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Silverlight application framework prototype: mvvm + WCF Ria service + business logic layer + self-written Entity Framework

After one month of study, from the access to Silverlight to the completion of a first-class application framework, it is indeed quite tired. Originally, the bottom layer was quickly finalized, but due to the long debate during the selection, it took some time, while I was only responsible for the bottom layer, but due to the slow progress of the client team (the reason is hard to say ), this week, I started

Application Framework Combat 35: Service Overview

The previous article introduced my knowledge of several entities, and this article will cover the usage of several services.Preview this series of follow-up plans, this post, ready to enter the actual combat drill stage, first describes how to quickly solve crud operations, from how to use PD data modeling to use Codesmith generate code, first take you to feel, and then come back to introduce the inner elements of the framework, so as not to be sleepy

On the road-application service framework growth notes based on SCA specifications (5) (serialization ...)

Infrastructure for heterogeneous application interaction on the SAAs operating platform ¡AEP modular pluggable system basis ¡Integrates the advantages of web, BPM, and SOA to build a SAAS Platform Technical embodiment of ASF advantages § Basic framework SCA basement (Java) provides basic framework metadata parsing and Assembly implementation Ø embeddedsc

Analysis of data transmission objects in ABP framework and Application Service _ Practical skills

Data Transfer Object (DTOs)Data Transfer Objects (data Transfer Objects) are used for data transmission at the application layer and the presentation layer. The presentation layer incoming data Transfer object (DTO) invokes an application service method, and then the application s

Build a plug-in Application Framework (IV)-service container

architecture, so I will apply it to our framework. Servicecontainer is the implementation of iservicecontainer provided by. net. If there is no special need, we do not need to extend it, but use it directly. In the previous articleArticleServicecontainer that we use directly when implementing the iapplication interface. When using the service architecture, we always tend to have a root container. Each

On the road-application service framework growth notes based on SCA specifications (I) (Under serialization ...)

technology. Finally, I proposed a design scheme to reduce risks. The bottom layer of the platform is divided into two parts: Basic Service Framework (BSF) and Application Service Framework (ASF ), the former is mainly used for plug-and-play interaction of core components in

Android from hardware to application: Step by Step 6--write app test framework layer Hardware service (end)

\Compiling the project will generate gpio.apkIn this step, everything is ready to start updating the filesystem of the target board AM335EVM: (left host, EVM right)out/target/product/am335xevm_sk/system/app/gpio.apk ==> rootfs/out/target/product/am335xevm_sk/ System/framework/services.jar ==> rootfs/system/framework/out/target/product/am335xevm_sk/system/

"/" Indicates a server error in the application. The current identifier (nt authority \ Network Service) does not apply to "C: \ WINDOWS \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ t

"/" Indicates a server error in the application. The current identity (nt authority \ Network Service) does not have the write access permission for "C: \ WINDOWS \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ temporary ASP. NET files. In the folder permission settings, assign c: \ windows \ microsoft. Net \ framework

C # uses the Timed task framework Windows.TaskSchedule.exe to install the Windows service that the console application creates

= "My-service"DisplayName= "My Service"Description= "My service description">3 Jobname= "My service One"ExePath= "${basedir}\bin\mywindowstaskschedule.exe"arguments= "1"cornexpress= "0/2 * * * *?"Expiresecond= "+" />4 Jobs>ServerName: The name that the service displays in

Android from hardware to application: Compile the hardware service at the APP testing framework layer (complete)

Android from hardware to application: Compile the hardware service at the APP testing framework layer (complete) Create an Android Application Project: Use the Android plug-in ADT of Eclipse to create an Android project named Gpio. After the project is created, copy the project directory to the packages/apps/folder, an

Design a service-oriented J2EE Application Framework

In order to cope with the various course design and competition preparation projects at the end of the period, I haven't written a blog for some time. From 1.13, I had a holiday and went home on the 1949th day. During these ten-day periods, daily bubble lab, after various discussions and explorations, has identified the following things so far:1. Determine the project to participate in the competition: implement a service-oriented (

How to make the CI framework support the service layer and the CI framework service layer _ PHP Tutorial

How to make the CI framework support the service layer and the service layer of the CI framework. How to enable the CI framework to support the service layer? the service layer of the C

Dubbo, Dubbox, Motan, thrift, GRPC, etc. RPC framework comparison and selection-Service of service-practical

Overview The previous time project will be serviced, so I compare the pros and cons of some of the most popular RPC frameworks and the usage scenarios, and ultimately choose to use Dubbox as the RPC Basic service framework combined with the actual situation of the project itself. The following is a brief introduction to RPC Framework technology selection process.

How do service best practices be done under a distributed service framework?

NIO threads, preventing concurrent operations. Because reactor mode uses asynchronous non-blocking I/O, all I/O operations do not cause blocking, in theory a thread can handle all I/O-related operations independently, so in most scenarios, the reactor multithreaded model can fully meet the business performance requirements.The reactor thread scheduling model works as shown in Figure 1-3.Figure 1-3 High-performance reactor thread scheduling model1.2 Business Best PracticesTo ensure high per

[MSH] a lightweight but practical framework of the WCF module service + the MSH of the WCF module service hosting program [Opening]

This article is about a lightweight but practical module service framework and service hosting program MSH Based on WCF, including analysis of several common application scenarios, as shown in the following table: I. Introduction and explanation of the WCF module framework I

Liaoliang's most popular one-stop cloud computing big Data and mobile Internet Solution Course V4 Android Architecture design and Implementation complete training: hal&framework&native service&android service& Best Practice

Java Service and manager14.5 Systemserver, ServiceManager15th topic: Event-driven mechanism for Android framework portingHow does the 15.1 Android service deal with hardware blocking?15.2 opening new sub-threads and constantly poll15.3 Listener Registration15.4 Callback15.5 handler, Message, Looper, MessageQueue, application

ABP Application Layer-Application service (application services)

Note: Here to say, is the difference between UOW and non-UOW mode, the two modes for the database connection open and close is different. For the controller's method, the ABP defaults to non-UOW mode, at which point the calling method will cause an error to indicate that the database is not connected. The solution is to add virtual to the method. (2) Automatically save data modification (for automatically saving changes)For the unit of work Method (app

Lightweight. NET object Lookup service and AOP development Framework Netop.core Source Commentary (3)--class factory/Object lookup service

Tag: Control property Type ISP SDN get document void downThe last section discusses the Netop.core of the application system configuration information processing, for Netop.core the most core service-class factory/Object lookup service of course to use the configuration services, and so on.For the Net class factory/Object lookup

Distributed Service Framework Learning Notes 4 Service Routing __ Architecture

Transparent Routing Many open source RPC framework callers need to configure the address information of the service provider, although it is possible to avoid hard-coded address information by reading the list of service addresses of the database, but consumers still perceive the address information of the service pro

Introduction to the input method framework in TSF (Text Service Framework) win7

Http://blog.csdn.net/MSPinyin/archive/2011/01/14/6137709.aspx Several TSF terms Tip (text input processor), a text service in TSF Cicero is the development code of TSF. Therefore, Microsoft generally calls the TSF framework Cicero Cuas (CICERO unaware Application Support), which provides basic tip support for all applications and controls Aimm (active input metho

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