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Mgen street RT (street side windows 8 client) early preview 1

, including the background, can be set. Of course, this initial version does not have time to write the setting options.CodeTherefore, the early preview version selects a background image from the Internet, and the color is the default solution. The whole program is driven by a variety of animations, while paying attention to the interface response. We need to know that all the time-consuming operations of the winrt framework in Windows

Detailed Windows 8 and Windows RT Differences

all the software in the Windows Store and all third party software running in previous versions of Windows. Windows RT will support only the applications in Windows store and the preinstalled version of Office 2013. This means that users will not be able to download any so

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (1) Text control

TextBlock, TextBox, PasswordBox, riched Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Text control TextBlock-Text Display box TextBox-Text input Box PasswordBox-Password input box Richeditbox-Rich Text edit box Richtextblock-Rich Text display box Richtextblockoverflow-Overflow text display box Example 1, Tex

Microsoft officially announced the Windows 8 arm version named Windows RT

Comparison of functions in three versions of Windows 8 Microsoft (Weibo) announced today that four versions of Windows 8 will be released for major enterprises in household use, enterprise, ARM architecture, and bulk procurement. For most desktop and notebook users, only Windows

I think Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 RT is short for Windows runtime. To understand WinRT, you must first understand a problem. During Windows NT development, many CPU types are actually supported, as a matter of fact, he has produced some CPU (such as CERT) versions, but he only has a small number of

Enterprise Deployment Windows 8 store-style apps

authority to sign the app. If you select this option, the IT administrator must ensure that the CA certificate is installed in the Windows image of the target computer. Visual Studio provides an application-signed test certificate that we can use for internal testing. In addition, Microsoft recommends that we use these certificates for internal testing only, not for extensive deployment through the enterprise. Second, prepare the computer Fi

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (8) WebView control

Introduced Re-imagine the webview of Windows 8 Store Apps The basic application of demonstrating WebView Demonstrates how WebView interacts with JavaScript Share the content of WebView through Share Contract How to Full Screen WebView Example 1, the basic application of WebView Webview/demo.xaml Webview/de

Build Windows 8 style apps quickly 33-Build badge Alerts

Original: Quickly build Windows 8 style Apps 33-Build badge RemindersIntroductionWindows Phone (87.5) and Windows 8 introduced the concept of lock screen, actually done by the Windows Phone 7.5 app developers know that the 7.5 era

Windows 8 Metro style apps is designed for different environmental factors.

The Metro style app runs on desktops, laptops, and tablets, and you need to design your applications for these different situations. Users may switch between devices, change the screen direction, or turn something (device or service, etc.) off or on, and your Metro style app needs to adapt to these situations. Touch, mouse, and keyboard inputWhen you plan your applications for touch operations and input, you can directly get support for mouse and keyboard operations. If you use one input mode to

How to remove modern apps network isolation in Windows 8

In Windows 8, we have introduced a new WinRT platform that gives users modern Apps with dynamic tiles and immersive user experiences. If you are an enterprise user, have a company's proxy server environment, or you are a developer, believe you have found that all modern Apps are no longer able to access th

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (69) Other: Custom splash screen,

Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps (69)-Other: Custom splash screen, program run location, keep screen lit, messagedialog, popupmenu Author: WEBABCD Introduced Re-imagine the other Windows 8 Store Apps Customizing the splash scre

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (45) Multi-thread asynchronous programming: Iasyncaction

Multi-thread Asynchronous Programming: Iasyncaction, Iasyncoperation Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps (45)-multi-line asynchronous programming: Iasyncaction, Iasyncoperation, iasyncactionwithprogress, IASYNCOPERATIONWITHPR Ogress Introduced Re-imagine the asynchronous programming of Windows

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (57) Localization and globalization

Introduced Re-visualize the localization and globalization of Windows 8 Store Apps Localization-Demo Localization-changing languages Globalization-Demo Globalization-Formatting numbers Example 1. Demonstrate the basic application of localization Localization/localizationdemo.xaml Localization/localizationd

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (63) Communication: WebSocket

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication Socket-do Text communication with WebSocket server Socket-Do Stream (Binary) communication with WebSocket server Example WebSocket Service-side Webserver/websocketserver.ashx.cs * * * WebSocket Protocol Server * * need to enable WebSocket protocol in IIS: Control Panel-> programs and features-> enab

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (32) encryption decryption: Asymmetric algorithm, data conversion auxiliary class

Introduced Re-imagine the encryption and decryption of Windows 8 Store Apps Asymmetric algorithm (RSA) Signature and authentication signature (RSA) Mutual conversion between string hex base64 binary is realized through Cryptographicbuffer Example 1. Demonstrates how to use an asymmetric algorithm (RSA) Crypto/as

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (35) Notice: Toast detailed

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Notice Toast-Basic applications See Toast-Plain Text Toast Toast-Graphic Toast Toast-toast's cue tone Toast-Eject Toast as scheduled Example 1, demo plain text toast 4 templates Notification/toast/toas

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (60) Communication: Getting network information, serialization and deserialization

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication Get Network Information Serialization-JSON Serialization-XML Serialization-RSS Atom Example 1, demonstrate how to obtain information about the network Communication/networkinfo.xaml.cs * * Demonstrates how to obtain information about the network * *

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (29) Image processing

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps image processing Show pictures 9 slices of a picture WriteableBitmap Get and modify picture properties Make a "zoom/rotate/encode" operation on the picture file and save the results after the operation Example 1, the demonstration of the most basic picture display

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (53) binding

Introduced Re-imagine the bindings of Windows 8 Store Apps Binding with ObservableCollection Binding with CollectionViewSource Binding with Virtualizedfilesvector Binding to Virtualizeditemsvector Example 1, show how to bind observablecollection Binding/bindingobservablecollection.xaml Binding/bindingobser

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (47) Multi-thread thread synchronization: semaphore etc.

Multi-thread thread synchronization: Semaphore, Countdownevent, Barrier, ManualResetEvent, AutoResetEvent Introduced Re-visualize the thread sync for Windows 8 Store Apps Semaphore-Signal Volume Countdownevent-thread synchronization via semaphore number Barrier-Barrier ManualResetEvent-Manual traffic lights AutoResetEvent-Automatic traffic lights Example

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