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Windowsphone8 outsourcing Win8 outsourcing winphone8 outsourcing surface outsourcing find Beijing dynamic point flying software, formal companies can sign the contract, Microsoft technical partners!

He has undertaken windowsphone8 (winphone8 outsourcing), 7.5 (mango) outsourcing, and windows8 outsourcing (Win8 application outsourcing) for many years. He has launched a large windowsphone case in the Microsoft market; Contact QQ: 372900288, phone: 13911652504; Covering windowsphone7.5 mango application

Unity3d Outsourcing (U3D outsourcing)-Find Beijing moving Point Software (we have long been outsourcing u3d, Maya, 3DMAX project outsourcing)

First, about the dynamic point: Beijing moving point flying software, because of the development of virtual reality technology to create, in the field of virtual reality has excellent technology and leading ideas. We have customized projects for users, broken down a variety of workflow, software independent research and development, programming to simplify user operations, video visual impact impressive, animation using dynamic capture equipment and later manual adjustment, the model using the n

VR Outsourcing AR Outsourcing Company (virtual reality outsourcing company) to undertake virtual reality project development (Enterprise, education, game)

VR Outsourcing AR Outsourcing Company (virtual reality outsourcing company) to undertake virtual reality project development (Enterprise, education, game)Can public sign the formal contract, the development of votes. We are the Beijing company, the professional team, the member is the professional Vr/ar product company first-line development personnel, has the la

Outsourcing channel response for outsourcing human dispatch services in Europe and America-csdn outsourcing practice (37)

Today, a historical project is reopened because Party A has not found a suitable person for the international testing project commissioned by csdn.7-12 k people/month level, is it difficult to find someone? Regardless of the answer, csdn outsourcing channels cannot meet such requirements in terms of system functions. Project view: International Software Testing Party A needs to select 20 people, and the outsourc

Beijing WP outsourcing Development Team, professional undertaking WP outsourcing, Android outsourcing (can be signed, long-term effective)

Beijing dynamic node flying development team (dotfun), located in Chaoyang Beiyuan, Chaoyang district, Beijing, business covers WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, 8, Windows R D and sales of touch software for touch screen devices such as multi-touch and big screen touch machines. Our professional technical team has been engaged in touch screen software outsourcing development for many years. Our first-line developers have experience in large multi

US software outsourcing-Can China "complement" India?

annual sales have reached 0.7 billion million USD. In addition, other Indian companies, such as Tata Consultancy and Wipro, are large-scale gold miners. When talking about native Chinese companies (excluding PwC, a subsidiary of IBM in China), if we have accurate statistics, we believe that their outsourcing business is also far from Indian companies.However, a recent growth seems to give Chinese enterpris

Csdn outsourcing creates opportunities for "professional people do professional things"-csdn Outsourcing practices (61)

I put it on hold for more than half a year and continued to write "Outsourcing practices" because today I was moved.I was awakened by the developer and asked me to "practice" again ".I firmly believe that creating opportunities for developers is creating opportunities for myself! Developer: rissonalThe current total credit of this developer is 2. Two projects have been successfully completed and have passed channel authentication! The registration inf

"Sponsorship of open-source project tracking" Helpless outsourcing-csdn Outsourcing practices (63)

Return to Party A today to inquire about the project progress Sponsored asterisk web CLI Open Source implementationHttp://prj.csdn.net/projdetail.aspx? Pointid = 2513The customer paid a deposit of $2000 for this project, and the payment is guaranteed! The MSN record is as follows:Prj.csdn.net, csdn outsourcing channel for "membership certification" and "Payment Guarantee", said: Hello! The csdn outsourcing

Talent express June: strong demand for outsourcing talents in Europe and the United States. More important than language

Csdn talent channel article for the First Quarter of June IT talent Vane The surge in recruitment with multinational corporations emerged as a peak for IT service companies, namely software outsourcing enterprises. As India's top four software outsourcing service providers TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and Satyam all enter China, China's software

[Outsourcing express delivery] The attempt mentality of outsourcing customers can be satisfied!

This is the psychology of most customers. I don't know how to use outsourcing. I said, you can rest assured that you can release the project. The following is a conversation between me and a customer! I will describe the main process and the problems solved by csdn for you and put them in the "edit message" area on the project information page. 《Community interaction website project ¥$45000 Http://prj.csdn.net/projdetail.aspx? Action = pointid = 233

Outsourcing channel service capability co-construction, project consultant CRM management-csdn outsourcing practice (39)

The new project agency system has brought about changes to the workflow. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively organize enough project consultants to digest the increasing project demands.Increasing the service capability of outsourcing channels through cohesion is an important part of this communication. There are also some discussions about how to add value-added services for outsourcing channels thro

Outsourcing channel discussion + channel function notice-csdn outsourcing practice (22)

We look forward to the early establishment of csdn outsourcing channel delegation. (Dejun)... said:Hello!Yuan Mu fisherman said:Hi!(Dejun)... said:What are your progress on forums and activities?Yuan Mu fisherman said:I want to add two more Forum sections, one for Case demonstration and the other for water version.The case presentation allows everyone to freely present their previous successful projects, so as to facilitate communication and understan

. NET outsourcing: What do I think about outsourcing (ii)

Continuation of the previous article. NET Outsourcing: How I look at outsourcing. Since the resignation of this company, thanks to my campus information platform and university information management experience, I entered an Internet type company. The previous experience, interlocking, step-by-step ascension.Fourth customer in the Internet era (not discussed) This is belong to the online self-search project

U3D Outsourcing Company-Beijing Dynamic Point (company nature) to undertake u3d, Kinect, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, physical interaction, large-screen interaction and other types of outsourcing

Unity3d outsourcing on the point of finding software to undertake virtual reality project outsourcingTo undertake u3d, Kinect, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, physical interaction, large-screen interaction and other types of outsourcingPlease contact qq:372900288 Tel: 13911652504We produce various types of serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality projects! Quality assurance, after-sales complete.Our team was founded in October 2011, is

Cooperative Development outsourcing value-added services (Contract electronic certification)-csdn outsourcing practice (35)

Value-added services of the Cooperative Development outsourcing platform (Contract Electronic Authentication System) Today, the project consultant talked with me about the progress of the deposit project and talked about the value-added services on the platform of the outsourcing channel for cooperative development.The core idea is:The partner develops a value-added service system. csdn provides the mode fo

Unity3d Outsourcing (Beijing) Company (long-term undertaking u3d outsourcing)

We produce various types of serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality projects! Quality assurance, after-sales complete.Contact Please add qq:372900288 Tel: 13911652504Our team was founded in October 2011, is a professional engaged in serious game research and development team, the main do: Unity3d outsourcing, VR virtual reality outsourcing, AR augmented reality

Outsourcing channel developers apply to become consultants after completing two projects-csdn Outsourcing practices (47)

The developer ogogo1981 (an authenticated user) applies to become a consultant after completing two projects on the outsourcing channel. The development experience is described as follows:16:04:37 mobile simple GPS client program development, release project8:33:10 ogogo1981 completed the demo and obtained the approval of Party A before undertaking the project15:47:32 party a selected it as the undertaking person and formally established the cooperati

Undertake UNREAL4 outsourcing unreal outsourcing, Beijing regular company

The status quo of VR industry chainLast year Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality technology Oculus VR has raised everyone's awareness of VR devices. At home, Sequoia Capital investment Ant View, but also detonated the capital market to vr/ar attention. Four of these are our more common and domestic companies involved in a number of parts, namely: virtual Reality (VR), augmented Reality (AR), holographic reality and wearable devices.In the existing industrial chain of the entire

Kinect Outsourcing Team (long-term Microsoft Kinect Project outsourcing, large Kinect case)

To undertake the Kinect body Sense Enterprise project, game Project Outsourcing Beijing Company, professional team, members of the professional WPF products company Frontline developers, have large-scale product development experience;Provide quality after-sales service to ensure product quality, lightweight products can provide a clear source code, business needs can be one-on technical guidance.Welcome to Contact QQ:372900288, Tel: 13911652504;We of

Outsourcing: Training employees-outsourcing practice (67)

Yesterday's anger, Outsourcing misunderstanding: How is it so difficult to reach an agreement on price-outsourcing practice (66) Today I am speechless:The following is the MSN reply from Party A's boss. There is no project information, so there is no modification... Party A's boss: Hehe is fine. Party A's boss: I didn't give you a front-end teaching material. Party A's boss: In fact,

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