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Surface Dial and Windows Wheel UWP application development, dialuwp

Surface Dial and Windows Wheel UWP application development, dialuwp With the release of Microsoft Surface Studio, a very eye-catching accessory in the Demo Video is Surface Dial. Dial is a new member of the Windows input device family and we classify it as a

Unity3d Deploying the Windows Store program to surface for debugging

Unity3d If you are developing a game in Windows store, you usually need a real machine or simulator to debug, this article explains how to publish the program to surface on the real machine for debugging.The first step must be to build the project in Unity3d:Then we'll rely on visual Studio 2013来 to help us debug the Windows Store program.Visual Studio 2013 integ

Microsoft Surface Book pushes Windows 10 new Firmware update: Enhanced system and battery

Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 10 firmware system and driver update for Surface Book and uploaded it to Microsoft's Download Center in MSI's file format. The update focuses on improving the stability of the Surface Book system and the reliability of the battery, which is the version of Microsoft's Surface Bo

Upgrade Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition

This is a coincidence. A new Surface Pro, the system has not been activated. If Windows 8.1 RTM has been released, simply upgrade it to Windows 8.1, because the ISO file of Windows 8.1 is on a server, you want to copy it to the Surface Por through the Remote Desktop and deco

Absolute path _ Application tips for each item in the control surface version under Windows

You can run these CPL directly without going into the control plate. Internet Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\inetcpl.cpl Phone and Modem Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\telephon.cpl Power Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\powercfg.cpl Accessibility Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\access.cpl Management tools C:\

Surface Pro3 How do I disable Windows buttons?

When using surface Pro 3 o'clock, users will accidentally touch the Windows button with their palms. For us, the placement of this button is not a huge problem, but presumably some users want to know how to disable this button. However, it seems that it is not difficult to disable/enable Windows buttons.   The following are ways to disable

Create a primary display surface (Windows game programming guru P210)

Create a primary display surface (Windows game programming guru p210) 1. Fill in a ddsurfacdesc2 data structure. Describe the display surface you want to create 2. Call idirectdraw7: createsurface () to create a display surface. Hrexult creatsurface ( Lpddsurfacedesc2 lpddsufracedesc2, Lpdirectdrawsurface4 far *

Windows configuration startup surface installation version MySQL

Tags: mysqlOne, download the zip version of the free install version of MySQL, and unzip the installation directory belowSecond, add the MySQL bin directory to the Windows path, making it possible to access commands such as MySQL.* Encountered a strange problem, in Win10 's path added MySQL running record. But the execution of MySQL is still not found. At this point, the bin directory for MySQL is the last entry in path. Then add another entry in path

Operation and Maintenance specification: When performing write operations, do not open two separate securcrt windows that are connected to different hosts

Operation and Maintenance specification: When performing write operations, be sure not to open two separate securcrt windows that are connected to different hosts.This article refers to the write operation, if the query operation, can only open a host SECURCRT window, do not open the two host Securcrt window.Due to the need for a single-table data resynchronization in the Ogg replication environment, I ofte

Windows client/C + + programming Specification "Recommendations"--style

"Description: Used to clearly differentiate the variable as a global variable.9.6 Class static members use the _S_ prefix level:"Recommended"Description: Used to clearly distinguish whether the variable is a global variable or a class static member variable.9.7 Global static variables are named as long as possible and have a meaningful rating:"Recommended"Note: This ensures that the same name does not appear.9.8 Enumeration type members, using the all-uppercase serpentine nomenclature level:"Rec

One implementation of WMI (Windows Management Specification)

Introduced This is another new book on Windows Management Instrumentation (Windows Management specification) after my last article, "My Explorer." I'm going to show you some techniques that allow you to remotely access the operating systems, services, and currently running processes of other computers on your network, if you have to have administrator privileges

Windows client/C + + programming Specification "Recommendations"--style

This article from: naming style is also well suited for C #9 Style 9.1 Preferential use of Hungarian nomenclatureRating:"recommended"Description: This method is designed by the Microsoft Master Designer. Programming on Windows best complies with this standard. Detailed introduction See: variable names co

Windows client/C + + programming Specification "Recommendations"--variables and constants

};The following writing is not easy to write the above and high efficiency:Char Szpath[max_path]; memset (szpath, 0, sizeof (szpath));8.4 Rows Define only one variable level:"Request"Description: A row defines only one variable, which makes it easier to initialize and maintain variables.8.5 Do not use constants to participate in the operation level directly:"must"Description: Using constants directly in code logic will cause code logic to be very difficult to read. Because constants do not have

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