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Modify SSH (Remote Desktop) ports on Linux and Windows servers and VPS

Wake up and think it is very important to modify the VPS server port in Linux and Windows Server, because SSH in Linux is Port 22 by default and Windows Remote Desktop is port 3389 by default, researchers with ulterior motives often scan these ports.

2014.1.23 discuz Forum Migration +vps Configuration notes

Although this is not my first time to transfer this forum, but after all, it is the first time to configure their own VPS, write something to rememberOne: About VPS configuration 1. Connect to the server with TeamViewerThis VPS IDC itself with a

Dockone technology Sharing (13): 10 questions take you to know Windows Docker

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. "Editor's word," Microsoft's official statement at the May build conference said it would release a beta version of Windows Server container this summer. In other

VPS Host Modify system Remote port number/Add firewall

Port 3389 is a remote Terminal Services port, remote Terminal Services in Windows system is a very powerful service, but also become an intruder long-standing host channel, intruders can use some means to get administrator account and password and

Ubuntu System installs Remote Desktop

The first time to write a technical blog, take the previous experience of the VPS to try to install the Ubuntu graphical interface as the beginning of it. Linux is not much, and belongs to the kind of non-graphical interface uncomfortable novice

about Windows modifying the Telnet port

  Windows Remote Desktop uses 3389 by default, in order to avoid being scanned with intentions to brute force the remote server or VPS account information. You can modify the default port 3389 to other ports, such as 8000,10000. It is best to modify

Solutions for Csrss.exe and Winlogon.exe processes, high CPU usage

The original address recently VPS CPU has been at around 100%, the background management often can not open, and later found on the remote to long time only reflect over, See the Task Manager has

Resolving csrss.exeand winlogon.exe Problems

Today, a friend called me and said that its website access speed is very slow. It is really slow to open his site. I checked the website response time at the webmaster's house. Good guy, the speed is nearly 1 s, and the speed is about 4 s. First, I

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