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Free WordPress Hosting Provider

Earlier I have introduced the "Free Chinese blog Service Evaluation", mainly introduced the Free blog Service (BSP) at home and abroad. This time I mainly introduce the WordPress system based on the Free blog service (hosting WordPress

Iis7 beta free webhosting free hosting for ASP. NET 2.0 iis7

beta hosting to all web developers and not limiting it to just our MERs. plus we're re the first to provide full support for FastCGI and PHP on iis7. Hostmysite.comHostmysite is one of the first to offer free hosting beta accounts for iis7 through our exclusive partnership with Microsoft's iis7 product team. Sign up now for

Coding.net Code hosting Platform build WordPress

Coding.net This is a new domestic code hosting platform, features include: Code hosting, online operating environment, monitoring code quality, with a certain social features, online operating environment support Java, Ruby, node. js, PHP, Python, go, and many other languages, You can create 1000 items per account.Coding.net Unlike GitHub, free quotas do not diff

Reprint-Four free foreign PHP hosting services

Reprint--4 free foreign PHP hosting services These hosts are no ads, and provide a lot of advanced features, such as FTP access, support PHP and MySQL, custom domains and free subdomains, and so on, the most important is to support PHP, then you can do blog host only use, novice afraid to buy the host will not play, You can use them to build a website to practi

Introduction to free SVN and git project hosting hosts and websites

Content Management System facilitates setting URL access permissions, etc. Library-very powerful help to open up objects SVN hosting-integrated SVN with a simple log system Bounties-feature submission, bug feedback, and so on, and awards Devguard 7-day trial, 5 MB capacity is too small, 1 GB traffic in January, 3 SVN repos, but other services are very good, it is recommended to pay for applications, al

Bitbucket free code hosting space: Private repos personal space that can be bound to a domain name

Bitbucket, the free space is stable and powerful: 1. GitHub space: free and open-source GitHub pages space can bind a domain name to build a personal blog to store image files 2. gitcafe space: Trial Application for gitcafe online hosting software project platform in China: A simple comparison with GitHub 3. Open-

Knight Station Group System V3 free version experience and WordPress platform Combat Experience

before a completely no contact with the station group novice, the use of less than half a day, you can pass through the basic flow, the smooth implementation of the release; 2. The function of the Knight Station Group is very powerful. Even the free trial version, can also use a lot of modules in the background, the smooth realization of the useful content of the crawl, the successful implementation of th

Share 5 exquisite WordPress free themes

ArticleDirectory 1-journalcrunch 2-All Tuts 3-webfolio 4-boldy 5-Wise Business Today, I will share with you five free WordPress Themes provided by site5. Site5 is a web hosting service provider designed for customers of site5 for free download.1-journalcrunch Demo Download topic2-All Tuts Demo Do

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