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WordPress background article List settings article featured image (thumbnail) integrated version

functions.php Add the following code/** * WordPress background article List settings article featured image (thumbnail) Integrated version * Plugin name:easy Thumbnail switcher*/classDoocii_easy_thumbnail_switcher { Public $add _new_str; Public

21 WordPress image album plug-ins

Use plug-ins to make your image album more beautiful, easier to manage, and more conducive to visitor browsing. in this article, Palan has collected 21 WordPress image album plug-ins for you. let's take a look at several categories of WordPress

Quick Create Site 3.2 WordPress multi-site and Azure online editor-Throw away your FTP tool, modify code all in the cloud

This article is the 6th of the fast-track creation series, and if you have not read the previous content, it is recommended that you click on the chapters in the following directory to read the other content before returning to this article.1.

20 best WordPress Seo plug-ins

The WordPress Seo plug-in recommended below should be used in a targeted manner. You should never install it all at once. All in one Seo pack One of the most popular Seo plug-ins on the WordPress platform, which can optimize the entire site and

2015 free 25 WordPress site templates

The number of WordPress plugins and themes continued to grow in 2015. This year, we can expect WP theme to introduce some new techniques, from backgrounds, adaptive responsive images to extracting the main color from the background image.This

PHP function parsing for writing custom storage fields in WordPress, _php tutorial

WordPress in the writing of custom storage fields related to PHP function parsing, WordPress custom field is the meta-information of the article (meta-information), the use of this feature, you can expand the functionality of the article, is to

WordPress image-export plugin 'download. php' Arbitrary File download Vulnerability

WordPress image-export plugin 'download. php' Arbitrary File download VulnerabilityWordPress image-export plugin 'download. php' Arbitrary File download Vulnerability Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: WordPress image-export Description:

Bill: WordPress Multi-site Building Tutorial (three): How to invoke the main station of the child station article content, SQL statement how to write?

1, if you know the programming of a friend can SQL statements, and then add PHP functions and other operations can directly call the site's database information to achieve the desired purpose.Since the use of SQL statements first have to understand

WordPress exquisite free theme sharing series E-commerce

WordPress is the most popular blog system, with many plug-ins and easy to expand functions. Installation and use are very convenient, and there are many third-party free templates, the installation method is simple and easy to use. Today, we will

2016 's hottest 15 code syntax highlighting tool to beautify your code _javascript tips

Objective: Code highlighting is useful, especially when you need to display your own code in a Web site or blog, or when you are viewing or debugging a grammar error. We can highlight the code so that the reader can easily read the code block and

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