windows server 2016 official release date

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Installation and configuration of the "C #" VS2015 Development Environment (ii) 2016-07-03 update

Categories: C #, VS2015, WPF, ASP. NET MVC, Android, IOS, Unity3d;Date Created: 2016-07-03Follow the steps described below to install it.First, install the JDK and Android SDKIf you don't have to develop Android and iOS apps in C #, you don't need

(translated) with. NET container image remains synchronized

Original: article describes the production and update container images we provide you with, which you can use in Docker, Kubernetes and other

"⑨ also know series: Mingw-w64 installation Tutorial" The Windows version of the well-known C + + compiler gcc (mingw-w64 can choose the version when installing)

Release date October 31, 2016 category Tutorial label programming, softwareObjective"⑨ also know series: Mingw-w64 installation Tutorial" This article was written by Rsreland ( on September 24, 2016, is "⑨ also know series: MinGW

SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux--rhel (full screenshot)

This article starts from scratch and describes how to build SQL Server 2017 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including steps and methods for installing the system, installing SQL, etc. (for test learning only, basic article).A Creating a Rhel System

. NET4.0 Framework Retirement Date approaching

Microsoft has announced. NET Framework 4.0 to 4.5.1 version of the life cycle end plan. After January 12, 2016, all technical support, including security and non-security update patches, will be discontinued. Developers and users can then choose to

Docker installation and basic usage Docker Introductory Tutorial the second chapter _docker

This series of articles will introduce Docker knowledge: (1) Docker installation and basic usage (2) Docker mirror (3) Isolation of Docker containers-use Linux namespace isolate container's operating environment (4) Isolation of Docker

Linux install SVN (centos_6.6)

First, the Environment preparationsystem:centos_6.6ip: Yum:rpm -Uhv, install SVN[Email protected]/0 # yum-y Install subversionloaded

Virtualization VMware Workstation 10.0.x Installation Tutorial (graphics) _vmware

Outline Content One, what is virtualizationIi. Mainstream Virtualization TechnologiesThird, the use of system virtualizationIv. introduction of personal virtual machine softwareV. Installation of VMware WorkstationVi. Introduction to VMware

Linux Operations (VII)

Day of the dog, the recent interview did not Ah, on a written test, not to the labor news, so far 0 offer, alas. Really no interest in learning, especially annoying, I want to fall for a long time, but I dare not, because I have not found work. I

Large Web site Optimization-memcache technology, Optimization-memcache Technology _php Tutorial

Large site optimization-memcache technology, optimizing-memcache technology Large Web site Optimization-memcache Technology Memory+cache Memory Cache Memcache Introduction Memcache is a distributed cache system developed by LiveJournal Brad

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