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Windows XP Home Edition installation under Windows XP Pear

Install pear under Windows XP Environment: PHP4.3.10 + Windows XPInstallation steps:1) Pre-installation workAfter installing PHP, there is a Go-pear.bat file under the folder that is created(Mine is C:/php/go-pear.bat)2) Execute InstallerDouble-click Go-pear.bat, and when asked, press "Enter"3) Append PathOpen your php.ini file, under; Paths and directories;be

How to upload IIS5 in Windows XP home edtion (Family edition)

General HOWTO to running IIS in Windows XP home Edition Richard Sandoz Hooke compilation may be affected by the repeated virus attacks on its Web server IIS, in order to ensure the use of the user's computer operating system All, Microsoft does not have integrated IIS in its product: Operating system

Windows XP Home Edition is not a Group Policy

Q: How is there no Group Policy in my XP system? A: First make sure you enter the Gpedit.msc, in addition to XP system must be Professional version (ediation) have Group Policy, home version (home) is no Group Policy. If you want to join the Group Policy feature in the Home

How to install IIS in Windows XP Home Edition

How to break the restrictions of XP Home on IIS. 1. First, we must upload a 2000 pro or server.2. Use the composer to open your c: \ windows \ INF \ sysoc. inf3. Find this line: IIS = IIS. dll, ocentry, IIS. inf, hide, 7Changed to: IIS = iis2.dll, ocentry, iis2.inf, 7 4. Place the 2000 CDRows:Expand D: \ i386 \ IIS. DL _ c: \

Windows XP Home edition can also be installed with IIS

Prerequisites 1. Windows XP HomeEdit Chinese CD (copy to hard disk)2. Windows 2000 Advanced Server CD (preferably Chinese Version)3. By default, your XP is installed in C: WINDOWS.Start(If you are afraid of correction, first back up C: WINDOWSINFSYSOC. INF)Open C: WINDOWSINFSYSOC. INF in notepad and find a line under [

Windows7 Family General Edition (home Basic) x64 How to download the official ISO image

 Windows7 Home Normal version 64-bit mirror Multiple versions are included in the Windows7 mirror. For example, the Win7 64-bit flagship image contains 64 home versions, home advanced, professional, and flagship 4 editions. Just search for download "cn Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 x64 MSDN" mirrored file to get Win7

How to transform your Windows XP Professional Edition into Media Center Edition-Application Tips

edition, so it is difficult to change. By using the Recovery Console and registry Editor that comes with Windows XP to change the registry key values, and then invoking Windows XP Installer to install digital media enhancements to retrofit

New VULTR mount custom ISO Install Windows XP system and open Remote Desktop tutorial

disk. Bo Master collected by the MJJ forum master Jetso produced several common Windows system mirror address, are integrated Virtio drive, directly copy the address to the pop-up window upload can. Currently VULTR supports up to two custom ISO systems. Jetso made by the ISO image collection: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

XP Home Edition Install IIS

Common Windows XP has two versions, professional and home editions. These two versions are largely the same, but in terms of detail, the Professional version has more functionality than the home version. For example, the Professional version of XP supports dual CPU, multi-la

Official original Windows XP SP3 (VOL) Chinese Simplified version iso download

method: Download Install Thunderbolt 5, and then copy the above address to the Thunder download URL can be. windows XP SP3 Vol Edition serial number Mrx3f-47b9t-2487j-kwkmf-rpwby ICBC EditionInstallation tips:Unlike the forum version, please record the serial number on paper before installing the system!Some newer computers, the original system may not contain

Windows XP Professional with SP3 RTM (v.5512) Integrated slipstream using ate VL bootable CD ISO IMA

Windows XP SP3 final RTM version5.1.2600.5512 has been released, and standalone update installer packagehas been leaked for free download on the web. for users who intend to fresh install Windows XP with SP3 in clean install, there is now Windows

Windows 10X64 IOS Professional Edition & amp; Home Edition download and permanent activation, x64ios

read many versions of Windows 10 IOS installation images, but I finally chose a collection of IOS images for the Professional Edition and Home Edition, you only need to select a desired address during installation. The address is not saved and you don't want to find it. Just download the address from thunder, I will d

Upgrading from Windows 10 Home Edition to a later version

Upgrading from Windows 10 Home Edition to a later versionIn Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, the Enterprise Edition of Windows is a di

My younger brother, I installed Windows 7 from the home edition to the flagship edition. I cannot open the php file.

My installed Windows 7 is upgraded from the home version to the flagship version. I cannot open the php file. My installed Windows 7 is upgraded from the home version to the flagship version. I cannot open the php file. IIS can be used to open HTML and other files. However, you cannot use PHP web pages and do not know

ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)

ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)I changed it. Due to some link problems, all software downloads are now okay.Welcome to my blog ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced ed

How does one disable automatic Update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Home Edition?

How does one disable automatic Update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Home Edition? The automatic update of Windows 10 is always too "conscious", and there will always be a "Update and shutdown" prompt during shutdown, Which is annoying.

Inno Setup determines whether the Windows system version (in fact, Delphi code, can also check the domain controller and the Home Edition)

major version numberservicepackminor:cardinal;//Service Pack Sub-version numberNtplatform:boolean;//true if it is based on NT platformProducttype:byte;//Product type (see below)Suitemask:word;//Installed product components (see below) End; [Align=left] [b] Producttype[/b] Object values can be one of the following values: [/align][align=left] Ver_nt_workstation//represents a non-server version of Windows (for example, workstation, Professional, or

Windows XP Home User Memory Optimization Guide _windowsxp

A lot of people's home only a computer, mainly used to surf the internet and play games, and configuration is not very high, if installed on Windows XP, you can use a word to describe the feeling: slow! That's one of the experiences I've had when I finished installing the Windows Experience version (the Chinese name of

How Windows Home Edition becomes pro, WIN10 upgrade charm

Recently purchased an all-in-one machine operating system for Win7 Home Edition. But the job requires some functionality to the Pro version. Microsoft is launching the free upgrade WIN10, but the family version of the upgrade is estimated to be Win10 's home version. So my idea is: To install Win7 Professional version with CD-ROM, upgrade to WIN10.From the CD int

WINDOWS XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

Windows XP Ultimate Setup Windows XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) Statement: The above data are collected from the Internet from the collation, I have not one by one test, so in the change to be careful, do a backup, preparedness, hehe. First, system optimization se

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