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(1) Q: What kind of product is Windows Installer?A: Windows Installer is a system service used to install and manage applications in the system. It provides a standardized method and means for application development, customization, installation and

WINDOWS Installer cannot start workaround

WINDOWS INSTALLER Unable to start workaround2011-04-13 10:18:32Tags: operating system Windows casual workplaceThe first step: Use Notepad to write the Installer.reg file with the following content:Windows Registry Editor Version

If you install any software, you are prompted that you cannot access the Windows Installer Service.

When installing the software, the following message is displayed: you cannot access the Windows Installer Service. It may be that you have not correctly installed Windows or Windows Installer in safe mode. Contact your support staff for help. As a

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed!

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed! ========================================================== ========================== Author: tonykorn97 ( Posted: Category: Windows Source:

[Baidu Space] [Go] porting the program to 64-bit Windows

From: ( Leili finishing)Summary: This article provides a simple and systematic introduction to how to smooth the support and transition of 32-bit Windows programs to 64-bit Windows operating systems. Includes a

Running a 32-bit program on a 64-bit operating system

run a 32-bit programThe WOW64 subsystem enables 32-bit programs to run without modification on the x64 version of Windows Server 2003 and the Windows XP Professional x64 version. The WOW64 subsystem is created by the x64 version of Windows Server 200

Jjhou during Windows XP startup

Document directory X86 system-based startup process   This article is translated from Understanding the Startup Process in Windows XP Resource Kit Web Resource. To diagnose and fix Startup faults, you need to understand what happened during

Implement Windows XP and CentOS 6.4 dual systems on a 32-bit PC

The Windows XP and CentOS 6.4 Dual systems were successfully implemented last night, and for the first time, CentOS was run on actual hardware.In fact, many of the online tutorials are very clear, I am here to my own experience and key points to

Use the Windows XP installation disk to repair system files

If your Windows XP operating system file is damaged by viruses or other causes, I will tell you how to fix the system file, that is, the Windows XP installation disk is used to repair damaged files. The recovery process is as follows: Search

Run the XP Program Using XP mode in Windows 7

Run the XP Program Using XP mode in Windows 7   More and more people have abandoned XP's investment in Windows 7. After all, XP is a system developed more than 10 years ago. However, in some special cases, you still need to use the XP platform, such

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