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Nearly latest English books (in Word format) and reading methods

scared by the Russian flushed, navigation food files the first link to the home page, the readings are classified in sequence, including fantasy, Action/adventure, detectives, thrillers, children's, and Misc. the last three options are: Message book, search, and site introduction. Besides, the title and author are both in English and can be easily queried. There is a link behind the title of this book, which is compressed. RAR files, decompress them

Several Basic Search Engine books

I will introduce several search engine books to you. I think the following three books are the best so far to study search engines. We look forward to a better book for readers, I will also introduce it to you. I will introduce you later For more information about wireless search

Skillfully use Word Excel to organize Web page pictures in bulk

Often meet this situation, the Web page has a lot of useful pictures of their own material, save the Web page with the way to save the download, in the relevant folder to find the picture material, do not have the rules of the digital name of the picture. If the number of pictures is small, we can open the identification at once, name, but too many, this method is not economical. How about using a better batch name for a picture? (lots of pictures that need to be renamed)   How to

Format pictures in Word 2007 documents in bulk

1. Embedded picture If a picture in a document in the operating system is selected, 8 black control blocks appear around it, as shown in Figure 1, which means that the pictures are embedded. Figure 1 For embedded pictures, either Word 2007 or Word 2003,win7 flagship, you can open the Find and Replace dialog box directly, set the Find what to ^g, and then position the curso

How to generate a bulk inner page to get the long tail word rank

add pictures and automatic combination of contact phone, contact the phone if our own contact phone. If there is no software, we need to use tools, that is, acquisition software, through the acquisition of software to find targeted content, while we have to find a batch template, with templates to generate tens of thousands of content pages. So as long as our content can meet the needs of users click in, Baidu will not recognize us for cheating, because we find the keyword targeted content.

How to bulk delete pictures in Word

Most of the time, we need to delete the pictures in Word, leaving only text, but too many pictures, delete too time-consuming. Today's word tutorial is to teach you such as rapid batch delete pictures, if you want to know how to operate, then come in to learn, the following is a detailed procedure--bulk Delete the pictures in

Tips for bulk bold words at the beginning of a Word document

At the end of each period, I had to sort out some documents for students to relearn. I encountered a difficult problem when I used Word to explain the terms. There were hundreds of prepared terms, you need to set the nouns at the beginning of each paragraph to black to highlight (1), but it is too troublesome to set them one by one. Ask Master Dong for a quick setup. Www.2cto.comIt is found that the glossary you have compiled has one thing in common,

Character string multi-mode exact match (dirty word/sensitive word search algorithm) algorithm Prepass

In the previous article, I spoke a little about my self-built ttmp algorithm ideas. It seems very good and powerful-it is estimated that it is not the strongest, but at least I think it is satisfactory, at least it reaches the available level. So what else can be written? I haven't written any technical articles of this type for a long time. I am full of ideas:1. What is the loss of efficiency besides the algorithm itself?2. The ttmp algorithm is just a rough description. It is far from detailed

Sensitive word search problems

Sensitive word search problem functiontransgress_keyword ($ content) {define methods for handling illegal Keywords nbsp; $ keywordarray (tomorrow's technology, programming dictionary, tomorrow's books, tomorrow's software ); define sensitive words nbsp; $ m0 sensitive word search

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