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Methods for developing and compiling PHP extensions under Windows Vista Home Basic windows

=foo, the Foo directory will be generated in the EXT directory. 3. Copy the Php-root\dev\php5ts.lib to "ext/ "in. For example, if you are developing a php extension called Foo, you will need to copy the Php-root\dev\php5ts.lib to the PHP source file directory \ext\foo. 4, modify the foo.c content, write the C code we need. 5, go to directory, open . DSP. Set VC6 Project, set menu "Build", "Remove Project Configuration", select "W

Windows Vista Home Basic set up a method for scheduling tasks in Windows to execute PHP files

1, write a PHP program, named test.php, the content is as follows: Copy the Code code as follows: $fp = fopen ("Test.txt", "A +");Fwrite ($fp, Date ("Y-m-d h:i:s"). "Success has been successful!" \ n ");Fclose ($FP);?> Program boldly write, what include\require, even if used, no problem 2. Create a new bat file named Test.bat, which reads as follows: Copy the Code code as follows: D:\php\php.exe-q D:\website\test.phpThe corresponding directory to change their own 3. Set up

Windows Vista Home Basic uses ADO in the Windows version of PHP

This example builds a connection to open Access's database in ODBC (a demonstration with access when you install it). After the SQL statement has been executed, the Recordset object is returned. The example shows the first three fields: $DBC = new COM ("ADODB. Connection "); $dbc->provider = "MSDASQL"; $dbc->open ("Nwind"); $rs = $dbc->execute ("SELECT * FROM Products"); $i = 0; while (! $rs->eof) { $i + = 1; $FLD 0 = $rs->fields (0); $FLD 1 = $rs->fields (1); $FLD 2 = $rs->fields (2); Print "

How to disable Caps Lock key in Windows 7 or Vista

How to disable Caps Lock key in Windows 7 or Vista The Caps Lock key is one of those remnants of another age of computers, back when people used to shout at each other more often. unless you're in the accounting department, it's probably not very useful, so today we'll learn how to disable it. If you're using Mac OS x

Microsoft Windows Vista beta 2 order confirmation and Product Key

Please use the appropriate link below to access the download site for the language and edition you want: English 32-bit: ()German 32-bit: 64-bit: 32-bit:

Xcode set your own Windows habits shortcuts (such as home, END key)

You can set the key Bindings in the preference (command+) of Xcode. Bind your own custom shortcuts. Test system shortcut keys set the same name can also be effective, but the operation is more cumbersome here is not introduced.1. Open Xcode Key Bindings2. Set the End key, which can be located by searching. =shift home=

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