windows powershell commands cheat sheet

Want to know windows powershell commands cheat sheet? we have a huge selection of windows powershell commands cheat sheet information on

XenDesktop 7.6 PowerShell Commands cheat sheet

-LicensingmodelConcurrent -ProductCodeMPS -producteditionENT # Configure License server name and PortSet-xdlicensing -licenseserveraddressDC01 -Licenseserverport 27001# Display Licensing OptionsGet-Configlicensingmodel # How to Display/modify Product version and edition? 123456789101112 # Configure new settings for Product Code, edition and licensing modelSet-Configsite -ProductCodeMPS -producteditionENT# Display Production OptionsGet-configproduct# Display Product vers

Windows 7 beta hotkey cheat sheet

Got yourself a shiny new Windows 7 beta install? Here's a little cheat sheet I made up for some of the handy new hotkey combinations, pointer of which I 've become quite dependent on! General Win + up Maximize Win + down Restore/minimize Win + left Snap to left Win + Right Snap to right Win + Shift + left

Command Auto-complete function in PowerShell and use Windows commands

extensions and Shift+tab extensions can be reused on the same line . For example, you can use the Tab extension for the name of the Get-content cmdlet by entering the following command:Ps> get-conWhen you press the TAB key, the command expands to:Ps> get-contentWhen you continue to press the TAB key, the command expands to:Ps> Get-commondYou can also switch to the previous command by pressing the Shift+tab key.Ps> get-contentNote: The tab extension is limited by the fact that tab is always inte

Windows Powershell Execute external commands _powershell

Powershell can perform external commands as well as CMD. View network port status through Netstat PS c:\ps> netstat Active connections Proto Local address Foreign address State TCP established TCP established TCP established View your network configuratio

Windows Task Scheduler creates schedules, and periodically executes PowerShell commands

"Introduction to the Environment"Operating system: Windows Server r2,64-bit operating systemPowerShell Version: PowerShell 1.0Script Location: C:\BACKUP.PS1Startup directory: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe"Step Diagram"1. Open Windows Task Scheduler2. Click "Create Task"3. Enter "name", "Conf

Windows PowerShell: complete the operation through commands instead of scripts

complex command. Fighting Spirit: Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem -computername (get-content names.txt) | Select-object @{Label="ComputerName";Expression={$_.__SERVER}}, @{Label="OSBuild";Expression={$_.BuildNumber}}, @{Label="SPVersion";Expression={$_.ServicePackMajorVersion}}, @{Label="BIOSSerial";Expression={(gwmi win32_bios -comp $_.__server).serialnumber}} Many operations are required here. The following is a detailed description of the operation: To

Summary of commands that use PowerShell to manipulate Windows services _powershell

PowerShell offers powerful features in dealing with Windows services, and many convenient, powerful cmdlet waiting for you to patronize. Get-service, alias GSV, gets the service object.Example: GSV eventlog or $evtlog = GSV EventLog Start-service, start the service. Stop-service, stop the service. Restart-service, restart the service. Suspend-service, suspend/suspend service. Resume-service, continue

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