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Ultimate optimization and improved WordPress performance set

  1. Upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.2. delete unused plug-ins and upgrade the plug-ins in useMany people like WordPress only because they like the power of WordPress plug-ins, but many of them are flashy. If there are a large number of plug-

Lamp+nginx Acting +discuz+wordpress+phpmyadmin

Lamp+nginx Agent +discuz+wordpress+phpmyadmin Experimental project: Build lamp, install Nginx, as an agent, the MySQL installed in a separate machine, Apache responsible for dynamic, Nginx responsible for static Lab Environment: 1. VMware

Unprecedented HTML5 resource reference guide

Document directory 1. Basic tutorial 3. Canvas tutorial 4. Local Storage tutorial 5. Form tutorials 6. video and multimedia tutorials 7. mobile device application tutorial 8. More tutorials 11. Framework 12. case presentation 13. demos

Common PHP framework functions comparison table, php framework comparison table _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Common PHP framework functions comparison table, php framework comparison table. Common PHP framework functions comparison table. php framework comparison table has used many frameworks since it was developed in contact with PHP, however, for each

PHP open-source project

Introduction: This is a detailed page of the PHP open-source project. It introduces related knowledge, skills, experiences, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.php? Id = 335089

Modify the. htaccess file to disable image leeching and resource leeching.

The leeching of images and other resources will greatly waste our traffic. Even if the VM does not limit the traffic, it will also waste our bandwidth. Today, I occasionally see an article on the Internet to prevent leeching. After some practice, it

Common PHP Framework features comparison table, PHP framework comparison table _php Tutorial

Common PHP Framework function comparison table, PHP framework comparison table Since the development of PHP, a lot of frameworks have been used, although each framework has not been specifically developed to the depth, but for each of the PHP

Php Programming Notes

: This article mainly introduces php programming notes. if you are interested in PHP tutorials, please refer to them. Three methods for php to obtain POST data Php image watermarking source code Php + ajax + json is the simplest example. Php Chinese

Php programming notes-small_123

Php programming notes-three methods for obtaining POST data from small_123 php Php image watermarking source code Php + ajax + json is the simplest example. Php Chinese character to pinyin source code Php traverses the Directory, generates the md5

Install Ipython notebook and basic commands (shortcut keys)

Reproduced from: It's basically a combination of pycharm and Ipython notebook, Ipython notebook not only because it's easy to debug code and show, for example, it's very inconvenient to have to load

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