installed on the computer. To do this, use the System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe) to perform a clean boot o

Create a System Installation tool for Windows and ESXi USB flash drive

Windows" feature, which applies to Windows 7 and later Windows operating systems. This feature is useful in some situations:(1) When installing Lenovo, DELL, HP some brands of Windows 7, Wind installation and deployment project

[Learning objectives] This module describes the "installation and deployment project" function in VB. NET. Use "Install and deploy project" to generate the browser form of WebService and browser of browse client in B/S mode.ProgramAnd the installation file of the Windows application client program in C/S mode. Then, install and deploy the project on the other computer using the generated three installation files. Application installation and deploym

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