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Wireless Network Watcher (Wi-Fi monitor)

Software Introduction:Wireless Network Watcher is a gadget that can scan your wireless network and display a list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network. For each computer or device that is connected to your

The beauty of the modern era: A Review of the AP function of the Wireless Router

There are few online resources for introducing the wireless router AP function. This function is actually a router that integrates Wireless AP and broadband access. Prepare to see the image below. The beauty of the modern era: A Review of the AP function of the Wireless Router The primary

Computer Network review, computer network review materials

Computer Network review, computer network review materials During the interview, if the interviewer wants to examine how your computer network has learned, how can he ask about the TCP three-way handshake process? So, I started to revie

Troubleshoot wireless network mutual access

wireless network card. If the IP address is updated for the wireless network card, the local workstation may still be disconnected frequently, then we only need to use professional anti-attack software to protect the inter-access operation of the wireless LAN. Failover of

Network skills: Wireless Network Security

, we can't think that WEP is a perfect solution. Even multi-encryption does not ensure you are safe, so you should combine WEP with other wireless security measures. Wireless Network Security 4. Unauthorized access points are prohibited Currently, access points can be easily configured. For an IT department with heavy tasks, simple access rules may be adopted and

How to build a wireless network

unauthorized users from accessing, in other words, using various encryption methods to prevent illegal users from invading. Binding MAC address is our most common easiest way, each wireless card has a unique MAC address, through the AP set up with the NIC MAC address binding to achieve encryption, but this security method is also applicable to the information requirements of the home users, for enterprise users, We recommend using WEP and WPA two com

How to cloth office wireless network

encryption methods. For a detailed description of the two encryption methods, please refer to the full understanding of WLAN security from the MAC address. Access access to illegal AP In addition to the threat of unauthorized access to the security of the wireless local area network, access to the illegal AP can also pose a threat to the entire network. When a

7 steps to build a better and faster wireless network

Wireless LAN, but also ensure the reliability of client access. To this end, we need to make some important choices, which will determine the success or failure of the system in the future. For example, do you want to take care of the server, maintain your own network management system (NMS), or would you rather unload this part to the cloud? Do you really need the numerous features promised by the Control

Security experience: Top 10 network tools help you review network security

Article 3: Other articles can be found on this site We have discussed several "three major vulnerability exploitation tools to help you" and "four major protection methods" to help you make Rootkit difficult to escape from the "legal" network. let's take a look at ten tools that can help us review network security today. I. Nessus: This is a UNIX platform vulnera

10 Aspects of enterprise wireless network security

obvious, especially suitable for large-scale wireless LAN. Whichever way you choose, you need to know that the object you are monitoring is not just wireless access point fraud, but also unauthorized clients, misconfigured devices, ambiguous security policies, security detection, attack traffic, and an exception client connected to or connected to an external WLAN. 8. Prepare for Monitoring is just some

Windows XP Wireless Network Security

result, attackers may be able to connect to the access point. However, they cannot access the network and cause no damage to the network. 5. Regular Maintenance The maintenance content is to check the network and audit logs, and check the network to use some scanning tools that attack

Intel WLAN wireless network security experience

environment. With the development of wireless networks, we must be more careful. The following are some important things for IT administrators to keep in mind when using wireless technology: Mastering and flexible application of professional knowledge: security is a special discipline that requires you to have unique insights and rich experience. In the process of mastering IT capabilities dedicated to sec

Wireless network failure to handle itself

the SSID broadcast, there should be nothing wrong, but if there is a bug in the route, will not ...? Immediately log on to the route, on the route on the "Allow SSID broadcast" hook and save (as pictured), router prompts need to reboot. After the reboot, the network prompts the connection to be successful and the fault is eliminated. To verify that the fault may have been due to a routed bug, I logged on again and canceled the "Allow SSID broadca

The misunderstanding and security analysis in the process of establishing wireless network

binding to achieve encryption, but this security method is also applicable to the information requirements of the home users, for enterprise users, We recommend using WEP and WPA two common encryption methods. Access access to illegal AP Access to an illegal AP can also pose a threat to the entire network, in addition to threats to the security of the WLAN by unauthorized users. When a wireless AP access

Fault Analysis of wireless network

network for testing, such as login test, ping and throughput test. Support for security testing As mentioned earlier, wireless networks are dynamic, and when deployed, they are sometimes brought in by unauthorized devices due to human error and sometimes increased coverage of wireless network access. Most of the tim

Best practices for wireless network security (Part 2)

, misconfigured devices, ambiguous security policies, security detection, attack communication traffic, and abnormal clients connected to or connected to external WLAN. 8. Be prepared Monitoring is just a means. You need to install a WLAN Event Response Program. For example, how do you temporarily block an abnormal AP? How do you find it and remove it physically? You need to review all scanning results, wireless

How to see if a wireless network has been compromised

The author on the internet to see a help post, said that the recent time the Web page opened slowly very slowly, not to mention watching movies or downloading, it is slow like a snail. He was in the forum for help, the forum's enthusiastic staff to teach him to troubleshoot hardware problems, it may be stolen by someone else wireless network, but he will not be the investigation, so I published this tutoria

Wireless Network security issues should not be generalized.

industry by adopting the following best practices for Wireless Network Security: 1. Understand your enemies To ensure reliable wireless network security, you must understand the threats you are facing. For example, pci dss requires that each organization that processes cardholder data evaluate threats caused by unauth

Affordable Wireless Network Security Solutions for Enterprises

interface, But Kismet and Aircrack-NG are two of the most popular ones and there are many available documents on their websites.Aircrack-NG focuses on "cracking" and Analysis of WEP and WPA/WPA 2PSK-encrypted wireless networks. By adding Airbase-NG and other tools, we can also simulate attacks against the client, which can help enterprises effectively review the security of any 802.11

Five major precautions for wireless network security

set access points. But please do not be tempted by this convenience. Access points are the number one target for intruders. Configuration strategies and processes should be studied in detail, and they should be strictly adhered to. What should be included in these policies and procedures? First, you must carefully work out the correct guidelines for placing access points, and ensure that anyone has a policy at hand when configuring AP. Second, you must have an installation note to indicate the

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