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Detailed security settings for WordPress under the CentOS Server

Wordpress is a PHP open-source free blog platform system with powerful functions and ease of use. It is favored by many bloggers and has become the most popular blog system for users. Although wordpress has done a good job in terms of security, we

Use ModSecurity to defend against Wordpress brute-force cracking

Before reading this article, I would like to briefly understand what ModSecurity is, And ModSecurity is an engine for intrusion detection and prevention. It is mainly used for Web applications, so it can also be called Web application firewall. I

Top 10 WordPress Security Settings

WordPress is a widely used blog software in the world and is vulnerable to various attacks. Therefore, WordPress security is also very important. The following are 10 security tips, it helps you easily solve WordPress security problems, so that you

True or false: Technical Analysis of WordPress black hat SEO plug-in

True or false: Technical Analysis of WordPress black hat SEO plug-in In Wordpress, malicious programs are usually hidden in Plug-ins or themes. They have different forms. Some send spam, some implant invisible links ...... However, the principles of

About WordPress's robots.txt files.

After the installation of WordPress site on the robots.txt file has been a lot of trouble to write the webmaster, Robots.txt file protocol also called Search Engine robot protocol, search engine crawler crawling site, the first will look at the site

WordPress brute-force cracking prevention: Security plug-ins and Control Panel Protection (1)

Bloggers who are using Wordpress must be aware of the recent rise of a wave of hackers locking Wordpress brute force cracking control panel passwords around the world. According to Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare, the so-called brute-force

Wordpress learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001_PHP tutorial

Wordpress learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001. Wordpress learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001plugins-plug-in Akismet (AutomatticKismet) is a widely used spam message filtering system by WordPress founder wordpress

Wordpress 3.x. X and earlier versions have file inclusion vulnerabilities.

Title: Wordpress 3.x. X and prior-Path Disclosure/File compression sion Vulnerabilities.Author: Dark-Puzzle (Souhail Hammou) Affected Versions: All versions are availableDeveloper: www.wordpress.comTest Platform: Windows XP SP3-Fr & Backtrack 5 R3.#

Wordpress learning-plugins-001

: This article mainly introduces wordpress learning-plugins-001, for PHP tutorials interested in students can refer. Plugins-plugin Akismet (Automattic Kismet) is a widely used spam message filtering system. its author is Matt Mullenweg, the

WordPress Learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001_php Tutorial

WordPress Learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001 plugins-Plug-in Akismet (Automattic Kismet) is a widely used spam filtering system, its author is the famous WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg,akismet is also a wordpress default installed plug-in, its use

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