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Full Process of Asus WL-520gU route printing function (figure)

Nowadays, the digital product market is extremely rich. Various personalized digital products make our life more colorful and convenient. In the past, despite having a digital camera, the photos still need to be printed out. Now, they can be solved at home, while there are rich texts and texts, we often have to face the printer in a narrow way ". A new problem arises after the printer is added to many families. Connecting to the printer means that there is another network cable in the house, it

A thorough understanding of WL-500g-type Asus Wireless Router

We all have different opinions on Asus wireless network routers. In any case, the Asus wireless network router still has many advantages. Next let's get to know the new features of WL-500g. WL-500g is a multi-function wireless with a transmission rate of 54Mbps. It integrates Wired/wireless networks, supports IEEE 802.11g protocol, and is compatible with common 802.11b products, the maximum distance is 50 m

GCC options-xlinker and-WL differences

Write down to their own memo, in the process of using GCC found that the original passed to the linker LD can use both Xlinker and WL two commands, both of these commands can be correctly passed to the LD as the use, now summarizes the difference between the two.Xlinker The argument followed by the first is a space, and the first character followed by the WL is ",".For the pass "-assert definitions" command

GCC option _-wl,-soname

The-wl option tells the compiler to pass the following parameters to the linker. -Soname: Specifies the soname (simple sharing name, short for shared object name) of the dynamic library) The key feature of soname is that it provides compatibility standards: When you want to upgrade a database in the system, and the soname of the new database is the same as that of the old database, the program generated using the old library link can still run normal

-wl,rpath= <your_lib_dir> options </your_lib_dir> in GCC

When GCC compiles a link to a dynamic library, it is very likely that it will compile, but when it does, it cannot find the dynamic link library, which is Because the path specified by the-l option is only valid at compile time, the compiled executable does not know the value after the-l option, Of course I can't find them. You can use LDD The workaround is to use-WL,RPATH= Gcc-o Foo foo.c-l/usr/local/lib-lfoo-w

The difference between a programmer and a non-programmer in a non-preparatory programmer's view

Do not know how to think of this topic, so write their own views, and we discuss the discussion. First, define the 2 main discussion objects: Professional programmer: Before the programmer is to read computer and related majors, such as: computer, mathematics, software engineering and so on. They work in the programmer's line mainly because they learn the line, of course, also like this line, or they are cu

Programmer second Step-from programmer to project Manager _ Programmer

Recently, there are two of news about programmers, so many it people are happy, one is the original Sina Weibo a PHP programmer diverted to sell fruit, not only the glasses picked, people turned white, even the hair has grown out, and one is the original game of the company's programmers quit selling "program Ape Pancake", a considerable income, not only buy a house to buy a car, Also married a beautiful "sesame cake Xi Shi", let people very envy. Pr

Programmer's Lake Programmer joint Development Network Programmer magazine Program

Data-id= "1190000004976959" data-licence= "" > There are some places where there is a lake. In ancient times, the gangs formed a lake, there are Shaolin, under the Wudang, left Emei, right there confraternity, each gang by virtue of their own advantages (such as confraternity dozen Dog Stick Law) in the lake, gangs of people to each other to grow their martial arts, occasionally open a martial arts conference to learn and absorb the good moves of not help, the winner more can become the martial

How to become a php programmer from asp.net programmer, asp. netphp programmer _ PHP Tutorial

From asp.net programmers to php programmers and asp. netphp programmers. How to become a php programmer from asp.net, asp. netphp programmers face increasingly heavy work, and our time is quickly compressed by the boss, but they want to learn new things, but they still don't want to become php programmers from asp.net programmers, asp. netphp programmer In the face of increasingly heavy work, our time ha

Programmer ---- how do you reduce the pressure? Share several programmer decompression websites ~, Decompression programmer

Programmer ---- how do you reduce the pressure? Share several programmer decompression websites ~, Decompression programmer Abstract:Coding at work, coding at work, and exhausting code every dayProgrammerWe can finally relax during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. However, I believe there may still be some of them fighting on the front line of the computer. Today

Funny programmer: Look at what type of Python programmer you are, python programmer

Funny programmer: Look at what type of Python programmer you are, python programmer Not long ago, there was an interesting article on the Internet about the Python Code Compiled by Python programmers of different levels on the same issue, the code is simple and interesting. Let's take a look at the entire process of advanced Python program. (Sneer) Novice Program

Use JB and WL to develop Web Services

At present, most companies are either actively developing the Web service infrastructure or planning to do so. Honestly, using the previously written business logic and making it public as a Web service is not that difficult. In the past few years,

WL Imitation tu ba rabbit decoration portal Source Contact qq:847129860

First, the source code description This is a very beautiful imitation of the Rabbit decoration Portal source code, the function is very complete, using a typical three-layer architecture technology, more suitable for two times development or

Why is the working programmer better than The wild programmer _ Classic Net Pick

Why a working programmer is better than an opposition programmer 1. Working programmers have to do the company's endless, low-tech task every day, and the opposition doesn't need it. 2. Working programmers are writing programs to earn a living, with less money to smoke cigarettes that are below 5 dollars. The opposition is either students or the family is rich, naturally more inspired 3. Working programmers

The Programmer's series: the things that make the programmer's egg ache

I heard that married to marry programmers, money more words less die early. This is mostly the programmer's own black. Programmers have a very special sense of humor a group, good at self-deprecating, the courage to black, strong tolerance, a lot of things Wucken, not to be able not to endure the crown an anger. However, it is such a nice person, there are some things that can not stand.Changes in demandWhy is the "demand change" ranked first?Because someone said: Kill a

Java Programmer Advanced Route-Senior Java programmer form

and open source projects can reduce workload and make the code structure clear and easy to understand. Enterprise-class technology refers to the technology in the Java EE platform, which is mostly derived from the existing accumulation of standards, such as JPA to a large extent from hibernate. The application of enterprise-class technology is of great benefit to the standardization of programs.The standard class library and open source project understanding is not in order, can be cross-cuttin

Programmer, How should we learn _ programmer

It technology development, new technology emerging, with good learning ability, timely access to new knowledge, at any time to supplement and enrich themselves, has become the core competitiveness of programmer career development. In this paper, the author sums up the three key points to improve the learning ability of programmers in combination with years of learning experience. As we all know, now is an era of knowledge explosion, knowledge update v

How to become a great programmer from an excellent programmer

This article provides 15 criteria for evaluating software developers, which can help programmers become excellent programmers from a good programmer! How to assess a software developer? This is a strange problem. Now there are a lot of theories and forms to do this, and the human resources department also tries to help you manage and reflect on your own behavior. However, how can you be a great software developer? How can you develop your career today

Programmer's article----How do you decompress? Share several programmer decompression sites ~

Summary: work code, work is still playing code, every day by the code tortured tired Programmer we can finally take advantage of the mid-Autumn Festival to relax a little holiday. However, the small series believe that there may still be some ape apes fighting in the computer front, today's small series for everyone to serve a few super-good conscience website, help ape apes relax. 1. CalmWebsite Link: http://www.calm.com/The site is like its name "pe

Programmer Capability Matrix Programmer Competency Matrix

Note: Each level of knowledge is incremental, at the level of N, also implies that you need to understand all the knowledge below the level of N .Computer Science ComputerSoftware Engineering Software EngineeringProgramming programmingExperience ExperienceLearning knowledgeThe undisputed fact of the software community is that the efficiency of different programmers varies and varies greatly. Many experts distinguish between good programmers and the general p

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