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Nginx Server for wordpress site configuration PHP wordpress system wordpress Station WordPress Power

server {Listen 80;listen 443 ssl;server_name treephp.yioio.com;fastcgi_max_temp_file_size 0;charset utf-8;access_log/ Yioio/logs/nginx/treephp.yioio.com.log;location ~* ^.+\. (Js|css|json|map|html|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|svg|ico) $ {root/yioio/code/treephp;} Location/{Root/yioio/code/treephp;fastcgi_pass;fastcgi_index index.php;fastcgi_param SCRIPT_ FILENAME $document _root$fastcgi_script_name;include fastcgi_params;if (-F $request _filename/index.html) {rewrite (. * ) $1/index.html brea

Liv wild: an efficient project startup method-Quickstart

An efficient project startup method, Quickstart, is used to confirm that the key driver of the Project is understood before the project starts. Liv wild from thoughtworks UK introduced the concept and practice of quickstart to the audience. HOST: Liv wild is invited to give a keynote speech entitled "quick start ". Liv wild: This afternoon I will talk about requirement collection, especially agile. I hope

Could not resolve archetype Org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-quickstart

Previously, the command line was created, and today, when you install M2eclipse with Eclipse, the project is created with an error:Could not resolve archetype Org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-quickstart: RELEASE from any of the Configured repositories workaround: First step: from http://maven.oschina.net/content/groups/public/org/apache/maven/archetypes/ maven-archetype-quickstart/ Download

Create a MAVEN Maven-archetype-quickstart project the wrong way to solve the problem

Problem:Eclipse installed M2eclipse When the project was created after the error: from any of the configured repositories.Workaround:Step One:Download the latest version from http://maven.oschina.net/content/groups/public/org/apache/maven/archetypes/maven-archetype-quickstart/ Maven-archetype-quickstart-1.1.jarStep Two:command line to download directory executionMVN install:install-file-dgroupid=org.apache.

QuickStart: Ubuntu practical script

Article Title: QuickStart: Ubuntu practical script. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. QuickStart, a very practical script that allows you to back up or restore important folders, configuration files, MBR, and partition information in Ubuntu. Backup methods

Create a MAVEN Maven-archetype-quickstart project the wrong way to solve the problem

Problem: Eclipse installed M2eclipse When the project was created after the error: Unable to create project from archetype Org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-quickstart:release Workaround: Open Window > Preferences open Maven > Archetypes Click ' Add Remote Catalog ' and add the Following:catalog Fi Le:http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/archetype-catalog.xml Description:maven Catalog Problem:Eclipse installed M2eclipse When the project was created after the error: Could not resolve arc

Maven_ exception when creating QuickStart templates

Error message:Could not resolve archetype org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-quickstart:1.1 from any of the configuredRepositories. Class Program: 1. Download maven-archetype-quickstart-1.1.jar: Dabigatran 74085440 Download 2, execute the command in the folder where the jar package is located (no need to restart Eclipse)mvn install: install-file-dgroupid=org.apache.maven.archetypes-dartifactid=mave

Translation APP Framework 2.1 (1) Quickstart (not finished)

Recently there are mobile app projects, selected Hybrid framework Cordova and APP Framework framework development.Originally should be from the configuration gradually began to write, but because the work time is too busy, this period of time can not spare, only according to the mood and interest, think of where to write, the front part of the later slowly fill up.APP Framework the previous is called Jqmobi Note that you do not confuse with JQuery Mobile, they are two different frameworks, at fi

Gradle User Guide (Chapter 10:web application QuickStart)

Gradle User Guide (Chapter 10:web application QuickStart)This chapter is being perfected .....This chapter describes gradle support for Web applications. Gradle provides two plugins for Web application development: The war plug-in and the jetty plugin. The war plug-in extends the Java plugin and builds a war package for your project. The jetty plugin extends the war plug-in and provides the ability to publish your Web project to the jetty container.

Automated scripts, Minecraft Server Quickstart, minecraftquickshop

Automated scripts, Minecraft Server Quickstart, minecraftquickshop This is my first linux shell script Minecraft Server Quickstart, which is actually to integrate the installation commands in steps. @: GitHub https://github.com/binarization/minecraft-server-quickstartPrerequisites RAM:> 2 GB (Recommend) 1 GB (Required) Server: Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS x64 Privileges: sudo or root Setup # Sudo-s

Troubleshoot creating MAVEN projects could not resolve archetype Org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-quickstart issues

The error when creating a project with Eclipse today is as follows:Solution:1. Download the latest version of Maven-archetype-quickstart-1.1.jar2. command line to download directory execution mvn install:install-file-dgroupid=org.apache.maven.archetypes-dartifactid= Maven-archetype-quickstart-dversion=1.1-dpackaging=jar-dfile=maven-archetype-quickstart-1.1.jarTro

"Translating" WPF Application Modular Development QuickStart (using PRISM+MEF)

Compiling and running a quick startNeed to run this QuickStart sample on VisualStudio 2010Code Download: Modularitywithmef.zipRebuild the solution firstThen press F5 to run the exampleDescriptionIn this Quick Start sample solution,Modularitywithmef.desktop AssemblyAdded "Post-build event command line" when build succeededIF not EXIST "$ (TargetDir) \directorymodules"mkdir "$ (TargetDir) \directorymodules" The meaning of this command is: I

Making Wheels and Wheels: QuickStart JavaScript modularity

Making Wheels and Wheels: QuickStart JavaScript modularitytime 2016-03-16 21:59:39 segmentfault Original 1190000004619857 ThemesJavaScriptObjectiveThey say, "Don't reinvent the wheel," like iphone--. It can play music in addition to making calls-but engineers don't have to do a music playback from scratch, perhaps by integrating an ipod into the iphone's system.This is also true for front-end development, where engineers write only core business code,

Cloudera's QuickStart VM-installation-free and configuration-free Hadoop Development Environment

Cloudera's QuickStart VM-installation-free and configuration-free Hadoop Development Environment Cloudera's QuickStart VM is a virtual machine environment that helps you build CDH 5.x, Hadoop, and Eclipse for Linux and Hadoop without installation and configuration. After downloading and decompressing, you can directly start the Hadoop 2.x execution environment on any virtual machine such as VirtualBox, VMW

C # Game Development QuickStart 2.1 building a game scene

C # Game Development QuickStart 2.1? Building a game scenario the assumption is that you have planned what kind of game to write after you open unity. The first thing to do is to build a game scene. The game scene is what you see in the game view when the player is playing. Includes game backgrounds, game characters, sunlight, and more. All of these visual elements are collectively known as Game Objects (Gameobject) in unity. This section will begin w

Redis QuickStart: A first-knowledge redis

"IT168 Zhuangao" in the previous article described "Redis QuickStart: Choose Key-value Store", today to introduce you to the basics of Redis. Redis is an open source API that is written in ANSI C, supports the web, can be persisted in memory, key-value databases, and provides multiple languages. From March 15, 2010 onwards, the development work of Redis is hosted by VMware.1. Data typeAs a key-value database, Redis also provides a mapping of key (key)

Redis QuickStart-Advanced knowledge

the slaveof command to set it to the new primary database from the database after the original primary database restarts.SafetyThe Redis database can set a password, and any related client needs to authenticate before executing the command.The password can be set through the Requirepass of the configuration file.Example127.0.0.1:6379get requirepass1"requirepass"2""By default, this property is blank, indicating that no password is set. You can change this property by executing the following comm

The "OSGi QuickStart" understands this at least 2 weeks of reading time

cost of this high, entry threshold a little bit of that, the first a little confused force.II. Preparation before developmentDevelopment tools: Eclipse + development environment (not to mention the development of it) + Felix (I use 5.4.0)Development thinking: OSGi is a more nuanced separation of the traditional modulesFelix: The container currently used to run the OSGi project (hot-swappable, Cool ~ ~ ~)MAVEN Project: Use MAVEN projects, and know what's going on.Iii. structuring a project for a

Blockchain QuickStart (eight)--Ethereum

Blockchain QuickStart (eight)--Ethereum, Ethereum IntroductionThe initial goal of the Ethereum (Ethereum) project is to create a platform for running smart contracts (Platform for Smart contract), supporting Turing-complete applications that are automatically executed in accordance with the contract logic of the smart contract, ideally without downtime, censorship, Issues such as fraud and third-party intervention.Ethereum platform currently supports

Signalr Quickstart using HTML5 + singalr to build a multi-machine collaborative drawing board (1)

. Reference jquery and signalr JS files first. 2. An important step: Add a JS reference with the path 「Root directory/Signalr/hubs」. Signalr creates related JavaScript and places it here. 3. Use $. Connection. "hubname on server" to create a proxy object for the hub.Note that the first letter must be in lowercase. 4. Define the JavaScript function on the client side for the server to notify. The example here is sendmessage. 5. When you press the send button, call the sendmessage () method

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