wordpress domain name registration

Learn about wordpress domain name registration, we have the largest and most updated wordpress domain name registration information on alibabacloud.com

WordPress SEO? WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide

Original address: http://www.eastdesign.net/wordpress-seo/ The latest news, the Oriental Design Institute WordPress SEO series of video tutorials are continuing to update the current, in order not to let the video spread too much, set

WordPress installation process details

I activated my WordPress blog today, but I just installed WordPress. Blogs Without Page beautification and optimization look ugly I activated my WordPress blog today, but I just installed WordPress. A blog without page beautification and

Quick WordPress creation tutorial for free virtual hosts

ArticleDirectory The procedure is as follows: Several questions: Due to the constraints imposed by some of the domestic blog services, more and more people are trying to use foreign virtual hosts to build their own independent

Aliyun dual 11 Domain name and construction site introduction

One of the most anticipated days of the year is this day, not one. One of the most regretful missing days of the year, also this day, no one. I believe you have guessed, this day is-- 11.11 This important day this year,

Build a vpn and wordpress On a vps host outside China

1. Build a VPN First, go to the configuration panel of VPS. The system is CentOS 5 32bit. Reload the system to complete the entire process. Use Xshell 4 to connect to the remote host and change the initial password. Directly use the PPTPD

WordPress How to turn on the user registration function

Login to your WordPress admin account and go to admin background, click "Settings" on the left menu bar--"general" In the Open Settings page, below to find "Allow anyone to sign up," The front tick, below is a when the user registration of the

Free to build their own personal website, free domain name, free space, FTP, database and so on, one can not less, no money, but also so capricious

As a program ape, have their own personal site, is a very hard thing ~ ~ As to the advantages of personal website? That is a lot of said are not finished AH ~ ~ For example we can put their own works, show their style, put their own pictures of the

Coding.net Code hosting Platform build WordPress

Coding.net This is a new domestic code hosting platform, features include: Code hosting, online operating environment, monitoring code quality, with a certain social features, online operating environment support Java, Ruby, node. js, PHP, Python,

WordPress topic creation Tips 3 [chinese user name logon supported]

If you are using WordPress as a blog or enterprise website, you must be familiar with this user page: People on the powerful Earth of Wordpress are clear, but on the other hand, it sometimes makes us feel complicated. For example, you can set

Bluefate: Site 301 redirect The new and old domain name of the external chain transfer

General webmaster know: A site to change the domain name or at the same time binding multiple domain names to do 310 redirect. Because 301 redirect can be the weight of the old domain name, PR, etc. passed to the new domain name. Some time ago the

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