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Python built-in data operations (1) --- string str, pythonstr

Python built-in data operations (1) --- string str, pythonstr S. capitalize ()-> str Return a capitalized version of S, I. e. make the first character have upper case and the rest lower case.Returns an upper-case string that converts the first

Getting started with regular expressions in JS

What is a regular expression?Many programming languages support regular expressions. This article only discusses Regular Expressions in JavaScript. Create a regular expressionMethod 1: Var reg =/pattern/; Method 2: Var reg = new RegExp ('pattern');

Introduction to Python str class methods

Introduction to Python str class methods #capitalize (): string first character uppercase String = ' This is a string. ' New_str = String.capitalize () print (NEW_STR) #输出: The is a string. #center (width, fillchar=none): Place the string in the


STR1 formatted output% method The first%s+tuple%d+tuplename = input(‘请输入你的姓名:‘)age = input(‘请输入你的年龄:‘)hobby = input(‘请输入你的爱好:‘)msg = ‘我叫%s,今年%d岁,爱好%s‘ % (name,int(age),hobby)Second type% (name) +dictdic = {‘name‘:‘老男孩‘,‘age‘:51,‘hobby‘:‘无所谓‘}msg =

Javascript Regular Expression symbols

Document directory C {n} C {m, n} C {n ,} *, + ,? Greedy and non-greedy Matching results of sub-regular expressions are not recorded Forward pre-Query ?! Global match, modifier g Case-insensitive, modifier I The end of the first line,

Python Road--str Type

functions defined within the STR type Capitalize: Capitalize the first letter, the remaining lowercaseFunction prototype: def capitalize (self)Usage: Str1.capitalize () Casefold: Change All lowercaseFunction prototype: def

"Python" List & dict & Str

List&dict&stringThese three types are the most commonly used data types in Python. They're all a kind of sequence.Sequence common operations1. shardingS[A:B] Returns the fragment from S[a] to s[b-1] in the sequence s. Note s[0:0] is an empty set and

python int str bool List dict Data operation method Summary

StrSlice Str[start:end] Note: Gu Tou regardless of tailSTR[M:N:S] s for stepCase Conversion Ret1 = S1.capitalize () Capitalize first letter ret = S1.lower () convert all to writeret = S1.upper () convert all to writeret = S1.swapcase ()?? Write to

Search for sample code of words that do not end with XX characters in Javascript

First, let me declare that I spent more than two hours getting regular expressions before writing this article. Miserable ~ Miserable ~ Miserable ~According to the general idea, let's take a look at several other plug-in Methods: I use a stringCopy

Sample Code for finding words that do not end with XX characters in Javascript _ javascript tips-js tutorial

I spent more than two hours working on regular expressions before writing this article. I will introduce the specific implementation ideas for you. If you are interested, refer to the following. First, let me declare it, I spent more than two hours

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