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WordPress fixed link settings

Document directory Fixed Link Type Select Permanent Link Structure Use "beautiful" fixed links Do not use a fixed link of mod_rewrite Fixed Link Problems Fixed links,. htaccess files, and MS Frontpage See External resources Permalink is

Use ModSecurity to defend against Wordpress brute-force cracking

Before reading this article, I would like to briefly understand what ModSecurity is, And ModSecurity is an engine for intrusion detection and prevention. It is mainly used for Web applications, so it can also be called Web application firewall. I

Get_option () in WordPress tutorial ()

Functions of the get_option Function If you wantDevelop your own WordPress pluginYou may want to save some data. The custom data is stored in the wp_options table of the WordPress database. The wp_options table is like a big drawer. Your WordPress

Use Org to publish the selected content to an HTML page

I usually take notes based on org. If I encounter something that may be useful but easy to forget in the future, I will throw it into Org. It took a long time and accumulated a lot. The org file looked messy. A lot of content was pulled from books

Use Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimize WordPress loading speed

Recently, we have been paying more attention to performance optimization. I had nothing to worry about last night. I just wanted to practice the performance optimization methods I learned in the last time. Using Google Chrome's developer tool (this

BLUEFATE: two simple 301 redirection methods for Wordpress

I made a 301 redirection to my blog last night. In fact, there are many methods on the Internet, but I still want to share my own practices with you. Because I previously bound two domain names to my blog: www # bluefate # org, which is newly

Enable Post and Page support for WordPress <!? More?> Tag

When we use tags in wordpress to truncate an article, the content of the previous article is displayed on the homepage, category, tag, and archive pages, and in the Post) and Page, the label is ignored and the full text is displayed. EN ""

WordPress template making, transformation, design

How to define index.php and how to derive other files, in the index.php file, within the BODY element, create a new structured markup element with a different id attribute for each element:these different attributes, respectively, represent

Translation-28 HTML5 features, tips and technologies you must know

ArticleDirectory 1. New doctype Ii. graphic elements) Iii. redefinition 5. quotation marks or not 6. editable content 7. Email input (inputs) 8. placeholders) 9. Local Storage) 10. semantic header and footer 11.

A year to become a master of Emacs (like God using the editor)

Author: chenbin (Redguardtoo)Version number: 20160125Update time: Original time: Copyright: This article is licensed under the following agreement, free reprint-non-commercial-non-derivative-retain attribution | Creative Commons by-nc-nd 3.0,

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