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basically an integer multiple of the 4 kb cluster size)89120 bytes (temporary working copy of MSI)8192 bytes (estimated script size)4096 bytes (small file, equivalent to a 4 kb disk cluster)----------------------176128 bytes = 172 KB (8) Q: Why does Windows Installer prompt me to restart my computer?A: If Windows

Encyclopedia knowledge What is Windows P E

in a Windows operating system environment, it will automatically run autorun to install a "Windows Installer Manager" Toolkit for your system. With it, you can easily create a Windows installation image with your computer manufacturer's OEM logo. While this is the main job of the

Deploy three major ASP. NET technologies (I) (2)

project files, that is, the files output by the "generate" function (DLL and references in the bin folder) and all files in the project, including the project file and the source program file, ③ all files in the source project folder, that is, all project files and any other files in the project folder (or subfolders. Select the option in Figure 4 as needed and click "OK" to deploy the WEB Project to the server. Vi. Web-based installation project deployment Xcopy deployment and vs. Net's "Copy

Windows System Fault repair skills

Windows XP regards "cab" as a folder, for Windows XP, you only need to drag the "cab" file right and copy it to the corresponding directory. If you are using another Windows platform, search for the "cab" file containing the target file name. In command line mode, enter "full path of the cab file in the target location of extract/L", for example, extract/l c:/

Advanced System theme

Compaq alpha-based system must use CD-Rom.Systems that cannot boot from CD-ROM drives must use floppy disks.A system that can be booted from a CD-ROM drive, that is, a CD-ROM or a floppy disk can be used.2. If a floppy disk is used, restart the computer and replace the floppy disk as required.3. When the character interface of the installer appears, a prompt is displayed. Press R to select the "repair or restore" option.4. After the prompt appears, p

Create custom components for windowsxpembedded

XP registry. I will also include another application named "photodisplay", which I wrote specifically for this article. Photodisplay can be used to view stored JPEG files.  Unfortunately, there are no tools to automate the process of generating Windows XP embedded components for applications-some detective work is required. Therefore, I will get rid of the deer hunters, call my friend Dr Watson (here it is a forward sign), and start my work.    Insta installation and deployment project

[Learning objectives] This module describes the "installation and deployment project" function in VB. NET. Use "Install and deploy project" to generate the browser form of WebService and browser of browse client in B/S mode.ProgramAnd the installation file of the Windows application client program in C/S mode. Then, install and deploy the project on the other computer using the generated three installation files. Application installation and deploym

Which folders can be deleted in windows?

you have upgraded the elasticsearch instance, delete the following files: X: \ windows \ Hidden Files starting with $ u... 4. fragment the disk. Please exit all running programs during the sorting process. After fragment, open "start"-"program"-"attachment"-"system tool"-"System Restore"-"Create a Restore Point" (it is best to pay back the site on the current date ). the name of the origin ). 5. open "my computer", right-click the system disk, and ch

Create a System Installation tool for Windows and ESXi USB flash drive

Windows" feature, which applies to Windows 7 and later Windows operating systems. This feature is useful in some situations:(1) When installing Lenovo, DELL, HP some brands of Windows 7, Windows 8,

VMware vsphere 6.0 Upgrade Known Issues

Official links Known Issues Known issues are grouped into the following categories. Installation Issue upgrade issue License vcenter single SIGN-ON and certificate management issues network connectivity issues storage issues Server configuration Issues vcenter Server, vsphere Web client, and vsphere client issues virtual Computer Management issues VMware HA and Fault tolerance problem client operating system problem supported hardware problems Auto Deploy and Image Builder problem installation

Common problems with XP and Win7 dual systems

dual boot, back to the original Windows xp! To see the truth through the Mist The ways to recover Windows Me and Windows XP dual boot are: 1. After you start Windows Me, perform the setup program for Windows XP. 2, according to the normal installation process, in the in

Auto install XP Parameters

Autopartition = 1 or 0If you set it to 1 here, the Windows Installer will install the operating system on any hard disk partition with sufficient space. If you delete this line or set the value to 0, the installer will ask which hard disk partition you want to install the operating system to during the installation process, if the partition already contains an op

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed!

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed! ========================================================== ========================== Author: tonykorn97 ( Posted: Category: Windows Source: --------------------------------------------------------------- When installing the software, the fol

WINDOWS Installer cannot start workaround

WINDOWS INSTALLER Unable to start workaround2011-04-13 10:18:32Tags: operating system Windows casual workplaceThe first step: Use Notepad to write the Installer.reg file with the following content:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSIServer]"ImagePath" =-"ImagePath" =hex (2): 25,00,53,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65

Detailed explanation of Windows unattended installation response File

installer how to set the time zone. For example, the GMT Standard Time Value is 85, and each time zone is represented by a corresponding value, A complete time zone and Value Comparison table can be found in the ref of the Deployment Tool. in the CHM File.Oemskipwelcome = 0 or 1If you set the oempreinstall option to no, you must set this option to 0. If the oempreinstall option is set to yes, this option is set to 1. If it is set to 0, the

If you install any software, you are prompted that you cannot access the Windows Installer Service.

When installing the software, the following message is displayed: you cannot access the Windows Installer Service. It may be that you have not correctly installed Windows or Windows Installer in safe mode. Contact your support staff for help. As a result, no software can be

How to avoid common problems with installing Win XP

your peripherals are within the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility Test specification. (3) Advise you not to overclocking your CPU. (4) Disable the BIOS virus detection function and power management system. Turn off virus detection: Virus Warning in BIOS FEATURES setup is set to Disabled. (5) Turn off the Power management system: Please set the disables in the MANAGEMENT setup of MANAGEMENT. (6) If the installation of Keypro (protection card) also

VMware reinstallation Error

installer detects certain other VMware products on the computer. these products might be incorrectly detected, even if the products have already been removed. this can occur if registry keys thatShocould be removed during the uninstallation of a product are left behind. registry keys can be left behind if the host computer hangs or resets while you are uninstalling the previous product. when the installer

[Share] Windows 8 little-known 50 tips

find every application icon and other Windows applets on the Metro Screen. If you want to open a specific Metro application, open this folder and double-click the application icon. 21Install Windows 8 on a USB flash drive If you want to install Windows 8 OS instead of a

Tips for 50 Windows 8 applications

it will be able to create a startup Windows 8 installer on the USB drive. 22. SmartScreen All Windows 8 systems use the SmartScreen security feature of IE. Check the downloaded files to ensure their security. However, if the user does not want the smartscreenfunction, you c

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