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WordPress developer Toolkit (I)

Document directory 2.1 create an ABC for a WordPress topic 2.2. WordPress skills 2.3. WordPress directory 3.4. WordPress navigation menu 2.4. Use WordPress as CMS 2.5. WordPress Comment Function 2.6. WordPress headers, footers, and sidebars

WordPress RSS subscription plug-in

ArticleDirectory Enrich feed content RSS Management RSS statistics You can useHttp: // yoursiteurl/feedTo access the RSS feeds of all post articles. If you want to display the RSS information on the page, you can use some RSS

Modify the built-in widgets of WordPress)

Yesterday, filescn asked the forum how to modify the RSS address in the Widget feature of WP. I did not think about this kind of problem before, so I checked, some people said that the Wordpress built-in Widget code is written in the

20 best WordPress Seo plug-ins

The WordPress Seo plug-in recommended below should be used in a targeted manner. You should never install it all at once. All in one Seo pack One of the most popular Seo plug-ins on the WordPress platform, which can optimize the entire site and

In WordPress, the theme supports gadgets and adding plug-ins to enable functions. _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

In WordPress, the theme supports gadgets and adding plug-ins to enable functions ,. In WordPress, themes support gadgets and add plug-ins to enable functions, making theme support gadgets WordPress widgets a major feature, it allows users to freely

The best 20 wordpress blog seo plug-ins

Are you still having to spend a lot of time and effort on blog optimization? It doesn't matter. with the following 20 plug-ins, you only need to concentrate on blog innovation and writing! The best 20 wordpress blog seo plug-ins: AllinOneS Are you

Organize WordPress plug-ins

50 management-related WordPress plug-ins 404 notifier-record the 404 error that occurs when you access a blog.Admin dropdown menus-change the background management menu to a drop-down menu.Admin panel comment reply-Add the comment reply option in

WordPress enables themes to support gadgets as well as add plug-in enablement functions, _php Tutorial

WordPress enables the theme to support gadgets and add plug-in enable functions, Let the theme support gadgetsWordPress Gadget (widget) is a feature that allows users to freely drag the composition of content, and any plug-ins and themes can add an

WordPress custom link sorting and display of items (no plug-ins required) custom links bookmarks

WordPress manages links, which is relatively weak. For example, it cannot be set.Sorting Method, Cannot set the linkNumber of entries displayedAnd so on WordPress has arrived at version 2.7. The previous plug-ins that manage links are not easy to

Wordpress burst path collection (the latest version of the gun, the old version also continues to lie down)

I always see the wordpress burst path, and then I tried it in batches. By default, more than 90 connections can burst out of the path .. For details, you must enable the error reporting mode. Otherwise, no error message is returned ..

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