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Nginx page is not loaded or prompt 502bad Gateway,nginx reverse proxy port number lost bad gateway what does it mean le 502 bad gateway DNF 502 Bad Gateway

In the Nginx reverse proxy mode, the page loading is incomplete or the 502 bad gateway appears directly. There are many cases of 502 bad Gateway, most of which are related to the setting of the Nginx timeout problem. The following is a discussion of a situation that is relatively rare but has to be noted. Presence Environment Nginx work in reverse proxy mode, listening to non-80 ports (this is important

Activiti entry 3 exclusive gateway, parallel network management, including gateway and event Gateway

The gateway is used to control the flow of the process. The Gateway can consume or generate a token. The gateway is displayed as a diamond graph with a small internal icon. The icon indicates the type of the gateway. Basic Branch First, use process variables to write a basic process with branches Flowchart: Deploym

Api-gateway Practice (7) New service gateway-Gateway request monitoring statistics

First, real-time monitoringThe user clicks on the service instance, the system displays the list of APIs under service instance-version,The user clicks on the following two icons for an API1, API request number monitoringHorizontal axis: Time, granularity is minuteLongitudinal axis: Number of requests for accessDisplay: Number of failures (red), number of successes (green), total (yellow), "Click Red, display the list of failed logs, click the failure log, and the tree shows the local request en

Api-gateway Practice (12) New service gateway-approval to generate gateway identity!

First, create a gateway sideways 1, Client identity (oauth_client_details) 1.1, data structure1.2. Interface codeid= "formdto" class= "form-horizontal" action= "/spring-oauth-server/register_ Client " method="post "> 1.3. Backstage CodeFinal String sql = "INSERT INTO Oauth_client_details (client_id,resource_ids,client_secret,scope,authorized_grant_ Types,web_server_redirect_uri, "+Authorities,access_token_validity,refresh_token_validity,additio

How the default gateway is set, what is the default gateway

  gateways (Gateway) are also called Network Connectors, protocol converters. Gateway on the transport layer to achieve network interconnection, is the most complex network interconnection equipment, only for two high-level protocols different network interconnection. Gateways can be used both for WAN interconnection and for LAN interconnection. A gateway is a co

Springcloud (10): Service Gateway zuul/spring Cloud Learning (6)-Zuul Micro Service Gateway

Springcloud (10): Service Gateway Zuul In the previous article we introduced the Eureka used for service registration in discovery, feign support service invocation and balance load, hystrix processing services to fuse to prevent failure spread, Spring Cloud Config Service cluster Configuration center, it seems that a micro-service framework has been completed. We are still less concerned about the external application of how to access the internal v

Nginx 502 Bad Gateway and Nginx 504 Gateway time-out Error resolution method _nginx

Recently, the phenomenon of server downtime more frequent, temporary work, G to hang up, 502 Bad Gateway Nginx, I can not help but remind me before the 504 gateway time-out, the two should be a bit of contact, we must find out. The implication of Nginx 504 Gateway time-out is that the requested gateway is not requested

Centos/linux How to view the gateway address/gateway address

Centos/linux How to view the gateway address/gateway address? There are many commands to view the gateway under Linux, but if the IP is obtained by DHCP, then some commands are not applicable, and there are also common query gateway commands.1.ifconfig-a and cat/etc/resolv.conf (main view ip/netmask and DNS)2.netstat-r

What is a gateway? Common Gateway Types

  1, what is the gateway According to different classification criteria, there are many kinds of gateways. The gateway in the TCP/IP protocol is the most commonly used, where we speak of "gateways" that refer to the TCP/IP protocol gateway. What is a gateway? A gateway is e

How to troubleshoot application Gateway return HTTP Code 502 or client to get Application Gateway response slow Problem (ii)

Problem descriptionThe troubleshooting steps in How to troubleshoot an application gateway that returns HTTP Code 502 or the client gets slow response from the application Gateway (a) can be judged as a response exception due to a WEB server's own problem.You can then turn on failed request tracing (the FRT McCartney) feature in IIS to track and analyze the cause of this response exception.The specific step

Internal Gateway Protocol and external Gateway Protocol

Gateway-Gateway Protocol (GGP) To Route packets correctly and efficiently, the core gateway needs to know the situation of other parts of the Internet, including routing information and subnet characteristics. This type of information is usually used when a gateway processes heavy loads and is the only way to access th

Open source Pure C # Industrial Gateway + configuration Software (v) from the gateway to the HMI

First, IntroBefore the gateway, many netizens concerned about how to implement the interface. To understand the change of the next machine variable, it is how to trigger the human-machine interface animation in one step.This step-by-step trigger is essentially a bulk data change (DataChange) event for the variable group (s), which raises the variable (TAG) value Update (ValueChange) event, which eventually triggers an animated script (Action) of the e

What do you mean 502 bad gateway? 502 Fault Gateway Error Resolution _ Server Other

You can try to clear the browser cache access to your FTP to see if you can log in Successfully resolved 502 Bad Gateway error Log on Today, show 502 bad Gateway,nginx the most annoying place is often this error, because I do not intend to spend too much time on the technology, so the general is encountered related problems, through the search engine solution can not go into the deep. Don't say much nonse

What does 502 bad gateway mean? 502 bad gateway error Solution

You can try to clear the browser cache and access your FTP to see if you can log on Cause A server (not necessarily a Web server) serves as a gateway or proxy to meet customer requirements (such as a Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) to access the requested URL. This server receives an invalid response from the upstream server to fulfill its requirements.Fixed 502 errorsGenerally, this problem is caused by poor communication between IP addresses o

azure-How to troubleshoot application Gateway return HTTP Code 502 or client to get Application Gateway response slow problem (i)

Problem descriptionAfter initial troubleshooting, the application gateway itself works fine and also excludes the latency of the Azure platform network. The behavior that occurs is usually a partial URL response is normal, a partial URL response is slow, or HTTP Code 502 is returned.Problem analysis Determine application access and response by analyzing access logs (see: Backend Health, diagnostic logs, and metrics for application

Nginx 502 bad gateway and Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out error solution error Solution

Recently, server downtime occurs frequently. When I get off work, G crashes and 502 Bad Gateway Nginx reminds me of the previous 504 Gateway Time-out, the two should be in a certain relationship. Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out means that the requested Gateway does not have a request. Simply put, it does not have a request

Api-gateway Practice (10) New service gateway-OpenID Connect

Gateway Guide: HTTPS://HELP.ALIYUN.COM/DOCUMENT_DETAIL/29487.HTML?SPM=5176.DOC48835.6.550.23OQBLGateway Console: https://apigateway.console.aliyun.com/?spm=5176.doc42740.2.2.Q4z5ws#/cn-hangzhou/apis/listReference Link:https://help.aliyun.com/document_detail/48019.html?spm=5176.doc29487.6.580.NFBkpzFirst, the configuration center1. When configuring the API, divide all APIs into two categories, "Get Authorization Token API" and "Business Access API".2.

Using the gateway under MicroServices Spring Cloud Gateway

How Spring Cloud Gateway worksThe client makes a request to Spring Cloud Gateway and, if the request matches the route defined by the gateway program, sends it to the Gateway Web handler, which runs a specific request-filter chain.The reason the filters are separated by dashes is that the filter may execute logic befor

Gateway-to-Gateway mode VPN typical configuration

Question:Most firewalls or UTM deployment modes include the routing mode, the bridge mode, and the hybrid mode. The core configuration is the write rule, A good rule will greatly improve the security of the internal network. Of course, if UTM is used, other security components may be attached. For example, the most common rule is the AV anti-virus component, IPS components, anti-spam components, and some other components such as VPN, this article mainly describes the configurations of USG series

Resolve 504 gateway time-out and 502 Bad Gateway (nginx)

504 gateway time-out Problem: The requested gateway does not have a request. In short, it does not have a request for PHP-CGI that can be executed. In general, this situation may be caused by the small buffer of nginx's default FastCGI process response, which will cause the FastCGI process to be suspended. If your FastCGI service does not handle this suspension well, in the end, 504

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