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Set up WordPress websites and security settings in CentOS

I. Preface II. Environment III. Basic Configuration 1. Build a LAMP Environment 2. install WordPress 3. Install phpMyAdmin Iv. Security Configuration 1. Authentication 2. Source Control 3. encrypted access (https) V. Test ----------------------------

WordPress Build Station Summary

After the completion of the thought is still very simple, mainly a variety of software integration is very good, but some places need to be noted, here to record the construction process (Windows environment).First download

httpd-2.4 Deploy discuz! forum system, wordpress blog system and phpMyAdmin program

Check the environment (turn off the firewall and change the SELinux status to ensure access to the outside world): [[email protected] ~]# iptables-f//-f rep shuts down the firewall anyway, production environment is not recommended[Email

Nmap memo form: From Discovery to vulnerability exploitation (Part 4)

Nmap memo form: From Discovery to vulnerability exploitation (Part 4) What is a firewall?A firewall is software or hardware used to control network access. There are two types: 1. Host-Based firewall; 2. Network-based firewall.Host-Based

Linux System Web server environment build LNMP One-click installation package Detailed

Latest Version: lnmp-2.5 Update Time: 20140702 MD5 Value: D4d52e39066f041569b8ef2daa033e15 Installation Instructions: Please ensure that the server can be normal access to the Internet, yum command can be

What to do if the website is attacked

With the development of Internet, more and more people begin to realize the superiority of network propaganda. Large and small sites abound. However, with the increase in the number of sites, the problem has increased greatly. Competition between

CentOS 7 under Lamp implementation and HTTPS based virtualization host _linux

System environment: CentOS 7Apache 2.4PHP 5.4MARIADB 5.5 Project requirements: Create 3 virtual hosts, set up Phpmyadmin,wordpress,discuz separately Where phpMyAdmin provides HTTPS services. Components required to install the environment using

LAMP implementation in CentOS 7 and https-based virtual host, centoslamp

LAMP implementation in CentOS 7 and https-based virtual host, centoslamp System Environment:CentOS 7In Apache 2.4Python 5.4MariaDB 5.5 Project requirements:Create three virtual hosts and set up phpMyadmin, wordpress, and DiscuzPhpMyadmin provides

Install Apache, PHP, and MySQL in Ubuntu

1. sudo apt-Get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 PhP5 php5-gd mysql-server php5-mysql phpMyAdminWhen downloading and automatically installing the configuration, a box will pop up asking you to enter the password !! Remember the password 2.

Analysis of the possibility of the domain name cannot be accessed

Article Description: The possibility reason analysis of domain name cannot access. Finally resolved the domain name can not access the problem, and see the FA Chuen, a full duration of 7 days just one weeks, during the mood that is a rise

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