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"Wireless liquid level transmitter application case" water level wireless remote control pump scheme for high reservoir

"Wireless liquid level transmitter application case" water level wireless remote control pump scheme for high reservoir     One, introduction to the scheme The scheme adopts 433MHz independent wireless communication mode, no running costs, real-time communication, and the use of public GSM

How to make your own Win7 computer a wireless transmitter.

Problem Description: Sharing wired to realize mobile internet Apply to: Win7 system A solution to the Win7 computer as a wireless transmitter: Use Win7 to create a temporary network, is computer to the computer, so do not support mobile phone connection So it takes two commands to implement Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= the

Small and medium-sized enterprises to build wireless network combat detailed

, and then connect this broadband line to the wireless transmitter AP, and then on the computer need to install a USB port or PCMCIA wireless network card. The following is to set up a wireless network node, the role of

How to choose a notebook built-in wireless network card

the quasi-Centrino notebook, you can only select the Intel wireless module to appear centrino boot logo. General Intel is the most expensive of all network adapters, but because of its excellent compatibility with Intel notebooks, it is recommended that most of the conditions allow customers to choose to vote for Intel's network card. Atheros Ltd. Broadcom Ltd

Wireless network Latest technology: multiple input multiple output

the non-spatial and multi-working standards, so the use of space and multiple workers can not improve performance. Spatio-Temporal coding (space-time coding) is the technique of using different paths between transmission and receiver without the knowledge of the transmitter. When the transmitter is designed with the receiver, space-time coding is a relatively easy to implement mechanism. In addition, spac

Comparison of wireless network technology

standard for applications that have a frequency range between 2G to 10G Hertz. We can see that 802.16.1 is responsible for very high frequencies, and its work is at the forefront of these three groups. Because of its unique bandwidth, 802.16.1 is most likely to attract industry interest in the future. The role of the 802.16 wireless service is to establish a communication path between the user site and the core

Wired and wireless 802.11 Home Network

path degrades by 0.5 dB on each meter of cable, in general, the splitter may experience a attenuation of 20-30 dB at 2.4 GHz, which is measured between the splitter output and between the input and output), which is even lower than the requirement of a good wireless channel. The existing 802.11b/g system allows attenuation between the transmitter and receiver between 90 to 100 dB while maintaining the maxi

In-depth analysis of wireless network performance problems

bandwidth, climate, distance, and obstacles, work in the demands of equipment. If you choose the wrong preparation, your network will not be fully running. The most common type of antenna is the parabolic cylindrical Reflector Antenna (parabolic dish ). This antenna looks like a satellite dish, which is often used in a wirel

Details about the structure and features of AdHoc Wireless Network Routing

Network does not have fixed communication facilities and central management devices. network nodes can move randomly at any speed in any direction, in addition, changes in the transmission power of the wireless transmitter, environmental impacts, and mutual interference between signals will cause dynamic changes in th

Who stole our wireless network signal?

transmitter is a light bulb, how can we avoid shadow in another office? This is easy to consider. If you can change the partition wall to transparent glass, the light can be transmitted to another office through glass, so that there will be no shadow. For example, you can also place some items with strong light transmittance in the place at point A, so that the light can be reflected to the shadow area through its surface. In this way, the shadow are

Discussion on WCDMA wireless network planning and deployment principles

3G Early-stage network planning determines the network structure to a large extent, plays a decisive role in network investment and quality, and is the foundation of future network development. 3G Development, network quality is the most important, no good

Application of wireless local area network

125MHz band, high-speed wireless LAN and point-to-point or point-to-point spread spectrum communication system, broadband wireless access system, Bluetooth technology equipment and vehicle wireless automatic identification system, such as radio stations share this frequency band. Set up to use the 5.8GHz band radio transmitt

Xiao Kan Wireless Network Security (2)

Xiao Kan Wireless Network Security (2)Author: [I .T. S] LeiGAs mentioned in the previous post, the key mechanism in wireless networks, especially ad hoc networks. today, we focus on security at the physical layer and link layer. first, let's give an overview of application layer security. We focus on viruses, worms, malicious code (such as script attacks), and so

Tp-link method of anti-RUB network for wireless products

Know how to rub the network card "Rub network card" is a WiFi Wireless LAN network card, compared with the standard wireless network card, mainly has the following characteristics: 1. High transmitting power China does not appo

Wireless Network Optimization

often they are accessed.2. Do not place the transmitter in a location too high from the ground.Leonard Scott, Head of Information Service at Corpus Christi, Texas, said network designers often design the launch device five or six meters above the ground, I am still trying to place it 15 meters above the ground to see if it works better ...... However, this is not a good idea, because

Wireless network threats and six major solutions

through wireless devices into the enterprise network attempts. 2. Safety standards: The earliest security standards WEP has proven to be extremely insecure and vulnerable to security attacks. Newer specifications, such as WPA, WPA2, and ieee802.11i, are more robust security tools. Enterprises adopting wireless networks should make full use of one of these two t

How to protect against wireless network security threats

. 2. Safety standards: The earliest security standards WEP has proven to be extremely insecure and vulnerable to security attacks. Newer specifications, such as WPA, WPA2, and ieee802.11i, are more robust security tools. Enterprises adopting wireless networks should make full use of one of these two technologies. 3, encryption and authentication: WPA, WPA2, and ieee802.11i support built-in advanced encryption and authentication technologies. WPA2 an

Detailed description of Wireless Access Network Technology USB Interface Design

and design the bridge and its peripheral circuit, use hardware and software controls to work with different USB speed formats (USB2.0 has three speed formats: low speed, full speed, and high speed ). Here, the STIR4220 bridging chip is used, and the conversion rate can reach 16 Mbps. It is a low-cost, low-power, USB-to-infrared (can be used for visible light signal transmission) Bridge controller. It completes the conversion between the pc usb interface data and the optical signal, and enables

Network security of Wireless LAN

The security of WLAN wireless networks is defined in the following four levels: 1. Spread Spectrum and frequency hopping wireless transmission technology make it difficult for the hacker to capture useful data;2. Set strict user passwords and authentication measures to prevent illegal user intrusion;3. Set up an additional third-party Data Encryption solution, which is hard to understand even if the signal

Wireless Network Intrusion Free Software Security Detection

for effective network connection. If you click on a network connection that has been found, this program will display a chart showing the signal strength of the problematic network connection. This chart is updated frequently. It displays both the reading of signals and the reading of background noise. If the network

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