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Wordpress personal theme development tutorial

Why use WordPress themes?A WordPress topic consists of a series of files and CSS style sheets to form a beautiful WordPress website. Each topic is different, so that WordPress users can change the appearance of the WordPress website at any time.You

Optimize the time display of articles and comments in WordPress, WordPress review _php Tutorials

Optimize the time display of articles and comments in WordPress, WordPress comment Many blogs like to use comments published in "XXX minutes ago", the article published in "XXX minutes ago" to display the time of the article comments, improve the

Simple and practical WordPress long article paging code

Recently, manyArticleDistribution, which is relatively long. This will lead to slow page loading, which is not conducive to the user experience. Especially for newly added WordPress theme pages, although there are not many texts, each WordPress

Ultimate optimization and improved WordPress performance set

  1. Upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.2. delete unused plug-ins and upgrade the plug-ins in useMany people like WordPress only because they like the power of WordPress plug-ins, but many of them are flashy. If there are a large number of plug-

How to run PHP code in WordPress articles and on a single page

As we all know, WordPress is a very popular CMS. Its ease of use, user interface and powerful functions allow us to build various types of websites, which are characteristic of developers and programmers, but as a user, there is no difference.As a

Use ModSecurity to defend against Wordpress brute-force cracking

Before reading this article, I would like to briefly understand what ModSecurity is, And ModSecurity is an engine for intrusion detection and prevention. It is mainly used for Web applications, so it can also be called Web application firewall. I

Simple tips for moving the toolbar in WordPress to the bottom, wordpress tips _ PHP Tutorial

Simple tips for moving the toolbar in WordPress to the bottom, wordpress tips. A simple introduction to tips for moving the toolbar in WordPress to the bottom. wordpress tips introduce the toolbar concept from WordPress3.1, after a user logs on to

Three tips to quickly block WordPress spam comments

Generally, some functions such as blocking and filtering are added. In fact, they are similar. However, it seems a little cumbersome for some very long ones. Of course, it is not as powerful as the official spam plug-in, but at least it will make

15 WordPress plug-ins I like

1. All in One SEO Pack A powerful SEO plug-in that can help you repost the title, description, and Keywords of a blog, and customize the title of each blog on each page. For example, for a blog, WordPress puts the title of the entire site in front

Wordpress comment is different from the recommended block location, and an error occurs.

If the location of the wordpress comment is different from that of the recommendation block, an error occurs in the wordpress single. on the php page, I want to add a recommended content section. queries a similar article based on the Category ID of

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