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XP system desktop icons missing how to find

Now many children like to play with the home computer, sometimes accidentally to the desktop icon deleted. Like some software is still very good operation, find the original file sent to the desktop is OK. But my computer, control Panel and so on is not easy to operate. Many users do not know how to encounter this situation. So, is there a very simple way to get back the vanishing icon? Here are answers to

Windows boot display explorer.exe file is corrupted and icons on the desktop are missing

Computer boot after the Explorer.exe file corruption, and the computer desktop some icons are gone, this is how to solve the problem? Today's small series for everyone to answer. Explorer.exe is a user shell program. Desktop icons, taskbar, etc. are managed by the program, if it does not run, it means that the

Solution to Windows XP SP3 desktop without IE icons

Solution to Windows XP SP3 desktop without IE iconsMethod 1: Alt + I Desktop-right-click "properties"-> "desktop" tab-> "Custom desktop". This interface does not have the IE option by default, press the Alt key and press the I key

Win7 computer desktop icon does not appear normal how to do desktop icons are missing

Shutdown Windows Shell Explorer taskkill/f/im Explorer.exe REM Cleanup System icon Cache database Attrib-h-s-r "%userprofile%/appdata/local/iconcache.db" del/f "%userprofile%/appdata/local/iconcache.db" attrib/s/d-h-s-r "%userprofile%/appdata/local/microsoft/windows/explorer/*" del/f "%userprofile%/appdata/local/microsoft/

Windows7 some of the running icons are missing in the lower corner of the taskbar's desktop

When we use Windows 7, sometimes, because of the operation, some of the icons that are running in the bottom corner of the desktop are missing. However, if we open a new program again, it will remind you that it is already running. What's the matter? Because Windows7 can hide icons

How to troubleshoot desktop IE icons are missing?

Originally, this issue was caused by the ms07-061 (KB943460) update installed by these users. According to Microsoft's official sources, Windows XP has canceled the option to display the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop since ms07-061, due to sensitive topics related to browser monopolies, which will be included in Windo

XP system desktop Icons hidden method

Generally speaking, most people now use computers, all know a little about computer knowledge, but the use of computers and know a bit of computer knowledge, and can not explain some simple computer-related problems, netizens have a little understanding, like a lot of users have recently asked to hide the Windows XP desktop icon problem. So what should I do to hi

Remove the shadow of XP desktop icons

open the Group Policy. In "user configuration> management template> desktop> Active Desktop", click "Not Configured" in the activity desktop attribute ", click Disable activity desktop properties select "disabled"; then open the control panel, open the system in the classic view, in "performance> advanced options> per

Show desktop icons are missing how to recover

First method: Create a new document On the desktop, right mouse button--Create a new text document, as shown in the picture. Then open the document and enter the contents of the document: " [Shell] command=2 iconfile=explorer.exe,3 [Taskbar] Command=toggledesktop ", save, as pictured. Then, rename the text document and the suffix named: "Show desktop. SCF", as shown.

How to make XP desktop shortcut icons without background

Many users of Windows XP system care about the desktop, a neat atmosphere of the computer desktop can not only promote the efficiency of our work and study, but also directly affect our mood, but sometimes because of misoperation and other reasons, our computer desktop

Workaround for XP desktop icons not displaying correctly

It is possible that when you create a Windows XP system, you take into account only its stability and do not think too much about it in other ways, so the user has a large and small problem with the XP system. Today, the small editing computer to find the desktop Quick Launch bar display

XP desktop icons Blue bottom Shadow removal tips

XP desktop icons Blue bottom Shadow removal tips Method One: Modify system settings With the mouse in the desktop blank point right, select the "Properties" → "desktop" → "Custom Desktop" → "Web" tab, the "Web page" in the box

Tips on how to hide XP desktop icons

A friend recently reported that there are too many software icons on the desktop of his XP system. Because usually do not tidy habit, so look particularly messy, want to how to make the desktop good-looking some, I suggest he hides some icons on it, then how to hide it, mayb

What about XP system desktop icons being tampered with?

What about XP system desktop icons being tampered with? 1, the right mouse click on the desktop, select Properties, a dialog box appears; 2, click the second option "desktop"; 3, choose "Custom Desktop", will pop

How to adjust the spacing of desktop icons under XP system

Modify the system registry 1, start → run → input regedit, open Registry Editor, expand Hkey_current_user-control panel-desktop-windowmetrics in turn. 2. Click the Windowmetrics item in the window to the left of the Registry Editor, and then locate the key value iconspacing (used to determine the horizontal spacing of the desktop icons) and the key value ic

There is no gradient in the title bar of the XP classic style. [solution with fixed desktop and folder icons without dotted lines]

Save the following content as the reg registry file and import it. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop] "Userpreferencesmask" = HEX: 90, E1, 01,80 [HKEY_USERS \. Default \ Control Panel \ Desktop] "Userpreferencesmask" = HEX: 90, E1, 01,80 -------------------------------------------------- Note that there wil

How to hide desktop icons in XP system

the specific solution for the XP system desktop Hide icon is as follows: 1. First of all, we found a blank place on the computer desktop, find the right mouse button click in the space, click There will appear a menu column, in the pop-up menu column Select the arrangement icon this option, click Will pop up a new window. 2. Open the Arrangement Icon Settings

How does Windows XP Remote Desktop open? Windows XP Remote Desktop settings

One, open XP Remote Desktop feature 1. Right click on XP "My Computer" and click "Properties" on the Open menu to enter, as shown in the following figure. 3. Find "Remote Desktop" in the Remote tab, and then click OK button before "Allow user to connect to this computer" to enable the Remote

Notebook XP system retrieves the missing display desktop icon with the new command method

for users who have been using XP for years, you should know that there will be a desktop icon in the Quick Launch bar on the XP desktop, and that users will be able to go directly to the desktop from the page by clicking on the icon. For users to better use the computer prov

Delete stubborn advertisement icons that cannot be deleted on Windows 7 desktop

use the "Desktop Cleanup Wizard", but this tool has never been used since the Vista era. Therefore, Vista and Windows 7 systems can only use other methods. Click "start"-"attachment"-"run"-Enter "regedit", click "OK", open registry editor, and findHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \

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