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Turn off automatic save and article revision features in WordPress

Today's article, the surprise found that the article ID unexpectedly has reached 19. In view of my previous experience of tossing WordPress, I know this is WordPress's "automatic save and article revision function" at the mischief. But how to turn

Lemp Environment collocation Tutorial (ubuntu16.04+nginx+mysql+php)

Objective Get a new installed Linux server, how to configure a Web server that can parse Dynamic Web script? I believe this is a problem that many people will have. This article takes you step-by-step to build a Web server that gives the Lemp

MySQL Deployment configuration Management version 5.6

MySQL server-side program hierarchy1.1 Connection LayerConnection Agreement: TCPIP socketVerifying connection legitimacyAssigning connection threads to client Services1.2 SQL LayerAnalyticalOptimizationAuthorization FormInquireProvide caching1.3

LNMP One-click installation package – simply configure the Linux server

LNMP One-click installation package – simply configure the Linux serverlnmp-orgwebsite, independent blog More do bigger, more and more pocket, many do the website friends obviously feel that the virtual host has not enough to meet their own web site

MySQL database Optimization

MySQL database Optimization How should we optimize the MySQL database? Next I will explain this problem from MySQL's hardware selection, MySQL installation, my. cnf optimization, MySQL architecture design, and data splitting. Optimization of server

15 Useful MYSQL/MARIADB performance Tuning and optimization techniques (reproduced in a good article)

MySQL is a powerful open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It was posted on 1995 (20 ago). It uses Structured Query Language (SQL), which may be the most popular choice in database content management. The latest MySQL version is 5

Detailed nginx the security configuration in the server _nginx

This article details the security configuration of the Nginx server, as follows: First, close SELinux Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a Linux kernel feature that provides security policy protection for access control. However, the added

Linux server under the Nginx security configuration detailed _nginx

Nginx is a lightweight, high-performance Web server/reverse proxy and email agent (IMAP/POP3) that can run on Unix,gnu/linux,bsd variants, MAC OS x,solaris and Microsoft Windows. According to Netcraft's survey data, 6% of the Internet's domain names

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