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RSS tools and resource Summary

Below are some feed-related RSS (Content Aggregation) tools and resources I have collected during the blog process. I hope these tools and resources will help you create and read feeds. Rss ping server address After the log is published, the

Ultimate optimization and improved WordPress performance set

  1. Upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.2. delete unused plug-ins and upgrade the plug-ins in useMany people like WordPress only because they like the power of WordPress plug-ins, but many of them are flashy. If there are a large number of plug-

Step 10 teaches you how to optimize WordPress speed to reduce pressure on servers and visitors

1. Static cookie Creation It takes about 80% to 90% of the time, and the visitor will spend a lot of time waiting for your Wordpress to Load Static content. This means that most of the time users browse your website, they are waiting to load, such

SEO tools-Wordpress second-time Master ping tool and Ping URL Daquan

  SEO tools have seen many people use WordPress. However, some important functions may not be known to everyone, that is, the WordPress second-receiving function. Although everyone prefers their websites, however, many users who have been using

How to Implement the Ping function in WordPress

All Wordpress users who know how to implement the Ping function in WordPress know that by configuring the WordPress Ping service list, you can immediately notify the search engine spider to capture a new article when you publish it, the first time

Last week technical attention: Ajax:a NEW approach to WEB applications

[Search technology; web2.0] search engine, 2005Q2, socialization, intelligence# Personalization to socialization. Personalized search can not be said to be a trend, all have. Google has personalized Search. Yahoo has not only my Web 1.0 beta, but

The role of the. htaccess file (Access control)

Online tool: Http://www.htaccesseditor.com/sc.shtmlSpeaking of. htaccess file, I think for WordPress novice or veteran should not be very familiar with, there is not much of this concept, at least the small part is such, and recently saw an article

18 useful. htaccess file usage tips,

18 useful. htaccess file usage tips, . Htaccess is a special configuration file in Apache on the Web server. It controls many behaviors on the server. We can use it to do many things, such as setting access permissions and URL redirection. This

A sample collection of practical configurations for the. htaccess file in the Apache server _linux

. What's htaccess? Htaccess (hypertext access) is a file that provides site owners with the option to control server environment variables and other parameters, thereby enhancing the functionality of their web site. These files can be in any

11. htaccess clips that help you optimize your website

This article from: http://www.oschina.net/question/28_30385 Apache. htaccess files are the heart of the server and control various Website access rules. Here we provide 10 good. htaccess snippets to help you optimize your website, including

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