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2000 Nobel Prize for Literature calculates the number of days from January 01, 2000 to a specified date

This is a function that calculates the number of days from January 01, 2000 to a specified day (end of calculation) date format: YYYY-MM-DD Calculate the number of days from January 01, 2000 to a day function Cal_start2end ($end _day, $start _day) { $start _day=ereg_replace ("-", "", $start _day); $end _day=ereg_replace ("-", "", $end _day); if ($end _day>= $start _day) {//Due date is greater than st

{Attack} 1-obtain bots [Both For WinNT and 2000, and the platform is 2000]

can be entered. The last step is to clean the footprints. We recommend that you use Xiao Rong's cleaniislog for convenience. For usage instructions, see! Remember, the first choice for intrusion into NT is absolutely 139, NETBIOS In addition, you can use the 2000 Built-in Computer Management to connect to a computer. I will explain the other methods here: The input method is basically out of the box ~~ However, if you scan a large number of bots, it

List of bugs fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4

For more information about bugs fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:314128 FIX: When an RPC call is performed, Access with conflicting values includes an invalid parameter value of one position. 317989 FIX: Sqlakw32.dll may be damaged. SQL statement 319477 FIX: A very large number of user table AWE systems may cause BPool: Map error 328551 used to FIX the tempd

Data Transformation Services in SQL Server 2000 (DTS)

server| Data | conversion Absrtact: To accomplish the tasks of data merging, archiving and analysis, for application development, database administrators often need to import, export, and transform data for database or server upgrades. Data Transformation Services (DTS) in SQL Server 2000 provides a set of graphical tools and programmable objects to help administrators and developers solve data transfer issues from different sources to single or multi

SQL Server 2005 database to SQL Server 2000 method summary _mssql

Today, a friend recommended a job is to transfer SQL Server 2005 database to SQL Server 2000, but the actual operation encountered a lot of problems, online search a number of ways to display here, and the use of my problems and solutions are recorded together for later inspection The previous steps are the same as those on the Web, Mr. 2000 's script, and then the execution in

Optimizing Oracle9i performance under Windows 2000

oracle|window| Performance | Optimizing Oracle Performance Optimization under Windows 2000 requires consideration of disk I/O, CPU, network subsystem, memory subsystem, which focuses on Oracle memory tuning in Windows 2000 environments. Optimizing Disk Configuration Oracle is a strong disk I/O application to ensure that you properly configure the disk and file system: Run Disk Defragmenter first before you

In-depth discussion of SQL Server 2000 support for XML

Server|xml [Author Introduction:]wayne, a new generation of programmers, 12-Year-old began to learn programming, 13-year-old with his own computer, has learned basic, Pascal, C, FOXPRO, VB, DELPHI, + +, SQL, learning the Java language, then become a crazy fan of Java , he is now studying at China University of Science and Technology. IntroductionContent navigation  * Introduction* Configure IIS virtual directories for SQL Server 2000* Execute SQL stat

E-commerce using SQL Server 2000

To be successful in e-business , you need a robust, fully WEB-supported database solution that meets the needs of today's rapidly changing Internet e-business environment. SQL Server 2000 provides all the necessary tools and functionality to quickly implement the next-generation scalable e-business solution. SQL Server is the most popular database for storing data on the Web, for the following reasons: it provides intrinsic support for storing and gen

2000-Year Rewind program implemented with ASP

Using several time functions, the program can simply complete the function of 2000 rewind in ASP Web pages, and change the parameters of CDate function to finish the other date. The ASP source code is as follows: ' Show Current time The current time is ' Calculate the number of days to display from a specified date From 2000 there are ("01/01/2000-00:00:0

SQL Server 2000 installation and basic framework

Server We always put the word SQL Server on the tip of our tongue, and perhaps very few people think about what SQL Server is. The question is difficult to make clear in a few words. The reason we have to discuss SQL Server in a serialized way is to address this issue from different angles. One, server components SQL Server 2000 consists of two parts: Server components and client tools. 1. Content The server components of SQL Server are run as Windows

Cracked windowsxp/2000/2003 login Password/Remove login password/Reset Login Password Method Summary _ Application Tips

Cracking Windowsxp/2000/2003/98/me's password method is really much, so Microsoft's Windows vulnerabilities are really many! But this also facilitates a lot of users of the computer Management, advantages and disadvantages! Many friends have consulted this kind of questions many times, each time I have to answer one by one, so today I will synthesize the method, hoped that has some practical value to everybody! Cloud-dwelling Community www.jb51.net F

Optimizing Windows 2000

Win 2000 optimization In many ways is very similar to win 9x/me, including some of the optimization software can be shared, therefore, may wish to draw on the win 9x/me optimization program and optimization software. Of course, in addition, Win 2000 has some of its own unique optimization measures. First, choose the right file system Before you can install Win 2000

Seven section 2000 yuan video card comparison evaluation

Although the price in the 1000-2000 yuan price segment of the graphics products are favored by the players, however, considering the number of graphics cards in this price range, not only includes AMD, nvidia two new products R9 285, GTX 960, and some in the graphics market for many years in the "Old guy" , such as R9 280X, R9 280, R9 270X, GTX 770, and GTX 760. Although these graphics cards are in the same price range, but the performance of these gr

Four ways to access remote data in Excel 2000

excel| Access | Data Excel 2000 as a spreadsheet software, it is not only powerful data processing capabilities, but also its report function is very powerful. It is often used in Excel 2000 to invoke the content of large databases built by database software such as access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and so on. It is convenient for users to filter, sort, query, edit, and print reports on the worksheet, which

SQL Server 2000 database synchronization detailed steps [Two servers]_mssql

Why do you want to synchronize your SQL Server 2000 database? The rationale for SQL Server 2000 database synchronization configuration Starting from 0 Step by step Configure SQL Server 2000 database synchronization, very thin Already very skilled, can see the boutique version SQL Server 2000 dat

windows98/2000 installation and Uninstall techniques _windowsxp

1. Increase the speed of Windows 98/2000 installed in DOS  Start the computer with the boot disk first, after running Smartdrv.exe in DOS and then install Windows system, so the installation time will be greatly shortened. Note: To run the Smartdrv.exe,dos system, you must load Windows's system file Himem.sys during startup. Smartdrv.exe files are generally in the C disk Windows directory, if the machine does not install Windows 9X, you can copy the

method for converting MS SQL Server 2008 database to version 2000 _mssql

Anyway, my computer had a 2000 database, and last year I installed a 2005 database on that computer. Not long ago I bought a new computer, installed a database 2008 will be on the old computer on a database attached to 2008 above. After the project, the database to space, the spatial database is 2000, the error that my database is 2005 now I want to convert my database to

SQL SERVER 2000 installation tutorial graphics and text detailed _mssql

Note: Windows XP cannot be installed in Enterprise Edition. WIN2000\WIN2003 Server Installation Enterprise Edition Hardware and operating system requirements The following table describes the hardware requirements for installing Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server client management tools and libraries. Hardware Minimum requirements computer Pentium 166 MHz or higher.Memory (RAM) at least MB, recommended 128 MB or more. According to the author's e

Install Windows 2000

When you install Windows 2000 through MS-DOS or Windows 3.x, you need to start Winnt.exe. When you install Windows 2000 over a network, you can insert the CD-ROM containing the installer on the network server and share the CD drive, or you can copy the files from the I386 directory of the CD-ROM to the shared folder, and then when you are ready to install Windows 2000

Ms-excel 2000 single Record output Sanbang

Excel 2000 itself somehow does not support the output of a single record, and it is a problem if you want to make a single entry in the Address Book in Excel 2000. Come and see how I Sanbang let it come to heel! One axe: Access transfer method Can not watch Excel 2000 anxious bar, change a thought, into access inside, let it help me. Compared to Excel

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