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Recommended 10 free WordPress Plugin _php tutorial

essential WordPress plugins listed below. 2015 Essentials WordPress Plugin In this article, I'll show you a series of 2015 essential plugins. It will add amazing features to your WordPress site. These plugins can also be used to attract eyeballs. So enjoy it.   WordPress SE

Top Ten best wordpress plugin recommended

string the results to a good effect. Combined with Subscribe to comments e-mail Comment reminders, you can form a good interactive discussion atmosphere.   RSS feed: FeedBurner Feedsmith FeedBurner Feedsmith can forward WordPress's own feed to FeedBurner and other feed hosting services to save system resources and bandwidth, This plugin can be applied to Feedsky with a slight modification (modifying feedbu

Recommended 10 free WordPress plugin _php tips

is an SEO plug-in, it can help you upgrade SEO. It provides a built-in site map and social integration options. Akismet Akismet is a powerful plugin for detecting and processing spam comments. It is easy to operate and will send spam comments to the junk comments list. W3 Total Cache W3 Total cache can help you improve the performance and speed of your site. This

Recommended 10 Free WordPress Plugin

below. 2015 Essential WordPress Plugins In this article, I'll show you a series of 2015 essential Plug-ins. It will add a surprising feature to your WordPress site. These plug-ins can also be used to attract eyeballs. So enjoy it.   WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO by Yoast is an SEO plug-in, it ca

WordPress plugin Baidu Uedito Editor

Uedito Baidu's production of an editor, the function is exceptionally powerful, support any type of editing replication, WYSIWYG. Uedito supports more than 4.0 versions of WordPress. As far as the Uedito function is concerned, it is now beyond all other editorial plug-ins on the market. And our default WordPress editor in this Uedito plug-ins in front of simply shabby miserable. The following figure is the

Website SEO essentials: Add sitemap plugin to your wordpress blog

WordPress Blog Building, I recommend the installation of two plug-ins, one is wp-postviews, detailed can see "WordPress article Statistics plug-in: wp-postviews let your article read the amount of timely update", The other is what we call the Sitemap plugin today.This plugin, which is shared today, can generate both Si

Flash interactive electronic Map production manual--an example of getting Started

production is enough.For flash electronic maps, almost all PCs have the Flash Player plugin installed and can be used as long as the browser is open. So for amateur enthusiasts, whether to use or learn to make flash electronic map more realistic. As long as mastered the basic knowledge of a certain flash ActionScript, you can make their own satisfactory interactive

10 free JavaScript tools to create an interactive map

Overview: with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more industries need to create map information in their own web pages, so that customers can quickly locate to obtain a variety of information, here today we recommend 10 free JavaScript tools to create interactive maps, Hope to have different needs of friends can bring help! Here, we present a complete list of 10 JavaScript libraries to cr

WordPress Prevent spam comments Verification Code plugin Mini-capatcha installation and use

We choose to set up a personal website wordpress, blog, the main reason is that there is a wealth of free topics, followed by a variety of third-party functional plug-ins support. If you do not install too many plug-ins may cause drag speed, otherwise we will certainly install a variety of favorite effect plug-ins. Chiang Kai-shek, like many netizens, want the site to be content-oriented lightweight, so as little as possible to install Plug-ins. For e

WordPress wpSS plugin 'ss _ handler. php' SQL Injection Vulnerability

WordPress wpSS plugin 'ss _ handler. php' SQL Injection Vulnerability Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:WordPress wpSSDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 69089WpSS is the workbook plug-in used in WordPress. It allows interactive workbooks to

Wordpress does not have a plug-in to generate a TXT website map

This method does not require any plug-ins to be installed, pure code generation. Save the above code as a PHP file, and note that the UTF-8 format is used. Then upload it to your WordPress installation root directory. Note: Change the www.admin.com to your Web site address. set pseudo static ①, Nginx Edit existing Nginx pseudo static rules, add the following rules (smooth) Restart Nginx: rewrite ^/ping.txt$/ping.php last; ②, Apache

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