windows vista startup repair not working

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Restart the Ubuntu startup Item after Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 are reinstalled.

[Available in the following] 1. After you reinstall XP, restore the Ubuntu startup Item (Ubuntu installed with wubi). I will install wubidr and wubidr In the Ubuntu- gt; winboot folder. copy two mbr files to the root directory of the C drive, and then use NotePad to open the boot. ini, add c: \ wubildr to the last row. mbr = "Ubuntu", and then save and restart the Ubuntu startup Item I want !!! Ii.

How to remove earlier versions of Windows from the Startup menu in Vista

After upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP, you see an option in the Startup menu for earlier versions of Windows. How do I remove this option? Workaround: You can follow these steps to remove it. 1, open the command prompt. Enter CMD in the Start Search field and op

Windows 7 vs. Vista startup, memory, power overall

At the WinHEC 2008 conference a few days ago, Microsoft continued to introduce Windows 7, the first of which was a comparison of startup times with Vista. Watch the video first: On computers with the same configuration, Windows 7 starts up to about 5 seconds faster than Vista

Wubi install Ubuntu and reinstall Windows 7/Vista/XP to restore the startup Item

Ubuntu installed with wubi) Install wubidr and wubidr In the Ubuntu-> winboot folder. copy two MBR files to the root directory of the C drive, and then use NotePad to open the boot. INI, add C:/wubildr in the last row. MBR = "ubuntu", and then save and restart. The Ubuntu startup Item is out !!! Ii. Restore the Ubuntu startup item under Vista or

Recover the Ubuntu startup Item installed in wubi in Windows 7/Vista

My ubuntu was installed with wubi, because I used to re-partition and install it. I felt that partitioning was very troublesome. Moreover, multiple systems sometimes cause system MBR or GRUB boot errors and cannot be started, so it is very complicated, and wubi does not have any difference in the effect of installing cows. It also saves a lot of trouble, here we will explain how to fix the loss of ubuntu boot items installed with wubi in win7 or Vista

How to install Windows XP in a vista notebook (dual system startup)

For Windows XP, you need to change a small setting, which has nothing to do with the CPU, mainly related to the SATA hard disk. if you do not have a Windows XP installation CD integrated with the SATA driver, you can set the hard disk mode to "ide" in the BIOS hard disk settings. installing two independent systems will not significantly affect the running speed. Relatively speaking, the operating system ins

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