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Backtrack5 (BT5) wireless password cracking tutorial-WPA/WPA2-PSK-type wireless password cracking

Yesterday, we published the minidwep-GTK method in the backtrack5 (BT5) wireless weppassword cracking tutorial, and introduced the simple method for cracking wep wireless password in BT5, today, I am going to show my friends how to crack WPA wpa2 wireless password in BT5. Prerequisites: You have installed or guided the

How does ubuntu crack a password? A summary of various Linux version password cracking methods

of Linux gets the password method: (i) Redhat/centos/fedora system password cracking 1. Enter edit mode by E in the Grub options menu2. Edit kernel the line last plus s (or single)3. Press B, start to Single-user mode4. After entering, execute the following command# MOUNT-T proc Proc/proc# Mount-o REMOUNT,RW/#passwd#sync#reboot(ii) Debian Linux system

Windows password cracking strategy (hash cracking)

to leave Trojans or backdoors on the server, I prefer to use the Administrator's access method to manage the server ). What is the administrator's access method? In other words, the administrator can access the server. If the terminal is 3389, We will access the terminal. Of course, the premise is to find a way to get the password of his administrator user; if the terminal is pcAnywhere, we can find a way to get his pcAnywhere

Backtrack5 (BT5) wireless password cracking tutorial-WPA/WPA2-PSK-type wireless password cracking

Yesterday, we published the minidwep-GTK method in the backtrack5 (BT5) wireless weppassword cracking tutorial, and introduced the simple method for cracking wep wireless password in BT5, today, I am going to show my friends how to crack WPA wpa2 wireless password in BT5. Prerequisites: You have installed or guided the

Password cracking is no longer mysterious. How to Build a password cracking server (1)

We often perform a lot of password cracking work for our customers. Sometimes it is because we have cracked a system and looked for repeated use of passwords; sometimes it is because we get statistics on complexity of passwords to prove a certain point of view; sometimes we just try to crack WPA-PSK. However, it is important that you have a safe system. We recently rebuilt our own

Excel password cracking super simple? So the encryption is not to be cracked

Do you still think that Excel password cracking is almost impossible? But the opposite is true, the use of Excel password cracking tools, Excel password cracking only a few seconds of things, "Excel

Wireless network password cracking

the data as Meimei, while the interface of my Nic is ATH0. Quote: ./Airodump ATH0 Meimei 6 Then use the dictionary for brute force cracking. Dictionary download: http://www.openwall.com/wordlists There is a free, paid dictionary, 0.4 million Password Quote: ./Aircrack-a 2-B 00: 23: 1f: 55: 04: BC-W/path/to/wordlist Of course, the chance of success with the dicti

Cracking worksheet password/share EXCEL table lock cracking

Today's test is true and effective. Today, I downloaded an Excel2003 document. I am very interested in some functions, but I am depressed that the document is encrypted and all functions are set to read-only attributes! Click "undo worksheet" in the Excel menu, prompting you to enter the password! In the past, I searched for a VBA macro Cracking Method on the Internet, and it was a success! There are really

Detailed explanation of Hydra, the latest online cracking tool for brute-force password cracking in CentOS

PS: This brute-force password cracking tool is quite powerful and supports online password cracking for almost all protocols. The key to cracking the password is whether the dictionary is powerful enough. Social engineering penetr

Linux User Management Security: password cracking prevention and account file protection

entire system cannot be fully controlled if the user password of the administrator or super administrator cannot be obtained. To access the system, the simplest and necessary method is to steal the user's password. Therefore, for the system administrator account, the most important thing to protect is the password. if the pa

Example of compressed package password cracking (similar to code cracking)

I forgot the password of a compressed package and wrote a small script to implement the decryption function. after entering the words in my frequently used password, the script combined these passwords to try to decompress the compressed package and flip the hard drive yesterday, find a good thing, but I don't remember it when I add a password. I tried a few comm

Linux password anti-cracking and account File Protection

the password, if the password is stolen, it will mean the advent of disaster. Most intruders get administrator's password through a variety of systems and setup vulnerabilities, and then implement malicious attacks on the system. Account weak password settings will allow intruders easy to crack and access to computer

WiFi password cracking diagram

, intensity, channel, encryption, and so on. Here is an example of encryption for WPA/WPA2, followed by WEP (because it is easier to break). Click We need to crack the route name, point to the right of the start, decentralized will be "handshake" operation, Non-stop connection with the route, this process is automatic, depending on the route and signal intensity of the absolute length of time. When the "handshake" success, you will be related to the hint, see the next

Cisco Catalyst 4506E Switch Password cracking

-register 0x2101Restart the system, you will find that the password has been cracked completed.*************************************************************************In fact, SUP8 engine password cracking similar to other series of engine password cracking method, can refe

Brute-force password cracking for a gold net member (bypass Verification Code Cracking Case)

Http://www.4.cn gold network through the verification code on the brute force cracking prevention, when you log on to an account with a wrong password, you need to enter the verification code to log on again. Many developers also use the verification code to prevent brute-force cracking. However, many website errors require you to enter the verification code to i

Bt3 cracking tutorial (USB) cracking wireless route Password

Bt3 is a type of Linux, like redlinux, like red-flag Linux. However, this bt3 integrates a large number of hacking tools, especially those that break through the wireless network.If you want to break the Web or WPA's encrypted wireless network and get rid of the Internet bandwidth, you may wish to study this, which is very interesting.In addition, the current bt2 web cracking has evolved to a few minutes. Even if only the AP is working, the other clie

Linux system password and GRUB password cracking

. Wait. In short, Linux is safer than Windows.Imagine what if I forget my computer password? If only the system password is set, it is easy to crack. what if the GRUB password is set? In this case, we need to install the CD and start from the safe mode to crack it. but if we have set a BIOS password, what should we do?

Compression packet password Cracking example sharing (similar code cracked) _python

Yesterday turned the hard drive, found a good thing, but I added the password I do not remember. Tried a few commonly used not to try out, so wrote a little foot originally for me to try. Oh, and really to solve it out.The Python script reads as follows, running its own encrypted compressed package is good Copy Code code as follows: #-*-Coding:utf-8-*- Import Sys,os def iselementuniq (list): """ To determine if an element in the l

Linux User Management Security: password cracking prevention and account File Protection (1)

means the arrival of a disaster. Most intruders obtain administrator privileges through various systems and vulnerability settings, and then launch malicious attacks on the system. Weak account password settings make it easy for intruders to crack and access computers and networks, while strong passwords are hard to crack, and even password cracking software is

Linux system password and GRUB password cracking

Article Title: Linux system password and GRUB password cracking. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Safe! This is a very sensitive issue. What is real security? For Linux, Windows, and other operating systems, as

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