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How to register the application EXE as a Windows service

Because on the Windows server must start a software, provide extranet access to the intranet client software, but because each remote server will log off the current user, so the client software will automatically exit, then I can not support the

How to register an ordinary exe server program as a windows Service

Although most programs are written under freebsd and linux. However, we have encountered a problem in windows recently, that is, how to enable a server written in Go language to automatically start when the server is started on windows. Therefore,

Atitit. Java & #160; exe & #160; bat & #160; & #160; run as a windows system service, atitit. javabat

Atitit. Java exe bat runs as a windows system service, atitit. javabat Atitit. Java exe bat runs as a windows system service   1. Use sccommand to configure srvany.exe (good, recommended) + net start1 1.1. First create a java running bat1 1.2.

Run Windows program (exe program) as a Windows Service !!!

Program Registering as a system service has always been a concern of many network administrators. Just like the questions raised by the two netizens above, many gadgets and applets do not enter the system as services, in reality, they need to run.

System32 under EXE file function

System32 the role of the next EXE file Aaccwiz.exe Accessibility Wizard Ahui.exe application-compatible user interface Alg.exe for Internet connection Connection Sharing and Internet connectivity Firewall provides support for third-party protocol

How to register an EXE file as a system service under Windows 7 flagship system

1, first to the online download "Instsrv.exe" Tool for system installation and removal services, and then download "Srvany.exe", the program can be operated in a manner of service; 2, the two small tools stored in the same disk directory, such as

Windows File explanation

A Access. chm-Windows Help File Accstat. exe-auxiliary status indicator Advapi32.dll-advanced Win32 application interface Aha154x. MPD-SCSI driver Am1500t. vxt-NIC Driver Am2100.dos-NIC Driver Appstart. ani-Animated Cursor Apps. HlP-Windows Help

How to delete the last legacy service when Windows Service ZZ is re-installed with PostgreSQL

  How to delete Windows Service Author: Network Security Log ( Date: 2006/10/10 (reprinted please keep this statement) I. What is Windows Service, also known as Windows service, it is the basis of Windows operating system and Windows

Several Methods to register a program as a service

Method 1: Use the inf file Note: ** The Error message "Error 1053: the service did not respond to The start or control request in a timely fashion." is displayed when the registered service cannot be started .), unable to find the cause, give up **:

Registering an EXE as a Windows service instance tutorial

1. Tools Required Instsrv.exe (can provide system installation and removal services) Srvany.exe (can let the program run as a service) 2. Run cmd and enter the Registration service command "Instsrv.exe Full path" "Service Name" "Srvany.exe Full

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