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Basic Structure of Windows NT kernel

From: Author: kevx   Although most people work, study, and entertain on windows every day, many people still do not know about its kernel structure. On the one hand, because of its kernelSource

Detecting Windows NT/2 k Process Execution

ArticleDirectory Control Application (consctl) Download source files-33 KB Abstract Intercepting and tracing process execution is a very useful mechanic for implementing nt Task Manager-like applications and systems

Security Policy for small-and medium-sized nt networks (I)

In recent years, Windows NT has become one of the most popular network operating systems. With the rapid popularization of Internet/Intranet, Windows NT network security has become the central issue of daily network management. Based on my practical

AV Terminator adopts redirect hijacking technique

The virus utilizes the IFEO technique of redirect hijacking, make a large number of anti-virus software and security-related tools can not run, will destroy the safe mode, so that the poisoned users can not be in safe mode to kill the virus, will

Security policies for small-and medium-sized nt Networks

Principles for developing security policies The so-called network security refers to the sum of preventive measures taken to protect the network from various dangers inside and outside the network. The network security policy is designed to address

Windows NT WinLogon Notify

In the NT-series Windows operating system, malware can make itself bootable by correlating winlogon specific events, such as Lock,logoff,logon,shutdown,startscreensaver,startshell, Startup,stopscreensaver,unlock and so on, which can even allow

Windows 98 is fully disclosed during system startup

Windows 98 is fully disclosed during system startupAuthor: lava Source: Skynet responsibility Editor: wilderness [Editor's note: A friend may be surprised to hear that Windows XP has come out. Why do I still write Windows 9x? I mainly consider two

Notes for excellent courseware in Windows XP

1. The content of this article comes from courseware and student notes of famous universities (on campus, I often see someone buying notes at high prices)2. The instructor does not provide references, so he can only thank you for your

The difference between Windows system domain and workgroup for Safe Cow Learning notes

Local Area network (local areanetwork, LAN), also known as Intranet, refers to a group of computers interconnected by multiple computers in an area.LAN can achieve file management, application software sharing, printer sharing, scanner sharing,

Automatic Start in Safe Mode

We often use the security mode to handle viruses, Trojans, and rogue software. This is because the security mode ignores the startup items. However, not all startup items are ignored, making the security mode insecure. For example, the shell and

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