windows shell common dll is not responding

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What is the difference between Linux shell and Linux commands? What about Windows shell and Windows commands?

explain execution.There are many types of shell in Linux, common: Bourne Shell (/usr/bin/sh or/bin/sh) Bourne Again Shell (/bin/bash) C Shell (/USR/BIN/CSH) K Shell (/usr/bin/ksh)

The solution to COMRes. dll is not found when the Windows XP system is started.

Recently, an XP user reported that the system prompts "no COMRes. dll found" when starting the system. What is the problem? How can this problem be solved? The following small series will bring you a prompt that the startup of the XP system does not find a solution for COMRes. dll. Let's take a look!Procedure:1. First, use anti-virus software to che

When Windows x64 PL/SQL is connected to oralce, the error "cocould not initialize" % ORACLE_HOME % \ bin \ OCI. dll "is returned"

After Oralce is re-installed on Windows 7x7, the following error message is displayed when you connect to the database through PL/SQL. Environment 64-bit Windows 7 Oracle win64 11gR2 PL/SQL v9.0Detailed error message [Plain]View Plaincopy Initialization error Cocould not initialize "C: \ oracle \ product \ 11.2.0 \

Your-Windows XP Dll is incomplete.

Source: Zhongguancun online Compared with other systems, windows XP's "weight" has become a "Fat Man ". The optimization "slimming" technique has long been filled with major IT newspapers and magazines. Looking at Windows XP's Windows, we can use regsvr32.exe to reregister and repair the system and disable system functions to reduce system resources. Link: regsvr

Imm32.dll is not a valid Windows image

Q: My computer can not open Task Manager, when I right-click the taskbar to open Task Manager, the application DLL C:windowssystem32imm32.dll to the invalid Windows image, click "OK" to cancel after several times, I do not know why, Please help me how to solve the above problem? imm32.dll system download where

What is Shell,shell basics, common shell commands, usage, tricks

variables, users can only use predefined variables, cannot change, and can not be predefined variable assignment. Predefined variables are represented by the "$" symbol and another symbol combination, which is common as follows:$#: Represents the number of positional parameters in the command line.$*: Represents the contents of all positional parameters, that is

After dotmsn. dll is used, Windows Live Messenger cannot log on to the solution.

Because dotmsn conflicts with Microsoft's built-in messenger, dotmsn is used. when you use the DLL control, some important messenger controls are automatically unregistered. As a result, the messenger cannot be used. Save the following code as a bat file for execution, after nearly one minute, messenger can be used for normal login.@ Echo off Echo. Echo. Echo please wait a few minutes while registering

What should I do if the rasman. dll file is lost when Windows 7 cannot run?

What is rasman. dll?Rasman. dll is a system DLL file, which is a software module related to remote control.Rasman-rasman. dll-DLL file infor

MFC creates DLL link libraries with Windows. Window is non modal window

Language: VS2008 Code implementation features: Create an MFC Regular DLL link library. Requires that the link library be injected into the target city to bring up the MFC window inside the DLL. The target process is a third-party process program Steps: 1, create the project->MFC Dll; 2. Add the Dialog dialog resource

You Cannot initialize a Remote Desktop Connection because Windows software on the remote computer is replaced by incompatible software. dll.

Click Start, and then click Run ". 2. The "run" dialog box is displayed. Type regedit and click OK ". The Registry Editor opens. 3. navigate to the following keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionWinLogon 4. You will see that the value of GinaDLL is equal: : WINNTSystem32awgina. dllIf the GinaDLL value does not appear, skip to step 12.5. Double-click GinaDLL to open the "Edi

There is a problem with the Windows Installer package, this installation requires a DLL that cannot be run

Error: The Windows Installer package has a problem and the DLL required for this installation cannot be runCause: The first time the installation is not completed or not completely uninstalled, so the installation can not be installed again, the rest of the unloaded in the uninstall can not downloadWORKAROUND: 1. First make sure that the

Installing the JDK "Windows installer package is problematic, this installation requires a DLL that cannot be run ... Reproduced

Previously changed the installation location of the jdk1.6, the results can not be uninstalled when uninstalled, reinstall is not possible, the Windows Installer package is prompted with a problem,First make sure that the Windows Installer service is turned on, run services.

Aticfx32.dll is not specified to run the wrong solution on Windows

Reinstall the video card driver, but then found that many of the software opened a bug, prompted: "C:windowssystem32aticfx32.dll is not specified to run on Windows, or it contains errors." Try reinstalling the program with the original installation media, or contact your system administrator or software vendor for support. ” How can this be solved? The method

Windows 7 prompts that this program cannot be started because the computer is missing MSVCP120.dll

After reloading the system (Windows 7), it was found that most of the previously installed software did not start correctly, and, even more strangely, when I installed the software and opened the software interface, I reported the following error: "This program cannot be started because the computer is missing MSVCP120.dll." Try to install the program to resolve

Windows python3.2 shell environment (python is called Interpreter)

). some very fatal errors may cause exit in a non-zero state, which is usually caused by internal problems or memory overflow. All error messages are written to the standard error stream; the common output executed in the command is written to the standard output.[Enter the interrupt character (usually Control-C or DEL) at the primary or secondary prompt to canc

Common ipython functions, ipython installation is easier than Shell

Overview Ipython is a python Interactive Shell, which is much better and more powerful than the default Python shell. She supports syntax highlighting, Automatic completion, Code Debugging, object introspection, support for bash shell commands, many built-in It

3 ways to detect whether a specified IP address is available or to detect IP address collisions under Linux,windows (batch program, python program, Linux shell batch ping)

=$ (date"+%y:%m:%d%h:%m:%s") AIpavacount=0; -Ipunreachcount=0; - the #Init Log File -Echo$CurT>>IpCheckerDetailLog.txt -Echo$CurT>>PCheckerResLog.txt - + echo Starting ping ... - #Read Ip + whileRead IP A Do at ifPing-c 1-w 1$ip>/dev/null; Then -Echo$ipis avaliable -Echo$ipis avaliable >>IpCheckerResLog.txt -ipavacount=$ (($IpAvaCount+1)) - ElseEcho$ipis unreachable -Echo$ipIs unreachable >>IpCheckerResLog.txt inipunreachcount=$ ((1 +$IpUnReachCount)) - fi to Done + - #Statistics t

The Windows platform is a shell environment that simulates Linux

In the Linux platform simulation of the Linux shell environment, can be implemented by a software: Cygwin (click to enter the official website to download), such as (select the corresponding version to download):    Installation:1. Double-click the installation package that runs the download (choose Install from Network), such as:    2. Next, select Direct Connection    3. Next Select mirror site, the general choice of domestic mirror site, such as 16

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