wordpress compatible with php7

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PHP7 official version of the test, performance stunning! _php Tips

Let's take a look at the PHP 7 official version of the algorithm and the performance of WordPress application on it. PHP7 installation, really very backward-compatible, download, decompression, the previous configuration command used, all the way

Daily request million level QQ member AMS platform PHP7 Upgrade Practice

QQ member activity Operation Platform (AMS), is one of the important carriers of QQ member value-added Operation business, and undertakes the web system of mass activity operation. AMS is a major implementation of the PHP language activities

PHP7 new function Use tutorial detailed

What the hell is PHP7? PHP7 is a major version of the PHP programming language and boasts a revolution in the development of Web applications that can be developed and delivered to mobile companies and cloud applications. This version is considered

Daily request billion web system PHP7 upgrade Practice ____php

The PHP7 upgrade practice of the web system which has requested billions of days Author: Xu Hanbin, Wang Mehan, Liao Mao, Kuansuven, Liao, Hu Zemin Source: CSDN QQ member activity Operation Platform (AMS), is one of the important carriers of value-

Detailed description of PHP7 and HHVM performance (graphic)

Changes in the ranking of PHP languages According to the "Tiobe programming language Rankings" (although the list is limited, but still a good reference), 2010 PHP was the highest in the World programming language ranked third. It can be seen that

"Ask the Bottom" Xu Hanbin: PHP7 and HHVM's performance dispute

Recent performance comparisons with PHP7 and HHVM have become a hot topic of contention, and everyone is discussing and focusing on which is the future of PHP's performance improvement.The origins of HHVM (HipHop Virtual machine)HHVM is an

Install PHP7.0.3 for WordPress compilation

How can I install PHP7.0.3 for WordPress compilation? First, it occupies less memory than PHP5; secondly, it doubles the performance faster; finally, the QPS of WordPress can be increased to about three times. Comparison of WordPress 4.4 QPS: The

Ubuntu Install PHP7 version Lamp Web site environment (APACHE/MYSQL/PHP7)

PHP7 has been out for some time, according to the practice of the user test than the previous version of the efficiency will be much higher, and the application to the site open speed will be significantly improved. But not all CMS program

PHP version upgrade to 7.x after some of WordPress's modifications and WordPress tips, _php Tutorial

PHP version upgrade to 7.x after some of WordPress's changes and WordPress skills, I do not know the hands of the cheap, the VPS server PHP upgrade to 7.0, although 7.x and previous compatibility is very high, but removed a lot of outdated usage,

PHP7 innovation and performance optimization (1)

PHP7 innovation and performance optimization (1) I was lucky enough to participate in the PHP Technology Summit PHPCON in 2015. I heard about the new features and Performance Optimization of PHP 7 from laruence goy. Laruence is the most

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