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Standard MySQL (x64) Windows Edition installation process

MySQL x64 does not provide the installer, does not provide the installer, does not provide the installer ...It's a bit slow to check the English documents every time, not Jane.5.7.6 after the 64-bit ZIP package is downloaded after the decompression is not the data directory.Go to the extracted Bin directory: (I use PowerShell)Initialize the data directory (randomly assign a password, write it down). \mysqld--initialize --consoleInstallation Services (

How to transform your Windows XP Professional Edition into Media Center Edition-Application Tips

I've seen a lot of articles about creating the "Ultimate Version" of Windows XP on the Internet, and I've tried it myself, but I've always felt that the Tablet PC's components aren't working very well, so I've been experimenting with it to simplify the process of making the final version. Edition 2005 version, so here to share with you, don't say I copied Oh! (No

Windows XP Home Edition installation under Windows XP Pear

Install pear under Windows XP Environment: PHP4.3.10 + Windows XPInstallation steps:1) Pre-installation workAfter installing PHP, there is a Go-pear.bat file under the folder that is created(Mine is C:/php/go-pear.bat)2) Execute InstallerDouble-click Go-pear.bat, and when asked, press "Enter"3) Append PathOpen your php.ini file, under; Paths and directories;be

ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)

ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)I changed it. Due to some link problems, all software downloads are now okay.Welcome to my blog ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced ed

WINDOWS XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

Windows XP Ultimate Setup Windows XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) Statement: The above data are collected from the Internet from the collation, I have not one by one test, so in the change to be careful, do a backup, preparedness, hehe. First, system optimization se

Install SQL server 2000 Enterprise Edition (graphic version) on Windows XP and SQL

Install SQL server 2000 Enterprise Edition (graphic version) on Windows XP and SQL However, the methods on the Internet only contain text instructions, but are not attached with the corresponding instructions. Therefore, it is more intuitive for me to perform the test. The installation and testing process of Haibo is as follows: 1. Go to the installation disk or

Install sqlserver Enterprise Edition in Windows XP

You can also install the Enterprise Edition Installation Method in the Windows XP system as follows: 1. Find the msdedirectory in the installation disk of the SQL Server and click setup.exe to install it. The process is simple and the next step is OK. (This is the server. Normally, the system is not supported.) 2. restart Win

How to upload IIS5 in Windows XP home edtion (Family edition)

General HOWTO to running IIS in Windows XP home Edition Richard Sandoz Hooke compilation may be affected by the repeated virus attacks on its Web server IIS, in order to ensure the use of the user's computer operating system All, Microsoft does not have integrated IIS in its product: Operating system Windows

Install Fedora13 tutorial from hard disk under Windows XP (dual system boot, perfect coexistence edition)

TV, wait 10 minutes of installation process ~ ~ After completion of automatic restart ~4, if the XP system fails to boot correctly, after entering Fedora, do the following:First, enable the root userSu RootPassword: * * *Open the directory where Menu.lst: Vi/boot/grub/menu.lstPress the INSERT keyThe contents of the amendment are as follows:The default is:Title OtherRootnoverify (hd0,4)Chainloader +1Modify:Title OtherRootnoverify (hd0,0)Chainloader +1

Windows XP Home Edition is not a Group Policy

Q: How is there no Group Policy in my XP system? A: First make sure you enter the Gpedit.msc, in addition to XP system must be Professional version (ediation) have Group Policy, home version (home) is no Group Policy. If you want to join the Group Policy feature in the Home Edition, you can do this as follows Do: 1. Copy the Gpedit.msc, Fde.dll, Gpedit.dll, Gp

Install SQL2000 Enterprise Edition in Windows XP

Install SQL2000 Enterprise Edition in Windows XP Article category: database skills Source: Author: published on: Font: [large, medium, small] Game | online cinema | humorous joke | source code download | flash MTV | music audition | bookstore | beauty photo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------The method is as follows

Windows XP genuine edition Verification Method

Check whether your WINXP is the original version: In the partition where the Windows XP is installed, there is a eula.txt in the folder of the IMG, And the last line of eulaid is your version. OEM: wx.2 _ pro_oem_tw (or. wx.2 _ pre_oem_tw)Run: wx.2 _ pro_rvl_tw (or. wx.2 _ pre_ral_tw)RTL.: wx.4 _ pro_rtl_tw The official Chinese version isEulaid: wx.4 _ pro_rtl_cn1. If it is wx. It starts with the offic

"RS3 Lite" Monthly companion Meteor Litewin10_pro_ (rs3_16299.19) Lite Professional Edition x86/x64 collection 2017.11

"Moon Companion Meteor" Litewin10_pro_ (rs3_16299.19) Lite Professional Edition x86/x64 collection 2017.11==================== "Production Instructions" ====================*, this production mainly solves the last streamlined Enterprise Edition B edition can not install the patch problem, thank the Netizen "s Tianwei"

WINDOWS.SERVER.2003.R2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition x86 x64

Two disks, and the second one is the R2 installation Chinese Enterprise Edition [MSDN Official Version] [32bit]Windows 2003.R2. WITH.SP2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition CD1Thunder://qufodhrwoi8vzg93bi54bhlsdy5jb20vrg93bmxvywquyxnwp0leptiynizzsuq9mfpaWindows 2003.R2. WITH.SP2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise

Win7 x64 compilation issues in the 64-bit Professional Edition

In the Django development process, encountered a problem, that is, all local libraries must be the same number of bits, so some libraries need to recompile, work environment, can not use pirated programs, VC + + 2008\2010 Express version itself does not support X64 compilation, Most of the documentation on the web also says that the SDK is compiled later in the IDE interface. I tried the following scenarios, basically feasible.1, my machine environmen

Re-register IIS7.5 under Win7 x64 flagship Edition

This problem has been plagued for a long time and has not been solved. This Boyou still cannot do the following: Http:// About asp. net2.0 registration problems under iis, because my win7 is post-installed iis, and. framework2.0 was installed along with vs2005. You need to manually register it at this time. framework2.0, the method is as follows: in xp, execute x: \

X64 compilation in win7 64-bit Professional Edition

One problem encountered during Django development is that the number of digits of all local databases must be the same, so some libraries need to be re-compiled, and the work environment cannot be pirated.Program, VC ++ 2008 \ 2010 express does not support x64 compilation. Most documents on the Internet also refer to compiling the SDK on the IDE interface after SDK installation. I tried the following solutions, which are basically feasible. 1. In my

Install VisualStudio x64 Chinese Enterprise Edition failed

= "Application Error" /> EventIDQualifiers= "0">1000EventID> Level>2 Level> Task>100Task> Keywords>0x80000000000000Keywords> timecreatedSystemTime= "2015-08-09t02:39:25.000000000z" /> Eventrecordid>391Eventrecordid> Channel>ApplicationChannel> Computer>Win10Computer> Security/> System> EventData> Data>Vs_enterprise.exeData> Data>14.0.23107.10Data> Data>55414f16Data> Data>Vboxd3d9wddm-x86.dllData> Data>> Data>559fa90eData> Data>c00000

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 for x86 & x64 official Release _ Common Tools

Microsoft has officially released Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, which supports the following versions of Windows upgrades: * Windows Server 2003, x64 Editions * Windows Server 2003 R2, x64 Editions *

Windows7 Family General Edition (home Basic) x64 How to download the official ISO image

 Windows7 Home Normal version 64-bit mirror Multiple versions are included in the Windows7 mirror. For example, the Win7 64-bit flagship image contains 64 home versions, home advanced, professional, and flagship 4 editions. Just search for download "cn Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 x64 MSDN" mirrored file to get Win7 home normal version 64-bit mirror. 32-bit genuine serial number activation 64-bit system

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