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Site Building from scratch (vii) the perfect WordPress site

1, WordPress website front and back end commonly used language introduction and the operation processUsually a website is built in a way that requires a lot of technical support, especially in many computer languages. The construction of the site is

WordPress access to open a few ways to solve the slow

Recent WordPress website access is particularly slow, there is time to load a minute to fully open, initially suspected of a server problem, after a multi-test, or did not find the reason.         Later, through the tool to detect the browser has

WordPress System Web site access to the slow solution

From the end of May 2013, Google in China is basically inaccessible, Google's official website domain name, Hong Kong domain name can not access, even before the IP access methods are also ineffective, and Google AdSense can not open, I am afraid to

Ultimate optimization and improved WordPress performance set

  1. Upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.2. delete unused plug-ins and upgrade the plug-ins in useMany people like WordPress only because they like the power of WordPress plug-ins, but many of them are flashy. If there are a large number of plug-

Solve the 2014 recent WordPress access to open slowly, and has been loading the page problem

The recent visit of WordPress Web site is particularly slow, there is time to load a minute to fully open, initially suspected that the problem of the server, after a lot of testing, or did not find the reason. Later, through the tool to detect the

Turn off WordPress automatically loaded open sans font, always connect googleapi.com, cause open WordPress very slow

Transfer from http://www.xuanfengge.com/turn-off-automatic-loading-wordpress-open-sans-fonts.htmlSearch on the Internet, there are four ways.(1) Install the plug-in that others have developed for this issue to load Google Fonts(2) Modify the filter

[Website Deployment _01]wordpress Web site response Slow

Recently, many people may find that the website is slow to open, here to share the location of the problem.I deployed a local WordPress site, in recent days suddenly found that the site access speed is very slow, really can not endure, so the

New wordpress Tutorial: 10 classic Wordpress plug-ins recommended

I have been playing wordpress for more than half a year, and there are many plug-ins and templates in the middle. Today I will share with you ten classic wordpress plug-ins, it is very helpful for SEO, security, and speed of the website. At the same

Analysis of how to optimize the page loading speed of WordPress

The loading speed of a website can affect your website in many ways. A study shows that 49% of users may abandon your site to your opponent's site because of the slow loading of your site. This means that we have to take steps to increase the load

fonts.googleapis.com ajax.googleapis.com wordpress Loading Slow Solution "go"

Open WordPress website, find always prompt in loading fonts.googleapis.com or load ajax.googleapis.com cause the website to open very slow. Recently, Google's servers in Hong Kong have moved back to the United States, so that the mainland can not

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