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WordPress wp-admin/admin. php module error permission check Vulnerability

Affected Versions:WordPress 2.8/WordPress MU 2.7.1Program introduction: WordPress is a free forum Blog system.Vulnerability Analysis: WordPress lacks permission check for the PHP module configured with the page parameter plug-in. If the

WordPress HDW Player Plugin 'wp-admin/admin. php' SQL Injection Vulnerability

WordPress HDW Player Plugin 'wp-admin/admin. php' SQL Injection Vulnerability Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:WordPress HDW Player 2.4.2WordPress HDW PlayerDescription:------------------------------------------------------------------------

WordPress site security solution-is your WordPress site secure?

As WordPress is transformed from a blog system to a CMS system, with unlimited resources, personalized themes, and plug-ins available for users to choose from, more and more domestic users begin to use WordPress to build their own blogs and CMS

Detailed security settings for WordPress under the CentOS Server

Wordpress is a PHP open-source free blog platform system with powerful functions and ease of use. It is favored by many bloggers and has become the most popular blog system for users. Although wordpress has done a good job in terms of security, we

Easy WordPress Updates:store FTP Info in wp-config.php

Saw an interesting blog post to Twitter today about storing WordPress FTP information in wp-config.php. The article is written in German so I sent the author a email to ask if he ' d mind me translating it. Phil, the author, very kindly said yes–so

Popular Wordpress analysis plug-in WP-Slimstat weak key and SQL Injection Vulnerability Analysis

Popular Wordpress analysis plug-in WP-Slimstat weak key and SQL Injection Vulnerability Analysis   The Web security enterprise Sucuri said on Tuesday that they found an SQL injection vulnerability in the latest Wordpress analysis plug-in WP-Slimstat,

Top 10 WordPress Security Settings

WordPress is a widely used blog software in the world and is vulnerable to various attacks. Therefore, WordPress security is also very important. The following are 10 security tips, it helps you easily solve WordPress security problems, so that you

Install security protection for WordPress

I recently read Wordpress is the first choice for building a personal blog by Chinese people. Its position is equivalent to discuz, the first choice for building a forum (in other words, discuz only reports the command execution holes caused by

Set up WordPress websites and security settings in CentOS

I. Preface II. Environment III. Basic Configuration 1. Build a LAMP Environment 2. install WordPress 3. Install phpMyAdmin Iv. Security Configuration 1. Authentication 2. Source Control 3. encrypted access (https) V. Test ----------------------------

PHP version upgrade to 7.x after some of WordPress's modifications and WordPress tips, _php Tutorial

PHP version upgrade to 7.x after some of WordPress's changes and WordPress skills, I do not know the hands of the cheap, the VPS server PHP upgrade to 7.0, although 7.x and previous compatibility is very high, but removed a lot of outdated usage,

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