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20 skills required to use WinRAR

displayed in the WinRAR window. In this case, you only need to select the files as in "Resource Manager, and drag them to a folder to quickly decompress these files. It also helps us to quickly Extract files with Folder Information compressed to a specific folder. 8. Generate a zip compressed file Although WinRAR is superior to WinZip in terms of compression speed and compression ratio, WinZip is currently

20 tips for using winrar-application tips

will be displayed in the WinRAR window, and you can quickly decompress the files by dragging them to a folder as you select them in the Explorer. It also helps us quickly extract files with folder information compression into specific folders. 8. Generate Zip Compressed file Although winrar from compression speed or compression rate than WinZip, but because WinZip is currently the most popular compression

Right-click the Registry operating system menu

Address: In Windows, If you right-click a desktop or file (folder), a shortcut menu is displayed, which contains some common operation commands for this file (folder, by right-clicking the menu, you can easily perform operations on files. The right-click menu should be in the registry. Specifically, it is under the hkey_classes_root Root Key (here is the root of all the commands in the

Right-click the Registry operating system menu

specific type of file, is the operation under this key or the "file extension" key. 1. Right-click all files and add the command If your system is installed with WinZip, ultraedit, and so on, when you right-click any file, there will be "add"Zip, UltraEdit-32 and other commands (of course, WinZip is slightly different, I will talk about it later ). It can be added: (1) Open "hkey_classes_root /*"; (2 ). cr

WinRAR20 a top-secret trick.

information compression into specific folders.   8. Generate Zip Compressed file Although winrar from compression speed or compression rate than WinZip, but because WinZip is currently the most popular compression software, the resulting ZIP compression format has become an industrial compression standard, so we sometimes have to use the ZIP compression format, (If compressed into other formats, the othe

WINZIP allows you to be more satisfied with the compression speed and flow

Beijing time July 26 News Corel's WinZip Computing Company launched a grand winzip®15 for the world's leading application in Windows® The latest version of the file compression, encryption, and compression email attachment optimization software. Backed by powerful features of a new WINZIP compression engine, WinZip 1

Fireworks 8 Dream Trip (5): New menu changes

8 should be a great step forward in the processing of vector graphics, and then we'll look at the power of this command by "making Vector cartoon characters".   Example 1 making vector characters Please note that the title of the article is very clear, is "make", not "draw", we can distinguish. Kite oneself is not what art personage, also have no art foundation, do not pretend art worker here to teach everybody "draw" any graph effect, we in this example is to pass the ready-made bitmap drawing

Virus program source code instance analysis-CIH virus [4]

OnlySetInfectedMark    ; Read all virus block tables Mov eax, ebp; read function number Call edi; read the block table to esi (@ 9)    The following is a complete modification to handle the Winzip self-extracting file error. when you open the self-extracting file, The virus will not be infected. First, the virus obtains the ToRawData pointer of the 2nd block tables, Read the data and determine whether the data contains the "

Overclocking Win2000 (Next)

SYSTEM32 directories have a large number of DLL files that are shared by systems or application software. Because software is frequently installed and uninstalled, some DLL files are left in these directories, which not only occupy hard disk space, but also reduce the speed of the system. You can delete the following methods: In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs, the DLL path information about the software share is stored. The item value of each DLL file in

How do I change the context menu?

I. Right-click the menu to reveal the secret1. Right-click all files and add the commandIf your system is installed with WinZip, ultraedit, and so on, when you right-click any file, there will be "add to zip", "UltraEdit-32" and other commands (of course, WinZip is slightly different, I will talk about it later ). It can be added:(1) Open "hkey_classes_root //*";(2 ). create the "shell // command" branch un

Use perl to access the mysql database

I. step 1 of DBI module installation: Download from the toolsbar and use winzip to unbind it to a temp directory. There are three files in total: ReadmeDBI.ppdDBI.tar.gz Step 2: In the DOS window, run the following doscommand In the temp directory: ppminstallDBI. if the command is invalid, run the following command in the perlbin directory. I. step 1: Download from the toolsbar. After downloading it, use

right mouse button

1. Add commands to the right-click menu of all Files if you have WinZip, UltraEdit, etc. installed on your system, you will have "Add to zip" and "UltraEdit-32" commands when you right-click on any of the files (of course, WinZip is slightly different, I'll talk about it later). It is added by: (1). Open "hkey_classes_root\*", (2). Under which you create a new "shell\ Command \command" branch, set the comma

13 WinRAR skills

), and enter the password. Remember: before clicking "OK", you must select "encrypted file name". Otherwise, you will be able to discard all your work. 11.Avoid repeated Password Input Sometimes we use WinRAR to encrypt the file, but every time we execute the program in the ZIP package, it will ask for the password. When there are too many files, it will be annoying. WinZip is not the same as it. WinZip re

Windows Right-click menu settings and App tips

two main subkeys under it: the extension key (. + extension) and the class definition key (1). Generally, as long as it is a registered extension in the Windows system, under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT has "• The extension" subkey, some information about the extension, the right-click menu for a particular type of file modification, is the key or "extension file" key operation.1. Add commands in the right-click menu of all FilesIf you have WinZip, UltraEd

A summary of implicit writing technique

A summary of AppLeU0 in the occult writing technique2015/02/10 10:140x00 Preface I have not seen the drops on the implicit writing of the summary, I have been more interested in the steganography, the feeling of the hidden writing technique is more fun. So I'm going to summarize some of the hidden-writing things. When writing, there may be errors in the place, please advise, thank you.The pictures of the steganography used in this chapter are packed here: the art of steganography, you can

Mime Type-the server verifies the type of the uploaded file

Application/octet-stream Bin Dms lha lzh EXE class Executable program 3 Application/PDF PDF Adobe Acrobat 4 Application/postscript AI EPS PS Postscript 5 APPICATION/PowerPoint PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 6 APPICATION/RTF RTF RTF Format 7 APPICATION/X-compress Z UNIX compressed file 8 Application/X-Gzip GZ Gzip 9 Application/X-gtar Gtar Tar document (GNU format)

Collection: Comprehensive WinRAR practical skill Series

into the same folder and arrange them in the desired playing order, because the merged songs will be played in this order. Step 2. Select all pre-merged song files, right-click and select the "WinRAR → add to compressed file" command. Step 3. This is also the focus of the entire setup! In the pop-up window, set the compression method to "Storage" (that is, do not compress, because the internal structure of a song will be chaotic once it is compressed, at this time, even if the music is merged,

Commonly used linxu operation commands

Common linxu commands-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. Extract Most Linux distributions contain two tools: zip and unzip. These two tools can be used to create a compressed file compatible with WinZip, And the WinZip compressed file can be unzipped on Linux. The following are common commands: * Zip documents * Create a compr

Total command Guide

packages.In addition to displaying details, lists, thumbnails, and other resource managers, you can use the content plug-in to display the internal information of different files in a variety of Custom column views, allows you to view different files. The multi-tab interface allows the original two windows to be expanded to dozens, making the operation space more free. The intimate history and common folder buttons allow you to export/import the file list, making it faster and more efficient to

Fireworks 8 Dream Trip (4): Other panels

the Style gallery, at the same time to observe the relevant settings on the property Inspector: First, the filter part of the setting, you can see the special effect of the implementation of what filter effect of the results, so that has itself is a broadening of the horizons, the expansion of ideas; second, pay attention to the use of filler material , and its fill handle is adjusted to have a deeper understanding of the filling technique. When we use the style panel, we might try to do it in

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