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Nginx Cache Invalidation--vim Select U convert all sizes to lowercase

VIM handles case conversion of characters~ Change the case of the letter under the cursor3~ 3 letters starting at the cursor position to change their caseg~~ change the case of the current line letterU Change the selected letter in visual mode to

A method of converting word letters to uppercase and lowercase words

In Word, you can use the SHIFT+F3 shortcut key to achieve uppercase and lowercase conversions in English. First select the English language you want to convert Press SHIFT+F3 for the first time to convert the selected English initials to uppercase;

Method of converting WPS letter to uppercase and lowercase letters

The tutorial introduces how to convert uppercase and lowercase letters in the WPS text. When editing a document, we often encounter situations in which the English case is very irregular and looks uncomfortable. If you want these English letters to

Word practical skills (practical)

Word Practical Skills Q: How can I set different headers on each page in word? How to make different sections display different headers? A: You can set different headers for different sections. File-page settings-layout-header and

Dizzy ~~~~ It turns out that there are so many simple ways to use word !!!!!!!!! Transfer

Replace text with imageCopy the image to the clipboard, open the replace dialog box, enter the text to be replaced in the "search content" box, and then enter "^ C" in the "Replace with" box (note: the input must be a half-width character, and C

Uppercase and lowercase conversions in strings in Java

Converts uppercase letters in a string to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase in JavaWatch Tips:Here are 2 ideas, but the first one is right, the second is wrong, the second one is to understand, but it is important to note that if a string is

Favorite Word Practical tips questions (Practical) _ Application Tips

Word Practical tips problem solving (practical) Q: How do I set a different header for each page in Word? How do I make different sections show different headers? A: section, each section can be set up a different header. Files--page

Conversion of uppercase and lowercase letters in php

In php, the uppercase/Lowercase conversion functions include: strtolower, strtoupper, ucfirst, ucwords, and so on, this article will introduce how to use these uppercase/Lowercase conversion functions. 1. convert string to lowercase Strtolower ():

PHP English letter uppercase/lowercase Conversion Function Summary

This article mainly introduces several PHP uppercase/lowercase conversion functions, which can be used to convert letters into uppercase/lowercase letters or convert all letters into uppercase/lowercase letters. For more information, see This

How to convert PHP letters to uppercase and lowercase

1. Converting a string to lowercase Strtolower (): This function converts all characters of the passed-in string argument to lowercase and puts the string back in a small form   2. Turn the characters into uppercase Strtoupper (): The function,

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