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SAAS Series 6: SaaS Model Analysis (I)

1 Introduction If we want more roses, we must plant more roses. ________ Yao Qun's selection of success incentive Maxim   SAASThe model is a new topic. Many concepts are still unclear, and the research content is complicated. Starting from the software platform maturity of the SAAs model, we analyze the key and representative models in the SAAs model. Focuses on quality management. Analyzes how to improve t

Introduction to SaaS Series II: Introduction to SaaS

storage, Allows users to use their ordered software and services anytime, anywhere. For many small businesses, SaaS is the best way to adopt advanced technologies that eliminate the need for businesses to purchase, build, and maintain infrastructure and applications. In recent years, the rise of SaaS has brought real pressure to the traditional package software vendors and platform software vendors, while

SAAS Series 14: SaaS Software Development and Analysis

1 Introduction The real question is not whether computers have the ability to think, but whether humans have the ability to think. ________ B. F. Skinner Computer Science Unlike traditional software, the SAAs model is not only reflected in operational services, but also significantly different in software development methods and technologies. How to Develop SaaS software and what technologies will be used t

11 SaaS series Introduction: SaaS Business Model Analysis

1 Configuration Mode Many Chinese enterprises are governed by people, with great management elasticity, frequent changes in company policies, great changes in management processes and business, and rapid development. One company is 10 people this year, there will be 100 people next year, and may be 1000 people next year. Management mechanisms and methods are constantly changing and require a great deal of software. In addition, although two enterprises in the same industry sell the same product,

Introduction to SaaS Series: SaaS business model

1 IntroductionA lot of money, but can not find the seeds of money, will become a career. As a professional software person, we all seek to use an efficient and economical process to build a working, useful product.________grady BoochThe fundamental goal of the enterprise is to "lawfully earn as much profit as possible and maximize the overall benefit of the enterprise". All the specific goals and actions of the enterprise (such as research and development, marketing, etc.) are carried out around

SaaS SOA: Providing SOA services through SaaS

According to foreign media reports, there is now some demand for SOA services via the Internet. Dana Gardner, the boss of Cape Clear, an American ESB provider, has talked to the media about the possibility of providing SOA, an ESB as an integrated service. Shortly thereafter, his company provided ESB services to users through cloud computing. Dana Gardner said that the SOA tools and platforms provided through cloud computing should be attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises, because th

Introduction to the SaaS family: Analysis of SaaS business model

1 configuration modeMany Chinese enterprises are ruled by men, management flexibility is very large, the company's policies often change, management processes, business changes are very large, and development is very fast; a company this year is 10 people, next year is 100 people, the last two years may be 1000 people. Management mechanisms, methods are in a state of constant change, the requirements of the software is very large. and two enterprises in the same industry sell products, although

Animation calculation workday

Whether the table is set to workday. (if it is set to a non-workday for a holiday, talbe sets whether the day is a workday)The input date must be a business day.ALTER function [dbo]. [fn_workdayadd] (@ date datetime, @ days int) Returns datetime -- nvarchar (100) As Begin Declare @ I int -- computing work days Set @ I = 1 Declare @ flag nvarchar (10) -- whether

SAAS series Introduction 10: SaaS business model

1 Introduction There are many ways to make money, but you cannot find the seeds to make money. As a professional software engineer, we all seek to use an effective and economical process to build a usable product that can work. ________ Grady booch The fundamental goal of an enterprise is to "legally earn as many profits as possible to maximize the overall interests of the enterprise ". All specific goals and actions (such as R D and marketing) of an enterprise are carried out around the fundam

Create a job executed on the last workday of each month and call the above stored procedure to automatically create a database

-- Create a job executed on the last workday of each month and call the above stored procedure to automatically create a database Use masterGo -- Set the SQL Agent service to automatically startExec MSDB .. sp_set_sqlagent_properties @ auto_start = 1Go -- Create a jobExec MSDB .. sp_add_job @ job_name = n' automatic database creation Process' -- Create a jobDeclare @ SQL varchar (800), @ dbname varchar (250)Select @ SQL = n' exec sp_proccopydb' -- cal

One of the SaaS series: Introduction to the predecessor ASP of SaaS

times the 1998-year scale. Increased to $22.7 billion by 2003. IDC, a market research firm, said in a 2003 study that the ASP market in the United States had reached $2 billion trillion. Bullish on this trend, Microsoft invested $7.5 million in usweb/cks, the development of host-style application software; HP is aggressively promoting its e-service services, and Oracle and Netscape also announce "rental" applications to businesses ranging from financial analysis tools to e-commerce Web servers.

SAAS Topic (v)-Comments from netizens: I have never liked SaaS

According to the survey, 53.3% of small and medium-sized enterprises are worried about the stability of SAAS. IDC survey shows that small and medium-sized enterprises have a high degree of recognition for the SAAs model. Up to 46.7% of SMEs said that if information technology is re-implemented, more flexible service methods will be selected, such as customized services as

Oracle obtains the date after the specified workday Extension

column HOLIDAY. HL_DESC is 'holiday description'; comment on column HOLIDAY. REMARK is 'note'; add some test data: ID HL_DATE HL_DESC1 2012-9-29 11 2 2012-10-1 11 3 2012-10-2 11 4 2012-10-3 11 5 2012-10-4 11 6 2012-10-5 11 7 2012-9-3 Test 8 2012-9-5 test 9 2012-9-6 test Step 2: write a function to obtain the number of weekend days between two dates, as shown in the following SQL code: create or replace function weekend_count (startdate date, enddate date) return number/** return th

Three considerations for SaaS selection in the Education Industry

"remote Internet delivery" to easily obtain a customized management system, more than 6000 enterprises in different regions are benefiting from the rapid and low-cost management revolution brought about by cloud delivery. In addition, the 800app Training Service can greatly improve the work efficiency of every employee. Users can watch training videos based on their business roles, or participate in online training for eight hundred off-site experts every w

Mysql obtains data from today, tomorrow, workday, weekend, this week, next week, and next month.

Mysql reads data from today, tomorrow, workday, weekend, this week, next week, and next month if ($ date !) {Switch ($ date) {date_add plus date_sub minus case today: $ where. ANDFROM_UNIXTIME (starttimefrom, % Y-% m-% d) curdate (); break; case tomorrow: $ where. ANDFROM_UNIXT Mysql reads data from today, tomorrow, workday, weekend, this week, next week, and next month if ($ date! = '') {Switch ($ date) {/

SaaS Series Introduction 13: SaaS System Architecture

physical and processing views: processing views pay particular attention to the dynamic execution of the target program, while the physical view attaches importance to the static location of the target program; The physical view is an architectural view that takes into account the interaction between the software system and the entire IT system.7 SummaryThis paper introduces the architecture design method of SaaS. Through the introduction of the main

How do I invoke Workday's Web service in plain text (XML) +http protocol?

As we know, the workday system itself is complex, and its published Web services (Web service) are many, and the schema defined in the Web Services (Web service) is complex. If you use axis or Xfire to generate stub code to call the Web service of its corresponding module, such as the human resource module, but the generated stub code is more complex, and the workday Web service itself is constantly upgradi

A simple workday computing

A simple workday calculation: Function getworkday (dtbegin: tdatetime; incdays: integer): tdatetime; const days: array [1 .. 7] of string = ('7', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6'); var week1: string; x: integer; begin // Date X: = 1; while (x A simple workday computing

Obtain the workday (except Saturday and Sunday) between dates)

Print? /// /// Obtain the workday in the date segment [except Saturday and Sunday]/// /// /// /// Public static long dateDiff (String startDate, String endDate){DateTime fromTime = CommonFunc. StringToDate (startDate );DateTime toTime = CommonFunc. StringToDate (endDate );TimeSpan ts = toTime. Subtract (fromTime); // TimeSpan obtains the time interval between fromTime and toTime.Long countday = ts. Days; // obtain the total number of Days in the two-d

Mysql workday _ MySQL

Mysql computing workday Mysql computing workday SQL code DELIMITER $ drop procedure if exists 'pgetworkdays '$ create procedure pGetWorkDays (s datetime, e datetime) begin select floor (days/7) * 5 + days % 7-case when 6 between wd and wd + days % 7-1 then 1 else 0 end-case when 7 between wd and wd + days % 7-1 then 1 else 0 end from (select datediff (e, s) + 1 as days, weekday (s) + 1 as

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