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When installing the software in Win2000/XP, the system prompts "unable to access the Windows Installer. In the service, the Windows Installer status is stopped and cannot be started"

When installing the software in Win2000/XP, the system prompts "Windows Installation cannot be accessed ."ProgramIn the service, the Windows Installer status is stopped and cannot be started"Solution:1. Enter misiexec/regserver at the command prompt.2. Start Windows Installer

How to install and delete ubuntu9.04 and Windows XP on a hard disk to completely delete win7 and remove the startup items of Windows 7 Installer (very simple)

dual system, we should directly enter the remaining system, and I will leave XP and ubuntu ~ This method to remove the win7 boot item also appliesRemove the startup Item of the window7 Installer. Once I installed Windows 7 for my students and installed it when I needed to restart the system, I clicked restart. Every time the Windows icon on the welcome page appe

The difference between windows to go and typical Windows Installer

The Windows to go action is the same as any other Windows Installer, except for some exceptions. These exceptions include: The hibernate and sleep features are disabled by default. Hibernate and sleep are disabled to prevent accidental data corruption from Windows to go during roaming. You can re-enable these features

Windows 7 IIS installation windows modules Installer Service cannot be started

To install IIS in Windows 7, go to "Control Panel- Program "," Turn on or off the windows function ", after a patient wait, it turns out to be blank, and there is no Internet option. Continue Google search and find that the "Windows modules Installer Service" needs to be started, but the system resource is insuffi

OFFICE2010 installation Error, Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files

Transferred from: An error occurs during installation: The Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files, and the installation fails and is being rolled back. This question puzzled me for a long time, on the official website of Microsoft also saw other people's tips, but still can't solv

What if Windows 7 prompts Windows Installer not to start?

Method one, using 360 computer assistants 1. The use of 360 computer butler is very simple, we click on the "360 security defender" as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we find 360 security guards, indeed "Human Services" click to enter 3. Then search the Windows Installer as shown in the figure will search for your results. 4. We click on the repair scheme to enter, and then click Fix immedi

Install Win7 What to do if Windows Installer is unable to configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

  Method One: When prompted, press SHIFT+F10 will open the Command window, into the C:windowssystem32oobe folder, enter the Msoobe carriage return, you can enter the next step into the user name and password operation. At this point the error box is still there, don't bother. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter the appropriate information, click on the Red Fork on the error box to close the dialog box, the system restarts, also skipped this error, until the system successfully installed. Aft

WINDOWS Installer cannot start workaround

WINDOWS INSTALLER Unable to start workaround2011-04-13 10:18:32Tags: operating system Windows casual workplaceThe first step: Use Notepad to write the Installer.reg file with the following content:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSIServer]"ImagePath" =-"ImagePath" =hex (2): 25,00,53,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65

A new openal 1.1 installer for windows and a new openal 1.1 SDK for windows are now available

Updated at last. study it carefully. A new openal 1.1 installer for windows and a new openal 1.1 SDK for windows are now available at this SDK combines the openal SDK with the X-RAM SDK and the creative effects SDK to create a single download for openal developers. the SDK has des new documentation, more example source code, and help 2.0 help

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed!

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed! ========================================================== ========================== Author: tonykorn97 ( Posted: Category: Windows Source: --------------------------------------------------------------- When installing the software, the fol

How to fix Windows Installer corruption

When installing some software in Windows XP, a warning box is displayed:"Cannot access Windows InstallerService, you may be running Windows in safe mode, or WindowsThe installer is not correctly installed. Please contact your support staff for help ."Why?How can I enable XP to Access

Unable to access Windows Installer service while attempting to install Office

. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can resolve these issues. It is at your own risk to modify the registry. Note: Because Microsoft Windows has multiple versions, the following steps may differ from the steps that you perform on your computer. If so, please refer to your product documentation to complete these steps. To re-register Windows Installer, fol

Windows Installer Service Solution

Symptom: when installing the software, how can this problem be solved? "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in safe mode or the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Please contact your support staff for help ". Many users of

Unable to access Windows Installer service workaround

"The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" (Unable to access the Windows Installer Service) error message when you install the program in Windows XP.   To resolve this issue, follow these steps:   Method One: Uninstall, reinstall the

Win7 64-bit flagship system Windows Installer service stop

According to users, in the Win7 64-bit flagship system installed Office, QQ, anti-virus software, CAD and other software when all appear Windows Installer service stop prompts, can not continue to install, but have to choose the green version of the software to use, then what causes can not install software , why is there a prompt for Windows

Windows Installer error Solution

Windows Installer (Windows Installation Service) is a common software release method. Currently, many software programs use Windows Installer as their own installation programs. Sometimes, due to various reasons and defects of Windows

How to enable Windows Installer Logging

Windows Installer can use logging to help solve problems encountered during installation of software packages. Enable this logging by adding an entry and a value to the Registry. After you add and enable an item, you can retry the problematic installation. The Windows Installer tracks the installation progress and send

Make a Native Windows Installer for your applications with these open source tools

Make a Native Windows Installer for your applications with these open source tools Create Native Windows Executable installers for your applications with these greate opensource tools. 1. ninstallA project to produce an open source package that can compete with the specified cial installer products under

Windows Installer Problems

Every time you configure. net on the server or modify an existing project, it will take a lot of time because of the Windows Installer problem. This is also true today. I searched the internet and did not expect many people to be connected to the same patient. It seems that Windows Installer is really annoying. T

Solution to Windows Installer Service unavailability

In many cases, I run msiexec/unregserver directly in cmd and then run msiexec/regserver, but I don't know if it works for others. Here is what I found online, for reference only:Many users often encounter Windows Installer errors when installing file packages in the MSI format. The following phenomena exist: 1. All MSI formats installed using the Windows

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