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Neutron Understanding (9): How OpenStack implements the Neutron network and the Nova VM firewall [how Nova Implements Security Group and how Neutron Implements Vi Rtual Firewall]

Learn Neutron Series articles:(1) Virtualization network implemented by Neutron(2) Neutron Openvswitch + VLAN Virtual network(3) Neutron Openvswitch + gre/vxlan Virtual network(4) Neutron OVS OpenFlow flow table and L2 Population(5) Neutron DHCP Agent(6) Neutron L3 Agent(7) Neutron LBaas(8) Neutron Security Group(9) Neutron FWaas and Nova Security Group(Ten) Neutron VpnaasThe basics of this article and the techniques and implementations used and the N

Implementation and start verification of the Nova-extend service in the secondary development of openstack nova

Openstack Nova secondary development-Nova-extended service This article mainly describes how to start openstack Nova-extend services. This service is used for secondary extension and development of some requirements of openstack, such as node inspection and dynamic migration (based on Fuse file system implementation, distributed system, such as moosefs), file in

Permission denied: '/var/log/NOVA/nova-manage.log'

novadbcreatenotice:xxxxxxxsu-s/bin/sh-c"nova-managedb_sync"novaxxxxxxcorrectone:su-s/bin/sh-c"nova-managedbsync"nova [[Email protected]/] # Su-S/bin/sh-c "NOVA-manage dB sync" NovaTraceback (most recent call last ):File "/usr/bin/NOVA-manage", line 10, in SYS. Exit (main ())

Solution to problems that nova-compute and nova-volume cannot start after OpenStackNova is installed on deletuserver12.04

When building OpenStack, many people will refer to the example and steps on "OS-compute-startguide-trunk" and select Ubuntuserver12.04 for installation. The above steps must be correct, but because the documents cannot be all-encompassing and the system settings will not be identical, errors are inevitable during the installation process. Run sudonova-manageservicelis When building OpenStack, many people will refer to the example and steps on "OS-compute-startguide-trunk" and select Ubuntu serve

OpenStack Nova:sudo nova-rootwrap/etc/nova/rootwrap.conf

OpenStack Service Error Resolution:2014-11-2805:06:52.2124347tracenova.openstack.common.periodic_task self._handle_base_image (Img,base_file) 2014-11-2805:06:52.2124347trace nova.openstack.common.periodic_taskFile "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/ virt/libvirt/ ", line550,in_handle_base_image2014-11-2805:06:52.212 4347tracenova.openstack.common.periodic_taskvirtutils.chown ( Base_file,os.getuid ()) 2014-11-2805:06:52.2124347trace no

Nova analysis (9) -- Nova-novncproxy

Nova provides the novncproxy proxy to allow users to access virtual machines through VNC. Users can access virtual machines through websocket, Java client, or spicehtml5. The function of accessing a virtual machine through websket has been integrated into horizon, and the corresponding software needs to be installed first through the Java client. To facilitate user access to virtual machines, Nova uses a pr

Nova Client source Code Analysis---Nova List command

Personal opinion, there may be errors. Just start learning Nova and learn from the API first.1, D:\ code \python-novaclient\python-novaclient\novaclient\v1_1\, the top how to call is not very clear, start here first.DEF do_list (cs, args): "" List active servers. "" " imageID = none Flavorid = none #查找镜像 if args.image: nbs P imageID = _find_image (cs, args.image) .id #查找套餐类型 If args.flavor: NBS P Flavorid = _find_flavor (cs, Args

Nova-nova base image ID generation algorithm

When Nova spawn instance, it create_image first, and here's the function that gets the base image.Defget_cache_fname (Images,key): "" "returnafilenamebased ontheSHA1hashofagivenimageID. imagefilesstoredinthe_basedirectorythatmatchthis patternareconsideredforcleanupbytheimage cachemanager.thecachemanagerconsidersthefile Tobeinuseifitmatchesaninstance ' Simage_ ref,kernel_idorramdisk_idproperty.however,in grizzly-3andbefore,onlytheimage_refpropertywas c

[Deploy article 4] VMware installs the Nova installation of the openstack--control node

In general, OpenStack requires at least two physical machines, or two nodes, the control nodes and compute nodes mentioned earlier. In general, the control node does not require excessive hardware resources, compute nodes need a relatively high hardware resources, but often the user's two nodes of the hardware information is the same, so we will also install Nova on the control node, to use the Control node hardware resource information. Second, inst

Nova builds a virtual machine process

Nova module Call Flowchart Nova establishes virtual machine detailed process Basic Status Horizon sends commands to Keystone authentication The user sends a validation request through horizon to Keystone, sending an HTTP request through the RESTful API to Keystone,keytone, which is returned to the Horizon user token token after user authentication, for validation of the remaining process.Nova-api receiving

OpenStack Deployment Installation (Icehouse version)-Control node (Controller)-Compute service (NOVA)

Nova is a compute service that can start a virtual machine instance. These services can be configured on a separate node or on the same node. Most services run on the controller node and run the virtual machine service on a dedicated compute node. This time, we deploy the compute to the control node.4.1 Install Compute Controller services (Installation Compute service)4.1.1 installation of compute required Packages# yum Install Openstack-

Opentack to learn how to use NOVA:

NOVA (openstack component) Openstack consists of two main modules: Nova and swift. The former is the virtual server deployment and business computing module developed by NASA, and the latter is the distributed cloud storage module developed by rackspace, which can be used together, it can also be used separately. Nova is the core, with a set of virtualization man

Ubuntu Build OpenStack Platform (Kilo) (four. Nova)

A. Nova EnvironmentReference Document: Http:// Create a Nova database and authorize Create mysql -u root -pCREATE DATABASE nova; Authorization (self-setting password, connect

OpenStack m installation Compute (NOVA) service

Configuring the Install Nova Compute serviceInstalling Controller NodesFirst, create a Nova database[Email protected] ~]# mysql-u root-p>>create database nova_api;>>create database nova;>>grant all PRI Vileges on nova_api.* to ' nova ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' nova_dbpass '; >>grant all privileges on nova_api.*

6-openstack-nova Control Node

Nova's role:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_2880471252.png "title=" 1.png "alt=" Wkiom1hx6opbvtdyaaci4w0z9uw953.png-wh_50 "/>The basic role of NOVA components650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_9626977.png "title=" 2.png "alt=" Wkiol1hx6ukgzhtvaak1btvqzfm126.png-wh_50 "/>650)

Nova analysis (1)-overall architecture

Conceptual digoal Logical digoal Nova is the most complicated and distributed component of openstack. A large number of processes cooperate to turn end user API requests into running virtual machines. Below is a list of these processes and their functions: Nova-API accepts and responds to end user compute api cils. it supports openstack compute API, Amazon's EC2 API and a Special admin API (for privileg

Set breakpoints with Pdb.set_trace () and follow the Nova/api/openstack/compute/ () process

Tags: parameter search tool Show pack LTE Pat Traceback []By Curl-s-H "X-auth-token: $OS _token" Http:// | Python-m json.tool command; Get results: {"Servers": [] Note: Because servers is a core resource, all returns are empty.} 1/opt/stack/nova/nova/api/openstack/compute/ (detail) () Pdb.set_trace () 11/opt/stack/nova

Nova Network-vif-plugged Event Analysis 1

In the process of creating a virtual machine, Nova-compute calls the Wait_for_instance_event function (nova/compute/ for Network-vif-plugged event waits, this article attempts to describe the occurrence of this event, as well as the impact after the timeout. In the first section, two simple experiments were carried out to illustrate the role of the Network-vif-plugged event and the process of ini

Install OpenStack Mitaka (all-in-one) on Ubuntu 16.04: Nova Installation and configuration

This article describes the process of installing Mitaka Nova in Ubuntu 16.04 under a single point Step 1:root identity into MySQL, create two databases CREATE DATABASE Nova_api; CREATE DATABASE Nova; Step 2: Still in the database, create a Nova user and give permissions, the following command to set a consistent Nova_dbpass value, and then quit MySQL GRANT all pr

Openstack (Kilo) installation series Nova (vii)

Control nodeBefore you install and configure the Compute service, you must create a database, service credentials, and API endpoint.First, create a Nova database and authorize1. Logging into the databaseMysql-u root-p2. Create a database and authorizeCREATE DATABASE Nova; GRANT all privileges on Nova.* To'Nova'@'localhost'identified by'Nova_dbpass'; GRANT all pri

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