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One way to use the SharePoint workbook as the data source in the workbook client!

Because the workbook data is embedded in an Excel file, this method can be used as offline data analysis (even if the source data is unavailable, it cannot be synchronously updated, however, you can still use imported workbook data), but there are also some disadvantages. For example, a large Excel file may be generated. Generally, the size of the Excel file in the work

How to recover a missing Excel workbook or a missing workbook version

Users will often encounter this problem, accidentally, press faster, the document is saved, and then the information is missing or covered, work for white or overtime to do back. When we meet this time, we are very helpless. Although very sympathetic, but beyond resurrection. We naturally have a backup of the document above share drive to restore yesterday's backup, but what about the documents saved on the user's computer? I just found a little bit of information when I looked up Ms KB. Ms als

We were unable to find the server load workbook data model for SharePoint site when you refresh the PivotTable report in an Excel 2013 workbook error

assume that you use an analysis Services source to create a PivotTable report in Microsoft Excel 2013. Upload an Excel workbook to a Microsoft SharePoint site. when you try to refresh a PivotTable report or filter data in a PivotTable report, you receive the following error message:We were unable to find the data model of the server loading workbook. This issue occurs because an analysis Services instance

When Flexcell export Excel is disabled, it prompts excelto find unreadable content in “xx.xls. Do you want to reply to this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click "yes ".

When Flexcell is used in the project to export excel, an error is reported, indicating that excelis found to be unreadable in “xx.xls. Do you want to reply to this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click "yes ". For example The reason is that we think it is a problem with the Office version. If it is a version above 2007, it should be OK. In version 2003, we need to check whether i

[Code Note] UILable workbook display, note uilable workbook

[Code Note] UILable workbook display, note uilable workbook I ,. Ii. Code. RootViewController. h #import RootViewController. m # Import "RootViewController. h "@ interface RootViewController () @ end @ implementation RootViewController-(id) initWithNibName :( NSString *) bundle :( NSBundle *) handle {self = [super initWithNibName: nibNameOrNil bundle: nibBundleOrNil]; if (self) {// Custom initialization}

Workbook + Excel services

A collection of applications and services that provide end-to-end solutions for creating and sharing business intelligence using Excel and Sharepoint. Workbook is integrated with Excel and Sharepoint. In an Excel environment, workbook for Excel provides a familiar workstation creation and analysis experience. In the SharePoint field, a server-side application and functions are added to the

Workbook control spreadsheet object method event details

Tags: des HTTP Io OS ar use for SP File 1. activecell: returned range read-only object representing the active cell.2. activesheet: returns the read-only worksheet object representing the active worksheet.3. activewindow: return the window object of the current window.4. activeworkbook: return the workbook object that opens the workbook.5. allowpropertytoolbox: determines whether the "command and option" d

Java excel Workbook API

Java excel Workbook API1. int getNumberOfSheets ()Obtain the number of worksheets (Sheet) in the Workbook, for example: Jxl. Workbook rwb = jxl. Workbook. getWorkbook (new File (sourcefile ));Int sheets = rwb. getNumberOfSheets (); 2. Sheet [] getSheets () Returns an array of Worksheet (Sheet) objects in

Excel VBA Get Started (ix) Operation workbook

Although I have said earlier, it is not a good idea to manipulate a workbook in VBA, but sometimes it is unavoidable to do so. In the vast majority of cases, what we want to do is get a workbook object and use it to get the sheet object, and then process the data in the worksheet. The latter part (the action sheet) has been discussed earlier, so this chapter is about how to open, close, and describe two com

Excel VBA cracking worksheet/workbook protection Password

When editing files in Excel, if you do not want others to modify the file content, we usually add a password to the worksheet or workbook to protect the file. What should we do if we download an Excel file from the Internet with a worksheet/workbook password protection and we urgently need to modify this file? Today, let's talk about the attack and prevention of the password in the Excel worksheet/

EXCEL 2010 collaborate with a shared workbook

The use of workbook sharing to collaborate to complete a work is very convenient, such as a large number of data needs to be entered, take my town low-income input program (this program is based on the development of Excel) for example, the traditional stand-alone information management software system in the multiple user input is very troublesome, The approximate steps are: input → export → merge → summary, and excel in the work of thin sharing is c

Edit a connection to manage an Excel workbook to external data

You can use Excel to create and edit connections to external data sources, which are stored in workbooks or connection files. You can easily manage these connections by using The Workbook Connection dialog box, including creating, editing, and deleting them.   Understanding Data Connections The data in the Excel2007 workbook can come from two different locations. The data may be stored directly in the

VBA Learning Notes Workbook

Common features of the workbook workbook:1. Create a new workbook Dim WB as Workbook Application.sheetsinnewworkbook = 1 ' Sets the number of worksheets in the initial workbook Set WB = Application.WorkBooks.Add Wb. Worksheets (1). Name = "Table 1" to s

BW: how to delete workbook

To delete a workbook, use function moduleRrmx_workbooks_delete(Execute using transaction se37 and test ). Give the parameters workbook ID (I _workbookid) and object version (I _objvers ). To get these, Goto SE11, table rsrworkbook and get these details. Source Document In Bex analyzer, first, you don't see the technical name of a workbook, you a

How to quickly create a worksheet directory for an Excel workbook

We often keep the same kind of related Excel worksheets in the same document so that we can reference and view them among the tables. When the work in a document is expressed to a certain number, it becomes cumbersome to find the worksheet that you want. It would be a lot easier to create a table of contents worksheet showing the names and links of all the worksheets. Here's a quick way to create a worksheet directory for an Excel workbook. Definiti

POI Workbook interfaces and Hssfworkbook objects and Xssfworkbook objects manipulate the corresponding Excel version

Just started using new Hssfworkbook (Excelfile) to read workbook, no problem with the previous version of Excel2003 (including 2003), FileInputStream However, the following exception occurred while reading Excel2007:Org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.OfficeXmlFileException:The supplied data appears to being in the Office 2007+ XML. You are calling the "part of POI" deals with OLE2 Office Documents. You are need to call a different part of the POI to proc

Help for creating an external reference with a name defined in another Workbook (Excel)

Help for creating an external reference with a name defined in another Workbook (Excel) Open the workbook that contains external reference (target workbook) and the workbook that contains the data to be linked (source workbook ).In the source

Excel shared workbook Animation tutorial

The Excel2003 introductory animation tutorial 42, Excel shared workbook. Demo Animation Operation Steps Now many units have established the internal LAN, we set the Excel document to share, can let many people on the local area network at the same time to edit a document. Start Excel, open the workbook document that you want to share, execute the tools → shared

Excel VBA inserts VBA module code from this workbook in the worksheet that generated the copy

That is, add a worksheet to the workbook, and then move out of the workbook to a new workbook, and copy the code of one module of the workbook to the new workbook before moving out. Here is the key code: '===============================================================

Error message when you open the workbook in Excel 2007: "Excel cannot read the contents to find Book_name"

Failure phenomenon: When you try to open a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbook, you receive the following error message: Excel found unreadable content in Book_name. You want to restore the contents of this workbook. When you click Yes, you receive the following recovery report: Number of records deleted: PivotTable report in the/xl/pivotcache/pivotcachedefinition1.xml section (PivotTable ca

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