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What is APEC meeting PHP what is pear?

PHP enthusiasts will love pear, our goal is to introduce pear to PHP developers, I personally think that the application of the Code library development approach has gradually become a trend, in addition to PHP, JSP, like Perl, C + + has a dedicated

php What is pear? _php Foundation

PHP enthusiasts will like pear, our goal is to introduce pear to PHP programmer developers, I personally think that referencing the library program development has gradually become a trend, in addition to PHP, JSP, like Perl, C + + also has a

First knowledge of Pear

Cactus Studio One, what is pear? Why do you need it? To create a tool similar to the Perl cpan file, Stig S. Bakken created the Pear project. The basic goal of pear is to develop a knowledge base for PHP extensions and library code, and the most

Pear: Use Phpdoc to easily build your pear document

For a developer, documents are always one of the most vexing things. Also, it is likely that you will take 2 different attitudes towards the document: When you use someone else's code base, the most desirable is its technical documentation,

php What is pear? (third article) _php Foundation

When the base kit is installed, the developer needs to install the kit when they need to use a suite other than the base suite, and if the suite is not needed, the package will be removed, and if the kit version is older, the package needs to be

[Go]pear Windows installation

From:http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/ca41422fd8cf3d1eae99ed3e.htmlBecause you want to use Phpdocument to generate the document, you have to install the pear extension, and the online tutorial is unclear, so write a detailed tutorial for your

Php-windows Installation Pear

1.Open the Command window, switch to the PHP installation directory, execute the following command (you can also add a PHP environment variable, it is not so troublesome to switch directories, but I installed multiple versions of PHP, so there is no

PHP Failed opening required (include_path= '.; C:\php\pear ') ____php

Today in doing an MVC program, required path times wrong, repeatedly feel their program is right after the endless Baidu Road, have to say Baidu solution is uniform. Here to write my own question; have to say to solve the problem before the problem

Pear installing php_codesniffer and phpstorm setting a unified coding style

Details by referenceHttp://www.cnblogs.com/huangbx/p/php_codesniffer.htmlPearHttp://pear.php.net/go-pearPHP go-pear.pharpear Install php_codesniffer error no releases available for package "Pear.php.net/php_codesniffer" Install failed execute pear

Self-study Android Practice words app (1)-Android's Hello Word with Youdao dictionary anti-crawler hack

1. Preface Idle to be bored. The phone is something that comes into contact every day. What is the easiest way to get in touch with a program? Think of some people saying that both front and back are all stacks. Oh, look at the HTML5 full

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