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Customer service support Management software-work order management

Customer service support Management software-work order management(1) Mail work Order ManagementAutomatically convert incoming mail to work orders according to the set rules.You can configure the sender name, ID, message template,

Software project and Process Management week eighth work

self-guide, the outstanding task, we are willing to do a good job, rather than do some bad work or halfway, expect other members to complete, clean up or redo. Each team member believes that other members will be able to perform their tasks on time and without compromising the work of other members.Second, about the course content.As this course is mainly about

Real-time control software design the first week of work-automotive ABS software system case study

, according to 6s-14s curve fluctuation, estimated allowable delay order of magnitude 0.1sQ2. If you are a software designer, to implement these real-time functions, design several real-time tasks?A2. Task one: Get sensor dataTask two: Analysis and calculation, to determine the braking situationTask Three: Send instructions to the brake pressure regulatorQ3. What

Mobile software project management 1-Requirements management work

A demand Software requirements work throughout the software project process, from the project evaluation stage, to the development stage, and even to the mass production stage, will be involved. 1 software projects are characterized by a changing demand and a sense of service, driven by the needs of customers (incl

"Time management" horizontal management work process

the time span is relatively large. How to manage effectively, how to check their progress in real time. These issues are generally kept in a folder of accessible materials and reference materials. Can be viewed in real time. In this step, you should also indicate the schedule.What to do and how much to accomplish at each point in

"Time Management" vertical management work process

In the previous blog we learned horizontal management, horizontal management is summed up as a sentence: To determine the priority of work to determine the order of work execution and execution process. It can be seen that the horizontal is done for multiple tasks. The second is that the vertical

Using Excel to work with task management software

1.3 Format cells as percentages 2. Change the contents of the current cell change the style of the cell 2.1 Add a conditional rule 2.2 Select the format only for cells that contain the following, and then depending on the value or content settings you want to set 3. Change the background color of the entire row based on the conditions of one or more cells 3.1 Add a conditional rule 3

Go back to the third-and fourth-tier cities and continue to work as a part-time IT framework + software products + Training

, as long as there are parents, I always want to find a way to balance work and family ties. After returning to the third-and fourth-tier cities, how can we continue to develop our existing expertise and do what we are good at, rather than making money? For example, driving a taxi in the town of my hometown is better than doing IT.Method 1: Provide implementation and development services for ERP products The number of factories in the mainland has gra

Software process and project management The first week of work

many kinds of software, there are various classification methods:Shrinkwrap (software in the packaging box, software on CD/DVD), Web APP (Web-based software), Internal software (software within an enterprise or school or an organ

The fourth time--personal work--software case analysis

create a harmonious, happy, equal team!On the division of Labor, three people development, two artists, in the process of development, the team of mutual testing function, so not only everyone has to participate in each aspect of the task, and everyone can understand the whole project development details, if someone has something, others can replace his position to continue to work, speed up the project progress.Six weeks, we first investigate the us

Software engineering fourth time job--team work

can promote the application of music digital technology in the field of music teaching nowadays. In this meeting, we have made a lively discussion on the merits and demerits of the realization of "music recognition software", and I have made the following summary.Advantages:1. It provides an effective way for the digital management of many existing paper score resources. With the vigorous development of di

Software process and project management week eighth work

Software process and project management 8th Zhou about the future entity mall will not disappearNow online shopping, e-commerce more and more popular, universal, great convenience for the public life, but also to the physical stores bring great pressure. Still, I don't think the physical mall will disappear the day.No matter how developed the logistics in the future, the entity Mall still has its irreplacea

My time management-making work easier

It is often done by working overtime. People who feel limited in time and have unlimited workHow to balance Life and Work in heavy work, how to make your time planning more reasonable and easy and efficient is the value of time managem

Software process and project management The second week of work

^2) 2) is there an obvious and optimized part of the code, especially in the loop? Yes, the code uses a large number of sorts and is a bubbling sort, which optimizes 3) is the call to the system and the network timed out? How to deal with? This code big data, time consuming, did not call other system, do not need network Readability What is the readability and the code? Is there enough comment?

Project time management summary and main work list

Index of Project Time Management notes Project management basic concepts Notes project time (Project Scope Management notes project time (concept, activity definition, activity sorting) note project

Real-time control software design the second week of work

;state =newstate;}voidSensor::restore () { This->state =false;}The code for the remaining parts is similar to the sensor. All the code here by Zhuhaihao on 2016/12/4.//#include".. /header/gurdsystem.h"#includeusing namespacestd;voidGurdsystem::carin () { This->sensor.setstate (true); cout"Now the car is comming in ..."Endl; if( ! This-lifter.getstate ()) { This-lifter.action (); cout"Lifter up ..."Endl; } if( ! This-light.getstate ()) {

Reprinted-GitHub R & D Management: Do not use time to measure the programmer's work

8 working days, many IT companies in China are definitely working systems. Does this system help developers to work efficiently? In addition, how does a flexible work system affect developers' work efficiency? GitHub, a well-known open-source hosting platformZach HolmanEngineers wrote a seriesArticleShare the Operation Manage

GitHub R & D Management: time-based measurement of programmer's work

8 working days, many IT companies in China are definitely working systems. Does this system help developers to work efficiently? In addition, how does a flexible work system affect developers' work efficiency? Zach Holman, a well-known open-source hosting platform, wrote a series of articles to share his path to operation man

[This Week] Time Management in software development-where did my time go?

"Sorry, the project will be delayed for one week" "Our project is delayed, but I cannot find the reason" "We have completed 80% of things, and the project is going on as planned, but the system still cannot run" Have you ever encountered these situations? Sometimes our project needs to be delayed, sometimes the project is delayed but cannot find the cause, sometimes the project is performed as planned, but we cannot get a molding thing when the customer asks about the progress. All the reasons c

Jira open time tracking and log work logs for problems-defect management tools

In the upgraded version of Jira (4.2or4.3), we can use it to record the function of the work log. Studied for a long time, that is, can not find the initial estimate of where the time is set, but the remaining work time and time t

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