winsock send command failed

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Winsock POP3 tutorial (1)

Learn about POP3 POP3 IntroductionPOP3 is short for Post Office Protocol-version 3. This Protocol is currently used by most email programs, the email client can log on to the email server to receive emails. POP3 is an offline Model Protocol. After

Winsock Network Programming Fundamentals (2) client

Now let's talk about how to create a TCP/IP model-based client and server with Winsock.TCP can provide reliable data transfer between two computers, and when the application uses TCP communication, a virtual connection is established between the two

Online Game plug-in production (3)-2

Online games and standalone games When it comes to online games, we have to think of Single-host games. In fact, the essence of online games cannot be separated from the production idea of Single-host games. The difference between online games and

First use of Dev C + + for the socket programming process in Windows

Remember the first contact socket programming, in devc++ using Winsock for socket programming process, by creating 2 projects in Devc++ is the server, client program project, Feel the client communicating with the server through the socket.1. New

Windows network programming [GO]

The steps to write a Web application server using Winsock are outlined belowWSAStartup initializing the Network programming librarySocket creation SocketBIND specifies address, port, bound socketListen into the Listening stateAccept waits to receive

FTP Error explanation and solution

A list of FTP error codes150 file is in good condition, open data connection200 Command success202 Command not implemented211 System State or system help response212 Directory Status213 File Status214 Help information, information only useful to

E-mail System Basics 5: SMTP error and DNS error code table

 Table (1) SMTP CodeCode definition421 service not available, hosts in the closing transmission channel brackets cannot provide normal services, close the transmission pipeline, and emails will be stuck on the host450 requested mail action not taken:

OutlookExpress Error code Rollup

If your antivirus software has similar "e-mail Protection" features, it is recommended to turn off "e-mail protection" and do the test to send and receive mail, from experience that sometimes because of anti-virus software "e-mail protection"

Watch POP3 mailbox.

This article will show you how to write your own mailbox monitoring program, the program will call the Winsock function directly for network communication. In addition to having Winsock programming knowledge, you must understand the POP3 protocol.

SMTP client does not share _c# tutorial with multiple error solutions such as authentication

Recently in the mail to send the interface to the problems encountered and solutions to tell you want to know the message to help people The original program part of the code is as follows Set mail message sender address, recipient address,

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